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San Francisco’s Terminal 1 Will Become The Harvey Milk Terminal

San Francisco supervisors have approved the naming of an SFO Terminal in honour of Harvey Milk after years of debate…
San Francisco International Airport have officially announced plans to rename a terminal in honour of Harvey Milk, who became the first openly gay elected official in the United States back in 1977.
Forty years after Milk’s death, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors have unanimously approved renaming Terminal 1. SFO’s director now has until September 1st to submit a plan on the design and placement of artwork to memorialize the slain civil rights leader.
“This really is huge for our community to recognize Harvey’s sacrifice and people who are still sacrificing,” said Supervisor Jeff Sheehy, who co-sponsored the legislation. “It was a great achievement to get Harvey elected and then to lose him and then have to endure the AIDS epidemic — our freedom has not come cheaply.”

Milk was the first openly LGBT supervisor in city history, but was murdered — along with Mayor George Moscone — by his colleague Dan White in 1978.
Former City Supervisor David Campos first suggested naming the entire airport after the gay rights activist back in 2013, a controversial move which prompted both support and near-daily death threats. With the help of an airport renaming committee, a compromise was eventually struck: name Terminal 1 after the activist.
“It’s done! Five years after Supervisor David Campos began the renaming campaign, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors gave final approval to rename San Francisco International Airport’s Terminal One after Uncle Harvey,” Stuart Milk – Harvey Milk’s nephew – posted on Facebook.
“The 2 billion dollar terminal renovation, by action of Supervisor Hillary Ronen, will include educational and artist elements on Harvey! Hope sent across the world!”
San Francisco’s Terminal 1 welcomes more than 32,000 travellers every day.

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    Jerry Pritikin / 10 April 2018

    The reason for the naming was due to Harvey Milk’s nephew, who believes that Harvey’s name belongs on everythin,using Milk’s Foundation to make it happen.There were many great gay leaders before,during and after Harvey. I am against how Harvey name is being used in Cities that overlook their own gay hero’s of yesteryear and now and the fact that Harvey’s own New York hometown does not have any tribute.


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