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RuPaul's Drag Race Season 10, Episode 5 Recap: The Bossy Rossy Show

Man, I feel like a woman…

This week’s episode started fresh off of Dusty Ray’s elimination, and wasted no time getting straight to the drama. The tension was still high in the werk room surrounding Asia, and her decision to help all of the other queens, landing her a bottom ranking position last week. Asia stated she felt “used” because none of the other queens asked her if she needed help, even though she didn’t technically need the help. Miz Cracker wasn’t buying any of it and responded with some of her New York wisdom, “When you give a gift, give it freely”. In a confessional, Asia explained that she was turning a new leaf, and wasn’t here to make friends, or be a sister. She was here to compete, and to compete alone. Because what else would you be doing in a competition? The Vixen agrees, and we know her too well to know she has some shady business up her sleeve.

The following day in the werk room, the queens were presented with this week’s mini challenge. They were to take the contents of “government issued”, camouflage duffle bags, and use whatever was inside to create a fabulous drag look. All of the looks were unique, and fierce, but the vixen’s take on camo came out on top, and she was the winner of the mini challenge. After a brief acting/comedy challenge break with last week’s ball challenge, we’re back to regularly scheduled programming. For this week’s maxi challenge, the queens would work in pairs for an improv acting challenge as outrageous guests on a made up talk show hosted by Ross Mathews.

Since the Vixen won the mini challenge, her prize was not only getting to pick her own partner, but also having the power to pair up the rest of the queens with their partners. Playing (mostly) fair, the Vixen paired up the girls with who she thought they would do a great job with. This is of course, with the exception of Eureka, and Aquaria, (the Vixen’s top enemies of the season). Each pair of queens had a different scenario to act out, from a pickle phobia, to being married to a cactus that had a sidepiece, and being obsessed with being a sexy adult baby.

Honourable mention of the week goes to Blair St. Clair, and Monique, who decided to use “Vanjie” as their safe word on set in case one of them feels like they’re getting lost in the challenge. In all honesty, Vanjie should probably be everybody’s safe word at this point. As we saw at the judge’s panel later in the episode, the word Vanjie reduces Ru to tears almost instantly. After listening to countless queens say “Vanjie” week after week, I couldn’t help but wonder. Was Vanessa Vanjie Mateo the real winner of season 10? And how will she top Vanjie…Vanjie…Vanjie, on All Stars 4 (probably)?

Miz Cracker and Mayhem Miller fully committed to the pickle phobia bit, which saw Cracker dressed as pickle, Dr.Dill ready to fix Mayhem’s fears. However, The true surprise of the evening was “destined to doom” pair Eureka and Aquaria as sexy babies. The two held their own, got some laughs, but ultimately Eureka stole the show by throwing a full-blown temper tantrum on the set. The Vixen stated she put them together because she didn’t think their strong personalities would work well together. They did the exact opposite of that and they really pulled through for this challenge. Choices, Vixen.

The main stage category of the week was denim and diamonds, and the queens delivered country glam looks for guest judges actress Carrie Preston, and Canada’s own country queen Shania Twain. This week’s runway included, a full jumpsuit, a crotch-less jumpsuit, brown cow/giraffe print, chocolate Judd, and the girl from the Wendy’s logo. The judges didn’t go too hard on the outfit critiques this week, instead focusing more on the performances of the acting challenge.

Coming out on top this week included Miz Cracker, Monique Heart, and Eureka, (cut to the Vixen who is in a state of pure shock). The win is a sweet one for Eureka who won her first maxi challenge on the same episode she left the show on last season. We love a full-circle comeback moment. Landing in the bottom two this week are Mayhem Miller, and Monét X Change, who lip-synced herself out of elimination last week.

Mayhem and Monét lip sync for their lives to Shania’s “Man, I Feel Like a Woman,” because, obviously. Monét is feeling the heat and brings out all the stops, and props, much like her show stopping lip sync performance last week. In the end, Mayhem Miller’s performance wasn’t enough to save her this time and she became the fifth queen eliminated, and gave the sweetest, and most inspiring exit tagline in Drag Race herstory. #Mayhem4MissCongeniality.

Takeaway from episode 5:
Karma exists, and it came for the Vixen this week.
Quote of the week:
“When something goes wrong, you can only blame…your friends”. – Miz Cracker
What we’ll see next week:
The queens pick their own groups for a drag con panel inspired challenge, and The Big Sick’s Emily Gordon and Kumail Nanjiani guest judge.
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