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As gay icons go, they don’t get much bigger—or louder—than Joan Rivers. You want to talk bitchy? She wrote the book, literally. Listening to her critique a celebrity’s fashion sense, you couldn’t help but be reminded of your own dinner conversations with friends or chatter at the bar. And there was something more than a wee bit familiar about her obsession with great grooming and impeccable style.

The Balearic Islands of Spain, located in the western Mediterranean Sea, have been in the crosshairs of many rulers, including the Vandals of 461 AD, the Byzantine Empire and the Kingdom of Aragon. Many landmarks, like the imposing Gothic cathedral in Mallorca and the salt marshes in Ibiza, are reminders of their ancient history and architectural wonders built on the beautiful islands. In addition to exploring the relics of past centuries, Mallorca and Ibiza both offer a plethora of excursions for outdoor enthusiasts—from boat rides through caves, to tanning on gay-friendly beaches.

I’ve given my relationship a long hard look over the past six months and without a doubt have decided that it really needs to end. I’ve been with my partner for six years, and after the initial honeymoon, things essentially went downhill from there. We’ve tried couples counselling, but nothing has seemed to make the relationship feel better. At this point, fear is the only thing holding me back; I’m afraid of what people will think about my unsuccessful attempt at a real relationship. I guess I’m worried that my friends and family will see me as a failure and that it will affect how they perceive me overall. My family took a while to get comfortable with me being queer, so I’m especially worried that this will confirm their biases toward gay relationships. How can I get over my fear and do what I know is right?

TORONTO (Dec. 8, 2014) – The publisher of Canada’s leading print and digital LGBT lifestyle magazine has entered into a series of innovative alliances with a wide range of corporate-related and non-profit partners. Coinciding with the re-launch of IN Magazine (formerly IN Toronto), these unique relationships are designed to spotlight events and individuals advancing greater diversity and understanding nationwide and in their own communities.