24 October 2022 / Latest Life

Unlocking My Special Superpower: Black Queer Joy

The ultimate form of resistance and rebellion, Black queer joy is rooted in community, connections, and a true sense of belonging

27 September 2022 / Latest Life

How I Made My Community More Welcoming To LGBTQ2+ Folks

The rainbow crosswalk I championed – a very visible symbol of progress and pride – made me feel free to be my true self

14 July 2022 / Entertainment Latest

A Gay Storyline On My Favourite Soap Made Me Feel Seen

Authentic LGBTQ2+ representation in media matters, because we exist in every story

01 June 2022 / Latest Life

Where Have All My Gay Friends Gone?

Making friends is easier to do when you’re the new kid on the block… By Jumol Royes I was in my early 20s and fresh out of the closet when...

03 March 2022 / Latest Life

Handle With Care

Being an LGBTQ2+ caregiver can be tough. But what happens when the caregiver needs care?… By Jumol Royes I’m blessed to have two parents who are both relatively healthy and...

14 January 2022 / Latest Life

The Tear Factor

Whether sad tears or happy tears, when it comes to matters of the heart, there will be tears

15 November 2021 / Latest Life

People Like Me

Seeing myself reflected in the lived experiences of my queer Black fam was a healing gift I didn’t realize I needed

20 September 2021 / Entertainment Latest

Six Songs To Add To The Playlist For Your Best Gay Life

Discover life lessons in the song titles of iconic pop divas

23 July 2021 / Latest

Do Not Disturb While In Tub

A nightly bathtime routine has been my saving grace and great escape during lockdown… By Jumol Royes Rub-a-dub-dub, don’t come a-knockin’ when I’m in the tub. As soon as it...

10 May 2021 / Latest Life

A Father, His Son, And Forgiveness

Strained relationships between fathers and sons are nothing new. But when it comes to forgiveness, it’s never too late… By Jumol Royes Photo by Kaysha via Unsplash If you were...

05 March 2021 / Latest Life

A Cause For Celebration

Celebrating is a radical act that reminds queer Black folks how far we’ve come and the future we’re still fighting for… By Jumol Royes Photo by Clay Banks How do...

08 January 2021 / Latest Life

Black Boy Rising

It’s not easy to survive and thrive in a world determined to keep you down