December 19, 2023 / Latest Life

LetsStopAIDS, Canada’s Largest Youth-HIV Charity, Elected To Represent North America At UNAIDS

LetsStopAIDS will be represented by Shamin Mohamed Jr., who has advocated for youth involvement in the global HIV response for almost two decades

October 18, 2023 / Latest Life

NoTimeToWait By LetsStopAIDS Is Back And Ready To “Flip The Switch”

Canada’s largest Youth-HIV leadership event is back

May 5, 2023 / Latest Life

WELLUS For ACCESS Win LetsStopAIDS’ The Winning Seed Contest

LetsStopAIDS has announced the winner of The Winning Seed, a contest offering Canada-based youth aged 15 – 29 the opportunity to bring an HIV advocacy initiative to life securing support and seed funding to transform the HIV landscape

April 11, 2023 / Latest Life

Here’s Why LetsStopAIDS’ Innovative Approach To Board Recruitment Is Attracting The Next Generation

LetsStopAIDS is calling on tomorrow’s leaders to reach out and apply for five vacancies on their board

October 30, 2020 / Latest Life

A Conversation With LetsStopAIDS Founder Shamin Mohamed Jr.

Young Canadians are working together for meaningful local action