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Queens Of The Round Table: The Sex Lives Of Drag Queens

IN chats with three fresh-faced and untucked drag queens about the intimate details of their sex lives

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Meet Olivia Limehart Sky, Winnipeg's Youngest Drag Queen

Being a great performer runs in both her families

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Drag In The Vineyard…. It’s All In The Family

One queen officially brings drag to Niagara

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Has The ‘Golden Age Of Drag’ Forgotten About The Kings?

“We’ve got a lot more in common with queens than things that set us apart”

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The Rise Of Drag Queen Storytime

“With all the crazy shit that’s going on in the world, I want to do everything I can to spread love and stomp out the hate”

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Chris Edwards: Remembering A Canadian Drag Legend

RIP Chris Edwards: December 24, 1961–September 6, 2016… Interviews by Steven Bereznai The world lost a queen of queens in September, when drag royalty Chris Edwards passed away in hospital....

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Michelle DuBarry: Who You Callin' a Golden Girl?

The world’s oldest drag queen definitely isn’t slowing down… By Max MacDonald Many things have been said to or about Michelle DuBarry. Some chose to see a withered queen who...