March 8, 2024 / Latest Life

5 Inspiring Canadian Women Leading Organizations Supporting 2SLGBTQI+ Communities

These individuals are accelerating progress and building healthier, more prosperous and more inclusive communities

March 6, 2024 / Latest Life

Supporting Black Women Living With HIV

We spoke with Orville Burke about how Black CAP is working to provide much-needed support and resources to often-overlooked communities

February 26, 2024 / Latest Life

IN Community: Get To Know Canada’s 2SLGBTQI+ Mental Health And Substance Use Services 

These agencies support 2SLGBTQI+ individuals seeking help for mental health and addictions

December 11, 2023 / Latest Life

Organizations Supporting 2SLGBTQI+ Youth in Canada

The future is queer: These 2SLGBTQI+ organizations across Canada are cultivating affirming spaces for queer youth to thrive

November 28, 2023 / Latest Life

IN Community: 5 Organizations Offering Support To Trans Canadians

Community resources for transgender, gender questioning and gender diverse people

September 6, 2023 / Latest Life

How One Saskatchewan Organization Is Combatting Stigma And Taking It One Step Further To Help The Community

AIDS Program South Saskatchewan’s (APSS) Direct Observed Therapy (DOT) program continues to break down barriers and support PLHIV and their community 

August 24, 2023 / Latest Life

Community One Foundation Continues To Support Community-Based 2SLGBTQIA+ Projects And Initiatives With Much-Needed Funding

The Canadian non-profit has awarded over $95,000 in funding to 17 community-based 2SLGBTQIA+ projects and initiatives

June 22, 2023 / Latest Life

Introducing Canada’s Newest 2SLGBTQI+ Community Resource Directory

The IN Directory helps folks find support, safer spaces

March 8, 2023 / Latest Life

What It Means To Be A Woman Living With HIV

We talk to PASAN about the Positive Women’s Leadership Project (POWER Project) and the organization’s work to empower and improve the lives of those identifying as women in the HIV community

June 28, 2022 / Latest Life

The Cercle Orange Story

Health care is not truly universal until everybody has access

April 29, 2022 / Latest Life

An Approach That Increases The Quality Of Life Of People Living With HIV

The Dr. Peter Centre, located in Vancouver, was founded by Dr. Peter Jepson-Young in 1997 to provide comfort and medical care to patients with HIV/AIDS

January 5, 2022 / Latest Life

The Never-Ending Question: What Is Our Community Exactly?

I don’t understand how part of gay culture became being mean, rather than being supportive of one another