28 June 2022 / Latest Life

The Cercle Orange Story

Health care is not truly universal until everybody has access

29 April 2022 / Latest Life

An Approach That Increases The Quality Of Life Of People Living With HIV

The Dr. Peter Centre, located in Vancouver, was founded by Dr. Peter Jepson-Young in 1997 to provide comfort and medical care to patients with HIV/AIDS

05 January 2022 / Latest Life

The Never-Ending Question: What Is Our Community Exactly?

I don’t understand how part of gay culture became being mean, rather than being supportive of one another

30 December 2021 / Latest Life

Youth In Canada Are Taking The Lead On HIV Awareness And Prevention

CANFAR expands its social network to go further in raising awareness and preventing HIV in Canada among at-risk youth ages 15-29

03 November 2021 / Latest Life

Meeting Needs And Creating Change

A conversation with Asian Community AIDS Services and ViiV Healthcare on treatment access and innovation

16 September 2021 / IN Community Latest Life

IN Community: Made-In-Canada Queer Trivia Card Game

Limited edition Pride deck contains queerful, bilingual question prompts… By Jumol Royes A new queer trivia card game hopes to keep LGBTQ2+ themed conversations going not just during Pride, but...

31 August 2021 / Latest Life

Fife House: A Personal Journey To Build Change

A conversation with a stabilization worker in Fife House’s much-needed Homeless Outreach Program

12 March 2021 / Latest Life

The 519: An Army Of Lovers That Never Stops

Through COVID-19, Toronto’s The 519 has been advocating for and responding to the most urgent needs of LGBTQ2S communities… By Dean Lobo For 46 years, The 519 has served as...

18 November 2020 / IN Community Latest Life

IN Community: A Monument To LGBTQ2+ Canadians

Design competition launches for national monument commemorating discrimination faced by LGBTQ2+ people in Canada

17 August 2020 / IN Community Latest Life

IN Community: Food Is Comfort

The AYA Project helps low-income, African, Caribbean and Black communities in Toronto get the food they need

04 June 2020 / Latest Life

Organizations Supporting Black Communities In Canada That You Can Support

A list of Canadian resources for those who want to donate to help fight racism across the country… As protests in the US and Canada continue and intensify following the...

19 May 2020 / IN Community Latest Life

IN Community: A Welcoming Space For LGBTQ2+ Youth

The Friends of Ruby emergency housing centre is on track to open later this year… By Jumol Royes 42 per cent of the LGBTQ2+ community reported significant impacts on their...