Healing Journey Counselling

Virtual-based mental health and social work clinic serving EST and MST

Synapse Counselling Services

LGBTQ2SIA+, disability and neurodivergent-affirming counselling/therapy in-person in Moose Jaw, SK, and online.

BC First Nations Justice Council

Providing culturally safe, Indigenous-led access to Justice through Indigenous Justice Centres

Poetry Open Mic at Buddies In Bad Times Theatre

This free community event is an opportunity for queer and biopic youth and elders to come together and share their work.

Rainbow Counselling

2SLGBTQI+ affirming virtual counselling clinic supporting Ontario residents ages 14 and up


2-Spirits In Motion Society

Creates, maintains and strengthens a safe(r) and supportive environment for two-spirit people to express themselves through cultural ways of knowing and being around gender and sexuality; and to succeed and be empowered in all areas that are grounded in the medicines that two-spirit people carry.

Four Feathers Society

A tribe of Indigenous Peoples living in British Columbia who self-identify as being 2SLGBTQI+. Provides opportunities for its members to strengthen and heal their spirits, hearts, minds and physical well-being through the power of weaving (networking), community events, education and creative expression.

Lii Michif Otipemisiwak Local

Cares for and supports the safety and well-being of Métis children, youth and families through family programming, child safety services and more.

Edmonton 2 Spirit Society

Re-establishes and enhances traditional roles and responsibilities as two-spirit people in Indigenous communities while creating supportive environments within all societies for contemporary two-spirit peoples.

Saskatchewan Intercultural Association

Promotes intercultural understanding and the retention of cultural identity and language to fully include newcomers and Indigenous Peoples in Canadian society.

Trellis: Indigenous Initiatives

Provides hands-on cultural experiences, older adult involvement, health and wellness activities, traditional arts programs and youth mentorship for children, youth and families.