22 October 2015 / Culture

Colour, Light, Acknowledgment

The Canadian art world is abuzz about a show that made headlines in the U.K. last year and is now set to open an ocean away. At first glance, its...

22 September 2015 / Culture

A Breed Apart

Memoir is a slippery genre. You never quite know if you’re reading a highly sanitized—or hugely exaggerated—account of the author’s life. But Camilla Gibb’s This is Happy feels so raw...

22 September 2015 / Culture

Art Angels

There’s something thrilling about purchasing a piece of art with which you have made an aesthetic connection. But that thrill can be enhanced when you know you’re also making a...

22 September 2015 / Culture Entertainment

Still a Rebel

The Rebel Heart Tour continues its sweep across Canada, after last month’s appearance in Montreal. The tour coincides with the release of an album by the same name, the superstar’s...

21 August 2015 / Culture Flashback


It couldn’t have been more revolutionary: a television station devoted to the LGBT community of viewers. But on September 7, 2001—14 years ago this month—PrideVision was launched, becoming Canada’s first...

21 August 2015 / Culture Entertainment

Lights, Camera, Diversity

As it turns 40 years old this month, the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) is offering one of the most promising batches of LGBT-interest films in its history. In a...

21 August 2015 / Culture

Steward of Style

With another Toronto Men’s Fashion Week (TOM) just under his stylish belt, Jeff Rustia, the founder and executive director of the event, chats with IN about menswear—at home and abroad.

24 July 2015 / Culture Flashback


The jocks have it.

19 June 2015 / Culture Flashback


Here comes the bride, here comes the groom. Only it’s Canada, July 2005, and the bride’s with a bride and the groom with a groom. That’s because after a series...

19 June 2015 / Culture

Camera Ready

Over the past five years, it has become an annual event that is much anticipated among proponents of LGBT art across Canada. And fans of the 10×10 Photography Project will...

22 May 2015 / Culture Flashback


To call it a game-changer is putting it mildly. In the wee hours of June 28, 1969, 46 years ago this month, the earth shifted for gays. That was the...

22 May 2015 / Culture Life

David Furnish From the Heart

David Furnish lived a double life during his 20s in Toronto, saying good-night to his girlfriend before running off to Church Street in “the village.” Though he grew up in...