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Rupaul's Drag Race All Stars Season 9 Episode 5 Recap: Property Queens

RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars Season 9 Episode 5 Recap: Property Queens

The all star queens try their hand at being real estate moguls and actor Alec Mapa is a guest judge…

Last week the queens paired up and gave sickening pop star drag makeovers to a group of firefighters. After performing in their new girl groups, Roxxxy and Miss Vanjie finally won their own benefactress badges after being gifted ones earlier in the episode by Gottmik and Nina West. Vanjie and Roxxxy worked together and chose to cut Angeria off from winning a badge in the next challenge. While some queens think there are alliances being formed in the shadows, others swear there’s no elaborate plan. This week the queens will put their realtor wigs on and try to sell some property. Let’s get into it.

This week’s episode begins in the werk room following Nina and Vanjie’s win. Roxxxy feels great about finally winning her own badge and Nina is thinking she might have made a mistake giving her the extra badge. Angeria enters the room with the ruby snippers, again. In confessionals she said it feels a little personal this time, which she reiterates to the queens on the couches. Roxxxy and Vanjie give their explanations and Angie isn’t buying it. She thinks she was cut so the other queens wouldn’t have to cut their friends. Angeria did swear at Roxxxy on stage during the outro last week, which she does apologize for. Shannel tells Mik that her feelings were hurt last week when Mik confronted her about only cheering for Nina in the lip sync. Shannel says that never and will never happen. Nina says she was being really conscious about vocally cheering for both top queens and some of the other queens say it’s getting too messy. Mik says she doesn’t care who is cheering for whom, people were whispering in her ear about alliances. They trace the rumour back and it’s more confusing and convoluted than it was in the first place. Shannel just wants to get a badge.

Rupaul's Drag Race All Stars Season 9 Episode 5 Recap: Property Queens

It’s a new week in the werk room and the queens are ready to put the clique fiasco behind them and focus on a new challenge to win. Three queens have two badges already which has some of the other queens feeling #humbled. Ru enters the room and tells the queens that they’ve earned some time to blow off a little steam. He ushers children’s television’s biggest queer icons the Teletubbies into the werk room. Tinky Winky, Lala, Dipsy, and Po are allegedly Drag Race superfans, and Ru wants the queens to show them a good time. The queens put some licensed merch on and do a good old fashioned Soul Train dance off with each of the characters. Ru announces that the Gottmik has won the mini challenge and $2500 for charity. The Teletubbies make their grand exit and Ru tells the girls that drag queens and realtors have a lot in common, so they’re going to have to bring the realness to real estate. Working in pairs they’ll have to drag up real estate commercials to sell some unique properties.

 Since Angeria has been snipped twice, Ru gives her the responsibility of choosing the teams and her own partner. Angeria picks Vanjie to be her partner and pairs the following. Jorgeous with Gottmik, Shannel and Nina, and finally, Roxxxy and Plastique. Angeria put the girls together in pairs she know will work well together. This season is for charity after all. They’re going to be selling difficult properties located in the freezing Arctic Circle, the swampy Florida Everglades, a western town in the heart of Texas, and the haunting Salem Massachusetts. Ru is leaving the properties up to them to fight over. They’ll have some help putting their ads together from Carson and Tracy Tutor from Million Dollar Listing LA. The queens rush over to the table to read through the property packages and pick what they’ll be setting. Only team Vanjie/Angie and team Roxxxy/Plastique want the same property (Gator Glades Florida), but Roxxxy doesn’t want to fight, so they concede to the second choice of Tumbleweed Texas. Jorgeous and Mik have Frosty Bits Alaska and Jorgeous is feeling really good about being paired with Gottmik since she has won comedy challenges before. Jorgeous is a little unorganized, which Mik finds a little hard to deal with, but they’ll get there in the end. This challenge is Nina’s bread and butter, so she’s working hard on writing the material while Shannel picks their outfits. 

Vanjie is a little gagged that Angie picked her after she snipped her last week and right away their chemistry is jumping off the page. Roxxxy and Plastique marvel at how well the pairs were put together. These two are known as the dolls, but they’re excited to step out of their comfort zone with this challenge. Angie notices that Roxxxy and Plastique have similar characterizations to theirs and panic a little bit since they want their ad to stand out. Out in the studio it’s time to film their property packages, and they’ll have the help from Carson and of course, real estate queen Tracy Tutor. Shannel and Nina are up first and Shannel is off to a rocky start, but they get there eventually. Angie and Vangie are up next and they’re immediately knocking it out of the park. Roxxxy and Plastique are up third and Roxxxy is carrying the performance, meaning Plastique has to work a little harder to match her energy, but she’s determined. Gottmik and Jorgeous are last and they’re also off to a slow start. It’s a little disorganized since they don’t really know who is saying what. They flip flop a few times and it’s not leaving a great impression of their directors.

It’s runway day and all of the queens are excited to see their finished commercials. Nina hasn’t won any money for her charity yet and she’s really hoping this will be the week. Roxxxy talks about how Florida isn’t really southern, which riles Vanjie (also from Florida) up. Nina asks Angeria who she would cut off if she was handed the Ruby Snippers and she already has a few ideas. Roxxxy tells Vanjie she didn’t come to fight and semi-apologizes to her for bringing Florida up. Out on the runway Ru introduces this week’s panel of all star judges, Michelle, Carson, and this week’s extra special guest judge, actor Alec Mapa. The category on the runway is “Day to Night Ruveal” and all of the queens make a statement with their transforming lewks. 

It’s time to watch the real estate commercials. Shannel and Nina’s is up first and it’s strong all the way through. It gets laughs from the judges, and it’s clear everything was thought out before going to film. Plastique and Roxxxy are up next. Their ad also gets a lot of laughs from the judges, and after some direction Plastique was able to match Roxxxy’s energy perfectly. Gottmik and Jorgeous are third. Their ad isn’t as bad as the edit suggested and it gets a few laughs but it’s not as strong as the first two. Angie and Vanjie’s ad is last, and it’s good, but doesn’t get as much laughter from the judges as Roxxxy and Plastique’s does.

Critiques begin with Nina and Shannel. Carson tells them they really embraced the real estate aspect and their writing was “delicious”. Michelle tells Shannel her runway presentation was great and she loved Nina’s double reveal look and the story that went along with it, but wasn’t crazy about the feathers on her shoes. Alec calls Plastique and Roxxxy that they’re the comedy duo he didn’t know he needed. Michelle tells Plastique she was blown away with how far she pushed it. All of the judges loved Roxxxy’s handmade outfit and Plastique’s AI warrior look. Ru gives them a bunch of praise for how unexpectedly funny their package was. Jorgeous and Gottmik are next and Alec tells them their ad lost a little steam throughout the ad and all of the judges think they had good chemistry, but they didn’t go as far as the other teams with the stupid. All of the judges love their looks but Jorgeous breaks down and says she’s embarrassed and feels like she’s letting Ru and the other judges down. Ru gives her a pep talk and a few tips, too. Vanjie and Angeria are up next. The judges loved both of their performances especially together. They all love Vanjie’s Pretty Woman-inpsired look but have a few pointers for Angeria’s pattern mixing on the runway.

After deliberations Ru decides that the top two all stars of the week are Plastique and Roxxxy. Each of them will receive another benefactress badge. The top two queens lip sync for their charity to Super Freaky Girl by Nicki Minaj. It’s the battle of the dolls and they’re both giving it their all in their unique way. Ru announces that the winner of this week’s $10,000 tip for charity is Roxxxy Andrews! Roxxxy also gets to bestow the ruby snippers to another queen. It looks like she’s really struggling to choose and doesn’t even look at the girls while she’s making her decision. She makes the decision to choose at random and lands on Angeria, which everybody is gagged over. Roxxxy goes back on her decision to snip Angeria for the second week in a row and picks Gottmik just based on the number of badges she has. Roxxxy breaks down in tears over having to choose but Mik reassures her it’s going to be ok.

Next week on All Stars: There’s some drama over Roxxxy’s ruby snipper decision and roast each other at the National Drag Convention. 

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