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Rupaul's Drag Race All Stars Season 9 Episode 4 Recap: Smokin' Hot Firefighter Makeovers

RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars Season 9 Episode 4 Recap: Smokin’ Hot Firefighter Makeovers

The all stars give firefighters drag makeovers and country music stars Brothers Osborne are guest judges…

Last week the queens played the highly anticipated Snatch Game of Love. Gottmik and Nina West, who both wowed the judges with their impersonations of Pal, the original dog who played Lassie, and Liberace. After a fierce lip sync for charity Gottmik takes the win for the second week in a row, a $10,000 tip for charity, and the ruby snippers, which she chooses to block Jorgeous. This week the queens will welcome a group of firefighters into the werk room and give them sickening drag makeovers for the drag family challenge. Let’s get into it!

This week’s episode begins back in the werk room after Gottmik’s second win. The queens are quick to congratulate Gottmik on her second win. She’s the first queen of the bunch to get two wins and she is stackin’ up that money for her charity. Jorgeous walks in with the ruby snippers and she jokingly demands an explanation on why she got cut. Mik explains she chose Jorgeous because she’s such a fierce performer, and the chances of the next challenge is high. They all do a quick badge tally, but Nina and Gottmik still have benefactress badges to give away. Both queens say they don’t know who they want to give their badges to. A conversation about alliances is brought up and Vanjie gets into it with Shannel over her friendship with Gottmik. Vanjie doesn’t expect Mik to give her a badge just because they’re friends, and most of the other queens believe her.

It’s a new day and everyone is feeling refreshed and ready to take on another challenge for charity. Roxxxy feels like it’s about time she gets her own badge three challenges in. Over at the table Nina reminds the queens that there’s badges to give away and she has a big decision to make between Roxxxy and Shannel. Gottmik asks Shannel if she has a secret alliance with Angeria in front of the whole group, which shocks everybody. Mik explains that during the lip sync she heard the two of them going off for Nina only, which has everybody absolutely gagged. They assure her that there aren’t any secret alliances but Shannel comes to the conclusion someone must be making up rumors that there are alliances and spreading it to certain queens. Ru enters the room and tells Nina and Gottmik that the time has come for them to share their extra badges. Nina announces that she has chosen Roxxxy, mostly for helping her with the sewing challenge a few weeks ago. Gottmik decides she’s giving her extra badge to Vanjie, to nobody’s surprise. Ru tells the girls that teamwork makes the dream work, and asks the queens to pair up.

Since none of them want to be seen in alliances, they all mix it up. The pairs are Shannel and Angeria, Plastique and Jorgeous, Roxxxy and Vanjie, and finally, Gottmik and Nina. Ru welcomes four gorgeous firefighters into the werk room. This week the queens will be working in pairs to give the firefighters sickening pop star drag makeovers. In addition to a full makeover, the queens and their firefighters will write and record verses to a song called Pussy on Fire. Since the firefighters are special guests, Ru suggests a round of speed dating, so they can pick the queens they want to work with. Once their dates are finished the firefighters choose their girl group partners.

Once they’re in their groups they get right to work brainstorming lyrics and looks. All of the queens got their first pick of firefighters and each of them are so eager to get in heels and do the work to get money for these charities. Since they’re working in groups a lot of the queens are dividing the work up between styling and writing the lyrics to play to each of their strengths. Gottmik and Nina have such different drag aesthetics that they’re having a hard time marrying them together to make a cohesive group look. Ru comes back to the werk room to check on the girl groups. All of the firefighters are excited to participate and bring a lot to the table, which even Ru is surprised about. The trios move to the main stage to choreograph their performances. Most of them are getting the steps down, but after some rehearsals, all of them should be at least at a Fifth Harmony level performance.

It’s runway day and it’s time for the firefighters to get into drag for the first time. All of them are in it to win it. Beards, chest hair, and eyebrows are gone. All of the groups have heartfelt conversations about acceptance, self-expression, and the drag bans across America. All of the queens are touched by the support of the firefighters and reassures them that there is a future filled with kindness. Out on the mainstage Ru introduces this week’s panel of all star judges Michelle, Ross, and this week’s extra special guests, country stars Brothers Osborne. The queens walk the runway in their girlgroups and the firefighters make their drag debuts in pop star eleganza. Everybody looks amazing and ready to become the next pop icon. It’s time for the world debut of Pussy on Fire, and all of the group perform their verses on the stage. Every trio does a really good job and big kudos to the firefighters for putting their pussies into it.

Ciritiques start with Vanjie and Roxxxy. Ross is impressed with the transformation and said they looked like a girl group and Michelle compliments Roxxxy on how well she made the looks for all of the girls. Next, Brothers Osborne tell Plastique and Jorgeous that their group look was their favourite of the day. Michelle tells them that their dancing was cohesive and impressive. Ross tells Angeria and Shannel that their song was the filthiest and most beautiful of the bunch. Michelle compliments Shannel that her painting is stunning on their firefighter, who thanks Ru and all of the queens for a life changing experience. Finally, Brothers Osborne tell Gottmik and Nina their songwriting was their favourite of the day and Michelle loves that they’re all different shapes and sizes and still made their performance and look very cohesive. Ru tells the firefighters she’s giving them $1000 each to donate to the charities of their choice.

Following deliberations, Ru announces the top two all stars of the week are Roxxxy and Miss Vanjie. Each of the queens have earned another benefactress badge, making them both even with Gottmik. The top two queens of the week lip sync for charity to Black Cat by Janet Jackson. Both queens give an electric performance full of passion and also a lot of hairogrpahy. Ru decides that the top all star of the week, and the $10,000 tip for charity is… both of them! A lip sync that fierce deserves a tie, so they’ll split the tip money in half. Together Roxxxy and Vanjie will make a choice on which queen will be cut off from receiving a badge next week. The two of them decide to hand the ruby snippers over to Angie due to some unfinished business from a few weeks ago. This is Angeria’s second time being cut off. 

Next week on All Stars: Angeria wants an explanation and the queens drag up real estate commercials. 

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