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Rupaul’s Drag Race All Stars Season 9 Episode 3 Recap: Snatch Game of Love

RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars Season 9 Episode 3 Recap: Snatch Game of Love

The All Stars take on Snatch Game of Love and Anitta is a guest judge…

Last week we were treated to a double episode premiere where we learned a few things. First, the queens are playing for charity. Every tip and win they make will go towards a donation in their name to the charity of their choice. It’s also a non-elimination season, meaning every single queen has the same amount of time to get as much money for their charity as possible. Ru has brought the badge incentive over from Drag Race U.K. each main challenge win will result in a pin. The winner of the lip sync will get the power to block another queen from receiving a pin the next week. At the end of the season, the queens with the most pins will have a chance at the grand prize. During the last episode the queens had an arts and crafts ball. Gottmik and Plastique claimed the badges with Gottmik winning the lip sync and choosing to cut Angeria. This week the queens take part in a very special episode of Snatch Game of Love. Let’s get into it!

The episode begins in the werk room following Gottmik’s win. They gather on the couches to congratulate her on her win before Angeria makes her grand entrance holding the ruby snippers. She fakes being angry at Gottmik but it doesn’t last for long. She jokingly demands an explanation and Mik says she blocked her because she already has a badge. Angeria says she has more fire in her belly to block more queens. Over in the corner Nina and Shannel laugh about the fact they need to be better to get badges. They talk about the possibility that Snatch Game could be this early in the competition before they discover they’ve brought the same Liberace character, which has both queens gooped.

It’s a new day and the queens are feeling refreshed and ready to take on a new challenge. Roxxxy is feeling good about no longer being cut off from getting a badge. Ru enters the room and tells them that for this week’s maxi challenge the queens are playing Snatch Game of Love. It’s like regular Snatch Game, but they’ll be playing in smaller groups to win a date with a celebrity guest. In confessionals, Nina says it’s tough because Shannel has been her closest ally in the competition so far and it’s making the Liberace of it all a little complicated. All of the queens get right to work prepping their characters and their answers for the game. There are a lot of funny queens this season which has Plastique a little nervous. Gottmik reveals to Vanjie that she’s going to be playing Pal, the dog actor who played Lassie. It’ll be a risk, but if she can pull it off, it’ll pay off. Nina and Shannel are both rattled that they brought the same character, but Roxxxy gives them a bit of a pep talk to get their heads in the game. Everybody jokes that they’re also doing Liberace, which breaks the ice before Ru checks in.

Ru pulls all of the queens aside in pairs to see what they’re doing. Roxxxy reveals she’s going to be reviving her Tasha Salad character and Ru is excited for it. Plastique has chosen to impersonate comedian Ali Wong, which has some of the other queens worried. Ru tells her it could be a bit of an issue. Angeria tells Ru she’s going to be doing Marla Gibbs and Ru is ecstatic. Ru doesn’t know what to think of Gottmik’s Lassie choice, but the other queens know that if she’s able to pull it off, she could win. Nobody is worried about Vanjie’s choice to play Cleopatra, and Jorgeous tells Ru she’s playing John Leguizamo’s Chi Chi Rodreiguez from To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar.She’s nervous about stepping back into Snatch Game after her fumble as Ilana Glazer on her season, but Ru assures her that she’s an All Star for a reason. Before Ru leaves the work room he introduces the queens to Terrance Meck, who is the man behind this season’s grand donation and lets the queens know that the top queens this week will receive two benefactress badges each! One to keep, and one to give to a fellow queen.

It’s time to play the Snatch Game of Love! Ru introduces the celebrity Snatchelorettes. The first round is Angeria and Marla Gibbs, Roxxxy as Tasha Salad, Shannel as Liberace, and Jorgeous as John Leguizamo as Chi Chi Rodreiguez. The sugar wall closes and the Snatchelor is revealed to be Kevin aka Monét X Change. The game kicks off and Angeria has Ru’s heart right away but Shannel is also a fierce competitor. Roxxxy and Jorgeous are also getting a few laughs and their flow and interactions are all good. At the end of round one Kevin decides on a date with Jorgeous as John Leguizamo as Chi Chi Rodreiguez.

Round two starts with Ru introducing this round’s celebrities. We have Vanjie playing Cleopatra, Nina as Liberace 2, Plastique as Ali Wong, and Gottmik as Pal, the original dog who played Lassie. This round’s Snatchelor is David aka Raven. Right from the first question Nina is getting the most laughs. Plastique is struggling but Gottmik’s dog is ON and Ru can’t get enough of it. This round is much weaker than the first one as a whole, but Nina and Gottmik definitely stole the show. David chooses Nina’s Liberace for an evening of fun.

It’s runway day and the queens rush over to the mirror to get ready for the main stage. While they’re getting ready Nina and Shannel both say they’d give a badge to each other if either of them had won. Roxxxy tells Mik if she won she could make someone else a bigger target than her. Some of the queens suspect that Nina might be in an alliance with Shannel, but in confessionals she insists there isn’t one. Out on the runway Ru introduces this week’s All Stars judges panel Michelle, Carson, and Brazilian superstar Anitta. The category on the runway is “A Tail and Two Titties”. All of the queens show off their exquisite tailed looks, complete with oversized breast plates (for most of the queens) and a couple that are more outside of the box.

Critiques begin with Angeria. Michelle commends her for giving all she had during the Snatch Game and Carson calls her runway look perfection, even Ru compliments it. Anitta loves Roxxxy’s runway and Carson says it’s what All Stars is all about. Michelle says her Snatch Game didn’t hit as hard as she hoped, but she could tell she was really trying and that she had fun with it. The judges say Shannel’s look is smartly constructed and that her Liberace was top tier, but at times felt more like an impersonation instead of trying to be funny. Anitta says Jorgeous’s look is super cute and Carson says it’s part cosplay part drag glamour. Michelle didn’t hate her Snatch Game but she could have gone further with it. Michelle tells Vanjie she came out strong but she needed to be more Vanjie as Cleopatra for a home run. All of the judges love her pink scorpion look. Anitta calls Nina’s space themed look smart and creative and Carson agrees it’s elevated. Michelle tells her she breathed life and comedy into Liberace and that she was amazing at volleying jokes between Ru and the other queens. Plastique was thinking too much during her Snatch Game and Carson clocked her for it but Anitta loves her foxy runway look. Finally, Michelle tells Gottmik she hit a home run with her doggy Snatch Game and Ru tells her that it showcased just how smart she is. All of the judges agree that her runway look is artistic and impactful.

After deliberations Ru announces the top two queens of the week are Nina West and Gottmik! Each queen will earn two benefactress badges, one to keep and one to give away at the beginning of next week’s episode. Gottmik and Nina lip sync for charity to Banana by Anitta ft. Becky G. Both queens give a fierce performance with plenty of outfit reveals, five or six of them just being from Nina. Ru decides Gottmik takes the $10,000 tip this week for her charity. For the second week in a row, Gottmik has the power of the ruby snippers to block another queen from earning a benefactress badge next week. Gottmik hands the scissors over to Jorgeous.

Next week on All Stars: The queens transform firefighters into smoking hot pop stars, the extra benefactress badges are given out, and Gottmik brings the heat to the other queens. 

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