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Rupaul’s Drag Race All Stars Season 9 Episode 2 Recap- The Paint Ball

RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars Season 9 Episode 2 Recap: The Paint Ball

The queens create custom looks for a ball challenge and actress Stephanie Hsu is a guest judge…

It’s a double premiere season baby! That means we’ve got a whole other episode to enjoy all in one night! In the first episode the queens worked on lyrics and choreographed a performance to their new song Drag Queens Save the World as well as a signature fragrance to fit their brand. Angeria and Jorgeous were named the top two queens and they lip synched for their charities. Angeria ended up taking the $10,000 tip for her charity and she also chose to use the ruby snippers to cut Roxxxy Andrews off from winning a badge during this episode’s challenge. Tonight, the queens will create totally custom looks for a ball challenge, badges will be awarded, and other queen will have the power to cut someone off from receiving a badge next week. Let’s get into it!

Episode two begins in the werk room following the presentation of the ruby snippers to Roxxxy. Over on the couches the queens congratulate Angeria on her win and her additional charity tip. To Jorgeous’s surprise, she is also congratulated for winning a badge for the maxi challenge. Jorgeous tells the group that if she won, she would have blocked Nina, just based on how fierce of a competitor she is. Roxxxy makes her grand entrance with her giant scissors and Angie hides behind the couch. Roxxxy tells the group she was a little surprised but she knows how fierce she is, so she understands. Angeria has some of the other queens gagged with her decision, but that just means the competition is officially on

It’s a new day in the werk room and the queens make their entrance. Jorgeous and Angie are proudly wearing their shiny new badges but there’s not too much time to kiki. Ru interrupts with a video message and enters the room to tell the queens what they’ll be doing this week. With a bunch of art references, it’s no surprise that for this week’s maxi challenge the queens will be throwing The Paint Ball.

Rupaul’s Drag Race All Stars Season 9 Episode 2 Recap: The Paint Ball

The queens will each serve three separate looks. The first category is “Monochromatica”. They’ll don an outfit of just one shade. Second category is “Drag Imitates Art”, where they’ll have to wear a look inspired by a famous piece of art. Finally, the third category is “Paint Ball Eleganza”, starting from a blank canvas, they’ll create a look totally from scratch and hand paint it for the gods. They’ve got their work cut out for them this week, so they get right to creating with all kinds of paint. Gottmik won her season’s ball and she’s excited to see what she can create this time around. Angeria is praying to the fashion gods she can come up with something and Roxxxy basically has a finished garment while everybody else is still coming up with a challenge. Angeria definitely cut the right queen off before a fashion challenge, but Roxxxy can still win money for her charity. 

Some of the queens connect on how much they loved and felt safe in art class in school. Plastique won a design challenge in her season, so she knows she can bring it. Nina still isn’t a sewer, and Roxxxy notices her struggling and offers to help her, and almost everybody else, too. It’s so different from her strategy from season 5. That’s growth baby! Jorgeous can’t seem to get her stencil work to look good and she’s officially getting nervous. Shannel helps her with a few tips and tricks which moves her process along. Ru re-enters the werk room to check on their progress and what their inspirations are. The queens have to make their mark on their plain dresses and they get busy between painting their nails and painting their fabric. Outside, some of the queens are spray painting and Gottmik is living her artist fantasy. Once again, Nina is struggling a little bit but she thinks she’ll be able to keep it together. Angie scrambles to make a backup look just in case she’s not confident in the original garment and reveals that she used to argue with her drag mother about the Jinkx vs. Roxxxy feud while season five was on which has Vanjie gagged.

It’s runway day and the queens are busy putting the finishing touches on their ball lewks. Angeria managed to get her second look done and she tells Jorgeous she’s so proud of the garment she created. Roxxxy tells Pastique she loves her look and hopes she wins this week and also tells her that if she wins, she’s blocking someone who already has a badge. Nina and Shannel talk strategy and Nina knows she’s a threat when it comes to acting challenges, and she’s worried tonight might be her night to be snipped. Out on the runway Ru introduces this week’s panel of All Star judges Michelle, Ross, and this week’s extra special guest judge, actress Stephanie Hsu. The ball kicks off with the first category “Monochromatica” and all of the queens walk the runway in matchy-matchy outfits. The second category is “Drag Imitates Art” and each queen is strutting in a look inspired by a famous work of art from Dalí to van Gogh. The final category is “Paint Ball Eleganza” and all of the queens proudly show off their handmade and hand-painted lewks. 

Rupaul’s Drag Race All Stars Season 9 Episode 2 Recap- The Paint Ball

Critiques begin with Angeria. Michelle likes what she did with her first outfit even though it’s her least favourite colour but Ru didn’t love how literal her second look was. Ross however, loves her final look. Stephanie loves Shannel’s monochromatic look and all of the judges loved her second look. Michelle tells her she’s tired of seeing things glued to a corset but notes that she’s done so much to hers, it really takes it up a notch. Michelle tells Roxxxy her first look was so powerful and Stephanie loves Dalí, so her second look was a big hit. Ross tells her that her from-scratch look was extraordinary. Michelle tells Gottmik she really soared with her handmade look and all of the judges agree all of her looks were stunning. Ru and Ross love that Nina had so much fun with everything she wore. Michelle tells her that her final look was a bit kindergarten look but it somehow works and Nina tells the judges Roxxxy helped pretty much every single queen. Michelle compliments Vanjie on her Michelle-inspired look, and Stephanie tells her she wished she saw more of van Gogh in her second look. All of the judges love every single look Plastique brought to the runway this week. Finally, the judges liked her cute kush-inspired monochromatic look, and Ross liked her second look in the context of the category. Michelle tells her that her final look fell off a bit but Stephanie appreciates the beauty of it.

Following deliberations, Ru announces that the winners of this week’s challenge are Gottmik and Plastique. The top two All Stars both get a badge and they’ll get to compete for even more money for their charity.

Rupaul’s Drag Race All Stars Season 9 Episode 2 Recap: The Paint Ball - Gottmik and Plastique

Gottmik and Plastique lip sync for their charity to Jump in the Line by Harry Belafonte. Both queens give reveals and stunning looks along with a fun lip sync. Ru announces that the winner of this week’s $10,000 tip for charity is Gottmik! Gottmik also gets the chance to block one of the other six queens. Gottmik uses her power to present the ruby snippers to Angeria, which means she will not be eligible to win a Benefactress Badge for next week’s challenge. 

Next week on All StarsIt’s Snatch Game of Love time and Angie bites back! 

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