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RuPaul's Drag Race Season 16 Episode 8 RECAP: Snatch Game

RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 16 Episode 8 RECAP: Snatch Game

The remaining queens take on THE challenge of the season when they play Snatch Game. Actor Kyra Sedgwick is a guest judge…

Last week, after this season’s Rusical challenge we said “so long, farewell” to cosplay queen Megami after she failed to make a showstopping impression on the judges with her performance. However, a number of queens blew the judges away with theirs. Q, Sapphira, and Plasma all wowed with their Broadway-level commitment to their roles. Plasma took the win for the second time with the other two trailing just behind her. This week, the remaining queens will put their best (and hopefully funniest) foot forward when they play Snatch Game! Let’s get into it.

This week’s episode begins in the werk room following Megami’s elimination. Mhi’ya reads her goodbye message in the mirror and tells the other queens that it sucks that she was in the bottom again. She then reveals the reason she didn’t do any flips was because of some shade Megami threw her way before the lip sync. Mhi’ya knows she needs to pick it up going forward. Over on the couches the queens congratulate Plasma on her second win and Morphine says she’s happy for her but she also could have done the lead part, which starts some playful drama among the queens. 

It’s a new day in the werk room and the top nine walk in feeling ready to take on this week’s challenge. Around the table Morphine reveals Xunami stole a man from her in a New York club years ago. Ru enters the room and tells the queens that for this week’s mini challenge the library is officially open. The queens take the glasses one by one and read each other to filth. Xunami takes it as an opportunity to flirt with Plane and Plasma’s reads cut DEEP.

Ru announces the winner of this week’s mini challenge is Xunami Muse. Ru then tells the girls that for this week’s maxi challenge they’ll be playing the Snatch Game! The queens are nervous and excited to take on this iconic challenge. Plane hasn’t done anything like this before, but she’s excited to try it out. Nymphia has chosen to impersonate Dr. Jane Goodall. She knows it’s a risky choice but she’s sure she can pull it off. On the other hand, Dawn has chosen to go as conservative media personality Meghan McCain because she wanted to impersonate someone she would feel ok with “reading the dog shit out of ”. Plasma unsurprisingly has chosen a musical theatre icon Patti LuPone. Q has chosen to take on aviation pioneer Amelia Earhart. A smart choice since it’s someone everyone knows, but they don’t really know her intricacies, so there’s a lot of room for creative freedom. Xunami is doing a made up character “The Gold Tooth Fairy ” which she confidently thinks she can pull off.

Ru re-enters the room with Drag Race legend Chad Michaels to give the queens some hot tips on the art of impersonation before the game starts. They talk to the queens in small groups to assess the celebrities and characters they’ve chosen. Mhi’ya has chosen to impersonate Tiffany “New York ” Pollard, and Ru encourages her to channel one of her louder friends to pull it off which Mhi’ya takes as a queue to change her character completely. Ru and Chad really liek Xunami’s Gold Tooth Fairy idea and Ru is equally excited about Sapphira doing James Brown. Nymphia’s Jane Goodall is making Ru and Chad a little nervous, but the other queens aren’t buying Nymphia’s nerves over the challenge anymore. Before Ru and Chad exit, Ru reminds Plane that her immunity potion came with an expiration date. Starting this week, Plane will only have three more chances to use her potion either on herself or on another queen.

It’s time for Snatch Game! This season’s contestants are pit crew members. The celebrity players are Q as Amelia Earhart, Xunami as the Gold Tooth Fairy, Nymphia as Jane Goodall, Dawn as Meghan McCain, Sapphira as James Brown, Plasma as Patti LuPone, Morphine as Anna Delvey, Mhi’ya as Trina’s Cousin Shaquita, and finally, Plane Jane as Serbian pop superstar Jelena Karleuša. The game kicks off and everybody is knocking the jokes back and forth with Ru but Nymphia’s Jane Goodall isn’t landing many jokes, and neither is Xunami’s Gold Tooth Fairy. However, Sapphira, and Plane are all doing really well. Mhi’ya is also really pulling her character off. Overall it was a pretty strong Snatch Game performance from a majority of the queens.

It’s elimination day and it’s time for the queens to get ready for the runway. Xunami thinks she did ok, but Sapphira tells her she thinks she’s being a little optimistic for her performance. Plane thinks it’ll be a toss-up of who will be in the bottom this week. Morphine kind of plants a seed that she wants Plane’s immunity potion, and Nymphia does the same but Plane won’t give up her potion that easily. Nymphia and Plane talk about the queer communities in their home countries. Plane opens up about her grandma and Sapphira talks about how hard it was to have a relationship with her dad after she came out, and gets emotional talking about how much she misses him since his passing.

Out on the runway Ru introduces this week’s panel of judges, Michelle, Carson, and this week’s extra special guest judge, actor Kyra Sedgwick. The category on the runway is “Dancing Queen” and the queens strut in their best in lewks inspired by specific dances or dance styles. After the runway, Ru asks Plane if she wishes to use her immunity potion this week and she says she’s saving it. Ru calls Q, Dawn and Plasma forward and tells them they’re all safe for the week.

Critiques begin with Xunami. Michelle tells her she had a really great idea but that it didn’t really go anywhere which was disappointing but all of the judges love her Salsa look. Next up, Carson tells Nymphia her Snatch Game fell flat, but Michelle and Kyra are both blown away by her runway look. Michelle clocks Sapphira’s dance shoes but the judges all love her runway look as well as her James Brown. Kyra likes Morphone’s Flamenco look, but all of the judges thought her Anna Delvey could have been bigger. Next, the judges tell Mhi’ya that she killed the Snatch Game and they were so surprised by her. Ru tells her she was so proud of her for following the direction and having fun. Finally, all of the judges love Plane’s Snatch Game performance and tell her that her runway was gorgeous but Michelle tells her she could have gone a little further with it.

After deliberations Ru announces that the winner of this week’s maxi challenge is Plane Jane! Sapphira and Mhi’ya are both safe, with Nymphia joining them from the bottom three (thanks to her runway). This leaves Xunami and Morphine both in the bottom. The two bottoms lip sync for their lives to I Wanna Dance With Somebody by Whitney Houston. Both queens give performances full of movement, passion, and splits. It could be either one of them and they let their friendship shine through, which the judges are eating up. Ru decides that Morphine will shantay to slay another day, which means Xunami is making her grand exit from the competition.

Next week on Drag Race: The remaining eight queens create neo-goth looks from scratch and model Kaia Gerber is a guest judge. 

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