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RuPaul's Drag Race Season 16 Episode 6 RECAP: Welcome To The DollHouse

RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 16 Episode 6 RECAP: Welcome To The DollHouse

The remaining queens make and market custom dolls and celebrity stylist Law Roach is a guest judge…

Last week the queens took on the infamous Girl Group challenge and while some of them were able to channel the spirits of iconic girl groups past into their performances, others couldn’t hit the notes. Geneva, Mhi’ya, Megami, and Nympia were named the best of the groups after being labelled as the underdogs of the week. Q and Amanda Tori Meeting were placed in the bottom and lip synched for their lives to an Icona Pop song. Q came out on top and was granted one more chance in the competition while Amanda sashayed away. This week Plane Jane decides to turn a new leaf and be a little kinder to the other queens and they’ll make and market custom dolls in the latest maxi challenge. Let’s get into it!

This week’s episode begins in the werk room following Amanda’s elimination. In confessionals Dawn reveals Amanda was becoming her closest friend, so this is hard for her. Q reads Amanda’s goodbye messages and tells the queens it’s hard to be in the bottom at this point in the competition. Over on the couches the rest of the queens congratulate the winning team on their success. Geneva is feeling good about not being in the bottom. Plane tells the winning group that they missed out on throwing the other queens under the bus which has them gagged. Q and Xunami exchanged some words during Untuckedwhich Xunami won’t forget anytime soon. The queens ask Plane who she’s going to pick on now that Amanda’s gone and Plane says she’s turning a new leaf officially and will try hard to be more positive towards the other queens, which they’ll believe when they finally see it. 

It’s a new day in the werk room and the remaining queens are feeling good with a fresh start. Over at the tables Plane pokes fun at Morphine and the critique she got from Michelle about her being more than her BBL. They queens all talk about what filler they’ve gotten and Plane tells the group nobody this season is a filler queen. She’s in her congenial era. Ru enters the room and introduces the iconic Charo to the group. For today’s mini challenge Charo is testing the queens on their coochie coochie, uniqueness, nerve, and talent in a flamenco dance contest. Ru also ushers in some of the pit crew to be their dance partners for this mini challenge. After 30 minutes of quick drag, the competition kicks off. After some seriously sensual dancing, Charo announces that the winner of this week’s mini challenge is… Xunami, who has also won a trip to Spain. Ru announces that for this week’s mini challenge the queens will be healing their inner child while they create their own dolls based on their drag persona. They’ll need to create two identical looks, one for themselves, and a miniature one for the doll. This is a design, branding, and storytelling challenge. 

After they pillage the supplies they get right to work on figuring out what the heck they’re going to do with this challenge. Plasma has a vintage-inspired game plan that Nymphia thinks might be her downfall. Over at another table Plane HATES the fabric she was left with and tries to swap it out with another queen’s. Geneva gives her energy right back to her and refuses to give her any of her red stretch fabric, but it’s ok… she’s just going to take some from Plasma’s supply. Sapphira is helping Mhi’ya a lot with the cutting of her patterns and the sewing machine which some of the other queens take notice of. Nymphia is having a hard time getting inspired and tells the other queens that she’s struggling but nobody believes her since this is the game she’s been playing the whole season so far, and she won the last design challenge, so nobody really feels bad for her. They take a break to come up with a plan for creating garments for the dolls. Sapphira has a plan to make an opera coat but doesn’t know if she’ll have the time to complete it. Morphine has decided to not show so much of her BBL on the runway as per Michelle’s note on the panel last week. Geneva starts to scramble with her outfit and starts over using the same fabric as three other queens which could spell disaster but only time will tell.

It’s elimination day and Dawn is feeling confident about the look she’s created. The queens are busy putting the finishing touches on their garments and starting to get ready for the runway. Plasma asks the rest of the queens if they were embarrassed to play with Barbies and Plane opens up about her dad taking her dolls away but says she doesn’t put blame on him due to his cultural background. Plane tells Xunami she’s not planning on using her potion tonight but she thinks maybe Sapphira should. Megami and Q have a heart to heart about their upbringings and Q breaks down talking about growing up with little money and how it shaped who she is. Out on the runway Ru introduces this week’s panel of judges Michelle, Ts Madison, and this week’s extra special guest judge stylist Law Roach.

One by one the queens walk the runway and debut their dolls while a voiceover description about their doll plays. After the doll presentations Ru asks Sapphira and Jane if they would like to use their immunity potions. Sapphira decides to use hers which has all of the judges gooped, especially because her look was far from the bottom of the pack. She calls Xunami, Nymphia, Morphine, and Megami forward and tells them they are all safe for the week.

Critiques begin with Plasma and Ts loves that her doll looks exactly like her. Law tells her she should have used a bobby pin but appreciates that she stoned the shoes on the doll and Michelle compliments her makeup progression. Law tells Plane that her creation was flawless and tells Plasma she used the fabric better. Ru can’t get enough of Plane and compliments her branding. Ts doesn’t like how Mhi’ya’s doll wasn’t padded, Michelle clocks her for not doing a single flip but Law tells her that her breast plate is turning her on. None of the judges are impressed with Geneva and Law reads her to absolute filth. However Law tells Dawn her look is giving Paris runway and says if he was still styling, he’d borrow it for a client. Michelle compliments her showing her diversity in makeup and Ru loves the branding. Ts tells Q she’s proud of her for stepping it up this week and Law says she can’t see anything wrong with her unique and rich fabric and Ru says her doll is the most collectible.

Following deliberations Ru announces that the winner of this week’s maxi challenge is Q, who has made quite the comeback from last week. Dawn, Plane Jane, and Plasma are all safe for the week. This leaves Geneva and Mhi’yain the bottom two and both up for elimination. The two bottoms lip sync for their lives to Control by Janet Jackson. Right out of the gates Mhi’ya is eating Miss Geneva UP with the acrobatics and it is really a treat to watch. Geneva tries her best to keep up, but it’s not really a surprise that Ru chooses Mhi’ya to shantay for at least another week and sends Geneva to sashay away. 

Next week on Drag Race: The queens take on Rusical week with a Sound of Music inspired production.

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