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Canada’s Drag Race Season 4 Episode 8 RECAP: A Star is Born

It’s the last episode before the finale and the top five queens give drag makeovers to special visitors from home and Sarain Fox  is a guest judge…

Last week the queens performed in their first ever rusical which walked us through all of Brooke Lynn’s eras from baby ballerina to Drag Race Judge. Aurora Matrix wowed the judges with her seamless performance while Denim and Kiki Coe had to fight for their spot in the semi-finals. Kiki Coe was eliminated and became the latest queen to sashay away from the competition. This week the queens get some special visitors in the werk room that they’ll give drag makeovers to for an iconic challenge. At the end of the episode we’ll have our final four, so let’s get into it!

This week’s episode begins in the werk room following Kiki’s elimination. The remaining queens read her lipstick message on the mirror. Denim doesn’t really feel bad about sending Kiki home as she was in the bottom four times but all of the queens agree that she’ll still be the best dressed at the finale. Over on the couches Denim reveals that she’s the lip sync wildcard and everybody congratulates Aurora on her second win. She’s now the biggest threat in the competition. Melinda and the other queens talk about how gagged they are that she’s in the final five and everyone feels like they’re unprepared for what’s coming next in the competition. 

It’s a new day in the werk room and the top five are all feeling excited and eager to get on to the next challenge. Ru interrupts their chat with a video message about not being alone on the runway before Brad enters the room. Brad reveals that there are some special guests in the werk room this week to help with their homesickness. One by one the remaining queens welcome their loved ones to the werk room. Melinda and Nearah are both joined by their partners. Venus and Denim welcome their moms, and Aurora gets surprised by her lifelong best friend. Aurora gets an emotional letter of support from her parents which brings the whole werk room to tears. Once the queens are reunited with their guests, Brad lets them know that for this week’s mini challenge their loved ones will have to get the queens into photoshoot ready quick drag for new headshots without ANY help. Once they’re in drag they head over to the photo studio to take their portraits. Brad announces that the winners of the mini challenge are Melinda and her partner Scott.

For this week’s mini challenge the queens will be giving makeovers to their loved ones with looks from scratch for their first red carpet moment. All of the queens get right to work coming up with a plan and new drag personas. Everybody is busy getting their outfits together when Brad re-enters the room with this week’s guest judge Sarain Fox to check on all of the progress. All of the queens are feeling much better about this design challenge than the last one, especially with their loved ones by their side for support. Each pair also gets some rehearsal time on the runway to choreograph their presentation ahead of the grand reveal. After lots of work and practice in heels the loved ones leave the queens to finish off the preparation for their looks.

It’s elimination day and the queens still have lots to do. They have to finish their looks, paint themselves, and get their loved ones fully ready for the runway. Venus asks the couples how they met and Aurora asks the parents in the room what it’s like having a queer child, which opens the floor for some really heartwarming stories. Out on the runway Brooke introduces this week’s panel of judges Brad, Traci, and of course this week’s extra special guest Sarain Fox. One by one the queens and their special guests walk down the runway in their red carpet couture. Venus and her mom stun in gowns, Nearah and her very muscular fiance turn it out, Melinda and her partner really sell their performance, Denim and her mom leave the judges literally speechless, and Aurora and her best friend look like literal twins. 

Critiques begin with Venus and Uranus. Brad tells them they look gorgeous and tells her she pulled off the design of the dress on her mom and both Traci and Brooke compliment how much Venus made her mom shine on the runway. Next, Traci tells Nearah she did amazing makeup on Buffy but the design of the dress looks a little costumey. Traci and the rest of the judges weren’t really sure about the runway presentation Melinda and Conchita were giving which took away from the magic of their connection but Brad says the design of Conchita’s gown is really beautiful. Brad tells Denim and Velvet they knocked it out of the park. All of the judges are obsessed with all of the details of their looks. The judges tell Aurora and SuperNova that though they look beautiful and it is a step up from the last design challenge they still wanted a little bit more. The loved ones say goodbye to the queens and the queens untuck backstage while the judges deliberate. 

Backstage the queens justify their looks and talk about how much they all want to make it to the grand finale. Following deliberations the queens make their way back to the stage. Brooke announces that the winner of this week’s challenge is Denim! Venus and Aurora Matrix are both safe and headed to the finals with Denim. Melinda Verga and Nearah Nuff are both up for elimination and a spot in the finale is up for grabs. The two bottoms lip sync for their lives in the Battle of Alberta to I Didn’t Just Come Here to Dance by Carly Rae Jepsen. Both queens give passionate and emotional performances. Both queens leave it all on the stage but one must go home. After a quick nod with the other judges, Brooke announces that Nearah will live to slay another day which means it’s the end of the journey for Melinda Verga. 

Next week on Canada’s Drag RaceThe final four go solo and record their debut singles with Canadian pop icon Nelly Furtado and a new queen is officially crowned in the grand finale! 

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