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Canada’s Drag Race Season 4: Sashay Q&Eh With Sisi Superstar

IN Magazine talks to Sisi Superstar, the first queen to be eliminated on Canada’s Drag Race season four…

Sisi Superstar became the first to leave Canada’s Drag Race during season four’s second episode. (You can read IN‘s recap of episode 2 “QV-She” right here) Sisi chats with IN Magazine about her time on the show, living in the moment on camera, and what’s next for Montreal’s underground grunge queen.

Hi Sisi! I’m so excited to be talking to you today!
Bonjour IN Magazine! I’m excited too!

First off, congratulations on being on season four of Canada’s Drag Race, so exciting.
I won first place…to go home (laughs).

Honestly, your exit was iconic.
Oh absolutely. If you know the vibes, you know the vibes.

In what was competing on the show exactly what you thought it would be? Or how was it different from what you expected?
I mean… in terms of the challenges and whatsoever, I’ve seen the show for so long, so I kind of expected what was coming my way. But in terms of things like the scheduling and everything was absolutely intense for sure, but it was cool. I loved that aspect of it, especially all the behind the scenes work. It was really cool to see all of that.

It’s never easy to be the first to be eliminated. What was the challenge you were really looking forward to doing that you didn’t get to stick around for?
The singing challenge! I’m a musician. I write my songs and I compose them, so… I don’t know. It feels kind of shady to cut me off before that challenge (laughs)…I’m joking!

What is your favourite memory from this season?
I think going with Denim for sure. It’s like, do you want to go to Six Flags alone or do you want to go with your bestie? Just having someone I know there is a really cool shared memory, for sure. 

What was something that was harder than you thought it was going to be in the competition?
Waking up really early. I’m very like “I’m going to do whatever it takes to make it work”, but it was rough for sure.

If you had the opportunity to go back and do something differently with your time on the show, would you change anything or would you play it exactly the same way?
Exactly the same. I wouldn’t go back. NEXT! Moving forward. I’m that kind of girl. Obviously, if I get the chance to do something in the future I would do something differently. But what has been done has been done and I think I was really iconic, so I wouldn’t do anything else. I think my sense of humour and my sense of doing stuff can be kind of twisted against me in some ways because I’m very self-deprecating, sarcastic, messy, and chaotic, so getting this opportunity on a reality show is not always in your favour. And if you’re always smiling and being pretty, they can’t do too much with that. I love to make fun of myself, so I was giving them maybe a little too much. Maybe next time I would go less “I want to play by my own rules” on the show. I was really like, in my own world in my head. So maybe I would try to adapt a little more and like, really play the game in a different way. But I’m very happy the first time I went, I went bareback and I did anything I wanted to do and anything I wanted to say. I really did it all. 

As a fan and viewer of the show, I always think about how hard it must be to go into the competition with a set strategy and a mindset with how you want to portray yourself and then grasping with having to change gears and play to the camera, too.
Oh absolutely. I mean I went on the show without preparing for “I’m going to do this or act like this”. I’m a very “in the moment” kind of girl, so I really went there just to be myself and show my true colours. That was the fun part actually, to not have the stress of being this way or that way. I just went in full on Sisi. 

If you could go back and give pre-Drag Race Sisi advice before you started the competition what would you say?
Just have fun with it for sure. The organization before going is actually the part I would try to manage a little bit better. It was really chaotic to pull off 20 full on costume looks in a month was you know…a lot. 

Oh the prep for it must be overwhelming. Do you just bring everything with you?
Yeah, kind of. And Also it’s like you know. People don’t understand that I can’t just take a month off work before going because I know I won’t be working for the month of filming. The reality of preparation is not something we talk about so much, but I had to work my regular-shmegular job organizing events and then work on my Drag Race stuff at the same time. Obviously if I had to do it again in the future I would 100 per cent put all of that energy into it. 

You are the queen of the underground and alterrnative drag scene in Montreal. If I was going to Montreal and wanted to see the best drag in the city that I can’t find on Google, where are you sending me?Sisi: Come to Unikorn! Come to my party of course! I throw the biggest queer events in Montreal. These aren’t just like shows that are only performances. There’s a DJ set and it’s like a club night, so if you want to actually have fun, you need to come to Unikorn.

What can fans expect to see from Sisi Superstar Next?
Well I have my “Daddle Doo!” merch on right now, of course. I have a “Daddle Do” single that’s coming out this week as well. I was like “she might be a porkchop, but she’s a ready-business-porkchop.

You can watch Canada’s Drag Race Season Four on Crave in Canada and WOW Presents Plus in the US and other parts of the world.

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