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RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 8 Episode 11 Recap: The Fame Games Variety Extravaganza

The eliminated queens perform in a variety show for one last shot at the fame games prize and SNL’s Ego Nwodim is a guest judge…

Last week after the classic makeover challenge, Jessica Wild was sent home meaning our top two of All Stars 8 is officially Kandy Muse and Canadian queen Jimbo. Throughout this season all of the eliminated queens have been automatically entered into a different competition for another chance to win a prize. Each week the eliminated queens have been showcasing their runway looks and after tonight it will be left to the audience to vote on who they think should be the winner of the fame games. Tonight we’ll get to see our eliminated queens compete in a good ol’ fashioned variety show for one last chance to rally votes. Let’s get into it.

This week’s episode begins with a recap of all of the eliminated queens saying their goodbyes on the main stage. Back in the werk room Jimbo and Kandy enter as the final two and read Jessica’s message on the mirror. Kandy explains her decision came down to track record more than any alliances she had. Jimbo opens the lipstick box and there is one vote for Jessica and one vote for Jimbo. Kandy asks Jimbo if she thought she would be sent home. Kandy tells Jimbo she was strong competition which is why she made it to the top two. Both of the top queens are anticipating some sort of twist coming. They get into some friendly banter but both queens want the crown, and they’ll both fight to get it. Their alliance ends now. 

It’s a new day in the werk room and the top two are ready to celebrate. Kandy and Jimbo both marvel at how empty the werk room feels before Ru interrupts. Ru says this is the first time there has ever been a top two before a finale and it feels a little strange, so she’s invited all of the eliminated queens back. One by one they re-enter the werk room and Ru jokingly reveals that the reason all of the queens who have been invited back one week prior to the finale is because they’ll get to choose who the winner is. After a quick cackle, Ru opens the library for the first time this season because reading is what? FUNDAMENTAL! The queens take turns reading each other to absolute filth with a pair of alien sunglasses. Ru announces that the winner of the reading challenge is Mrs. Kasha Davis. Ru reveals that the real reason she brought back the eliminated queens was so that they could show off their charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent one last time. All season the fans of the show have been watching the queens and in this week’s challenge they will have one last chance to wow us in the fame games variety show extravaganza. The winner of the fame games will receive a cash prize of 60 thousand dollars. Kandy and Jimbo won’t be officially competing but they will be hosting the variety show and performing for fun at the end. 

The eliminated queens move their stuff back into the werk room. All of them are feeling fired up to give the talent show all they’ve got. Ru re-enters the werk room to officially open the fame games and talks to the queens in mini groups to ask them how they’re feeling about getting back into the competition and what their plans are for their talent show performance. Unsurprisingly, a lot of the queens are performing original songs and raps. Ru tells the queens that fame game rules are in full effect. Based on their variety show performances, Ru will choose the top two to lip sync against each other. The winner of the lip sync will get to spin a wheel for a chance to multiply their fame game fan votes. The queens get back to work with more fire to win the variety show. 

Alexis Michelle apologizes to LaLa for her elimination and LaLa appreciates and accepts her apology and things get a little flirty. Kandy says it’s nice to sit back and relax a bit but they’re still in front of the judges, so the pressure is still on to do a good job hosting. Out on the main stage Ru introduces this week’s panel of judges Michelle, Ross, and this week’s extra special guest actress and SNL’s Ego Nwodum. Kandy and Jimbo take the stage to open up the variety show. Monica Beverly Hillz is up first performing an original song. She looks stunning and the performance is cute. Naysha Lopez is up next with a sultry dance routine to a JLo song and it delivers. Mrs. Kasha Davis is up next with her own original take on an angry punk song and it’s something, but it has a good message. Darienne Lake is next with a short stand-up routine that gets a lot of laughs. Jaymes Mansfeild takes the stage with an original comedic song that the judges seem to really like. Kahanna Montrese is up next with an original song and cheer routine with some impressive tricks. LaLa Ri also performs an original song complete with Beyoncé level choreography. Alexis Michelle sings live, which sets her apart from the other singing queens and Jessica Wild closes the show with an original song filled with fire. Jimbo and Kandy perform for fun with Jimbo making an x-rated ice cream sundae and Kandy performing… you guessed it, an original song.

Following the variety show Ru relieves the top two all stars for the week since the pressure will be on for them next week. Critiques begin with Monica and Michelle really enjoyed how comfortable she was on the stage. Michelle tells Naysha her shoes were incredible but she wanted to see more from her performance and Ross tells her that her dance was perfect. The judges call Mrs. Kasha Davis’s performance inspiring and fantastic. Ego loved Dareinne’s comedy and Michelle tells her it was equal parts inspirational. Ross tells Jaymes her performance was perfectly silly. Michelle tells Kahanna her cheerleading acrobatics were really impressive and Ru thanks Kahanna for bringing it to the main stage. The judges tell LaLa they were living for her high energy performance. Ross tells Alexis that her live performance really highlighted her talent and Ego tells her that her voice control is impressive. Finally, the judges call Jessica’s performance and intense hair flipping insane.

Following deliberations Ru announces the top two queens LaLa Ri and Jaymes Mansfeild. The top two lip sync for their legacy and to increase their fame game votes to “Rain on Me” by Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande. Both queens give the lip sync their all including a cute little partner moment. Ru announces Jaymes Mansfeild as the winner of the lip sync. But LaLa is also a winner. Each queen gets a spin to increase their votes with Jaymes getting a 2X boost and LaLa getting a 3X boost on their votes. Ru tells all of the queens to step forward and announces that the fan voting for the fame games is officially open. Voting closes in two days and the winner will be announced at the finale next week, so if you have a fave, the time to vote is NOW!

Next week on All Stars: The winner of the fame games will be announced and a new queen will be added to the drag race hall of fame in an extra special grand finale. 

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