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RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 8 Episode 10 Recap: The Letter “L”

The top three queens give drag makeovers to lesbians and actress Zooey Deschanel is a guest judge…

Last week the all stars got down to business with the roast of judge Carson Kressley. The roast can be tricky, so all of our queens were understandably nervous about the challenge. They wrote, workshopped, and re-wrote before heading out to the main stage. All of the queens delivered but Jimbo won the challenge. The remaining three were in the bottom and after finally winning the lip sync, Jimbo chose to send Alexis Michelle packing. This week the top three will give drag makeovers to lesbians in the classic drag family challenge. Let’s get into it.

This week’s episode begins in the werk room following Alexis’s elimination. The new top three enter and Jimbo is feeling good about winning the lip sync against assassin Silky Nutmeg Ganache. They read Alexis’s mirror message and head over to the couches. Kandy asks Jimbo why she chose Alexis to go home and Jimbo responds that she based her decision off of track record and critiques from the last challenge. She asks the other queens to remember that if the roles are reversed which Kandy doesn’t really agree to. They open the box to tally the votes of the bottom queens and Jessica reveals that there were two votes for Alexis and one for Jessica. Kandy tells the other queens she went against her pact with Alexis when she voted for her because Alexis broke her pact with LaLa during the previous week. Jimbo is still in an alliance with Kandy and she’s choosing to continue trusting her at this point in the competition. 

It’s a new day and the top three enter the werk room with confetti and celebration. Ru interrupts to announce that for this week’s mini challenge, they will need to transform their torso into a special edition Jean Paul Gaultier fragrance bottle. They’ll need to name their creation and pitch it in an irresistible way. They get 45 minutes to create their masterpieces and present them to Ru. All three opt for sexy glam designs but Ru announces Jessica Wild is the winner of the mini challenge. For this week’s maxi challenge Ru tells the queens they will be honouring their queer sisters that always show up to help when times get tough by giving fabulous drag makeovers to a group of lovely lesbians. The guests draw lipsticks and pair up with their new drag sisters. They break away to get to know each other and create a game plan. Kandy’s partner is a little nervous to step into a feminine look but Kandy promises to make her feel comfortable throughout the process. Jessica and her partner connect through their shared experience with high school bullies. Jimbo and her partner have a similar sense of humour, so Jimbo is feeling really good about being paired together, but her partner doesn’t want to look funny, she wants to look glamorous and sexy. 

Everybody is feeling the pressure to have a good week and Ru comes back into the werk room to check in on the queens and their new sisters. Kandy is feeling more confident in her partnership, Jimbo has decided to play to her partner’s femme personal style, and Jessica and her partner have really bonded. Ru announces that the queens and their partners will have to prepare a killer choreographed performance to a musical mash-up on the main stage. They take time to practice their routines on stage and a naturally sexy performance isn’t coming as easily to the baby queens and they need to learn all of the ropes in a very short amount of time to sell the fantasy to the judges. 

It’s elimination day and it’s finally time to get their sisters in full drag. They have some more deep chats while they paint. All of the queens are feeling more connected to their new sisters who all explain why they personally chose to reclaim the word dyke and what it means to each of them. Once the wigs are glued down the queens race to paint their own faces before heading out to the runway. Out of the mainstage Ru introduces this week’s panel of judges, Michelle, Carson, and this week’s extra special guest judge, actress Zooey Deschanel. Jessica and Kitty Wild are up first and they fiercely strut down the runway in a “lesbian Lady Gaga fantasy”. Jimbo and Sissy Delicious walk into the room boobs first and wow the judges with their glitter dresses and colourful ‘dos. Kandy and Kookie Muse are out last and serving pastel gogo realness.  The judges get right into the critiques with Jessica and Kitty. Michelle commends Kitty on giving into the experience at the end of the runway and says there is a strong family resemblance but Carson isn’t crazy over Kittys heeled booties. Michelle tells Jimbo the look is a little simple but the execution in the simplicity was fantastic. Zooey says she can really tell how much Jimbo and Sissy bonded which helped sell their look, too. Finally Michelle tells Kandy that her makeover was so fun. She commends Kookie for giving heels her all and Zooey loved the story they told on the runway. The queens compete in a friendly lip sync battle and Ru gifts each of the guests with a trip to thank them. Kandy is named the top all star of the week. Jessica and Jimbo are both in the bottom, so Kandy has a tough decision to make. Will she stick to her pact with Jimbo?

Jessica and Jimbo cast their votes and Kandy makes her final decision before heading out to the main stage. This week’s lip sync assassin is revealed to be…Canada’s own Priyanka!

Kandy and Priyanka lip sync for their legacy to Jumpin’ Jumpin’ by Destiny’s Child. Both queens can command the spotlight but it’s Priyanka who takes the win. Unsurprisingly, Priyanka reveals that the group vote has resulted in a tie, which means the power of elimination returns to the top all star of the week. Kandy steps to the front of the stage again and tells the judges that she has made the hard decision to eliminate Jessica Wild from the competition just shy of the finale.

Next week on All Stars: Jimbo and Kandy put an end to their alliance and the eliminated queens come to perform in a fame games variety show. 

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