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RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 8 Episode 9 Recap: Carson Kressley, This is Your Gay Life

The final four all stars honour judge Carson Kressley with a roast and Thom Felicia is a guest judge…

Last week the queens created custom looks using the aesthetic scraps of past all stars. Alexis Michelle rose to the occasion and won the top spot for the week. She lip synced against season 12’s Nicky Doll and won. Though all of the queens delivered on their looks, LaLa Ri and Kandy Muse were both in the bottom this week. Alexis revealed the queen she decided to send home was LaLa Ri after making a very loose pact to look out for each other the following week. This week the top four will try their hand at stand-up comedy with a good old fashioned roast. Let’s dive in!

This week’s episode begins in the werk room following LaLa’s elimination. The new top four read LaLa’s message on the mirror and talk about how this past elimination was the hardest to vote for. Everybody heads over to the couches to debrief and congratulate Alexis on her win. Jimbo asks her how it felt to win the lip sync. Jessica jokes that it was great to see Kandy in the bottom, but she’s curious if everyone else’s votes reflect the same. Kandy tallies up the lipsticks and they reveal that everybody voted to send LaLa home. Kandy feels grateful to stay and Jimbo asks Alexis why she went back on her promise to save LaLa. Alexis says it wasn’t a promise and more of a thank you for saving her in the moment which doesn’t sit right with the other queens. She hopes LaLa will remain a sister even after the decision to send her home. Alexis says her choice to keep Kandy was based in another alliance to save each other. In confessionals Kandy says she only agreed to it to save herself, but Jimbo isn’t feeling great about where Kandy’s true alliances are, especially after the whole Heidi situation earlier this season.

It’s a new day and the remaining four are feeling energized to take on another challenge in the home stretch of the competition. The queens marvel at how empty the werk room feels before Ru interrupts with this week’s special announcements. Ru tells the queens that for this week’s maxi challenge they will roast judge, queer television pioneer, and Ru’s personal friend Carson Kressley. The queens will workshop their jokes with Michelle and comedian Alec Mapa. Nobody is off limits for this challenge, so the queens have to bring it to make it to the finale. Since Alexis won last week’s maxi challenge she will get to choose the order of the roast. Kandy won her season’s roast, so she’s feeling confident about this challenge. Jimbo and Jessica are both first-time Ru roasters but Jessica doesn’t like to make anybody feel bad. Alexis is ready to redeem herself from her green roast of Michelle in her season. Everybody is understandably nervous and Jimbo announces she’s going to impersonate Joan Rivers for her section of the roast. Everybody gets to work writing their jokes and Alexis reveals she will open the roast, Jessica will go second, Kandy will go third, and Jimbo will be closing the show. Jimbo is feeling a little nervous for going last but she refuses to let this be her first week in the bottom.

Out on the main stage the queens take turns workshopping what they have so far with Michelle and comedian Alec Mapa. Jessica is out first and Michelle and Alec laugh at her stuff but give her a few pointers to tighten it up and to not be scared of being too mean. Kandy is out next and she has good material but she needs to be a little clearer in her delivery, and learn to articulate the word “equestrian”. Alexis’s working material is reading more like a wedding toast and it doesn’t land with Michelle and Alec, she’s got some stuff to work on before the roast. Jimbo is out last and Michelle tells her that her choice to do an impersonation is a major risk and reminds her not to be too smart for the room when it comes to her jokes.

It’s elimination day and all of the queens are putting the finishing touches on their outfits and their jokes. Kandy says that even though she won her season’s roast, she’s still nervous for this specific challenge. Drag Racelegend Katya crashes the werk room to give everybody some last minute pointers before heading out on stage. Katya interviews the queens and asks questions about who they would want to hook up with in the competition which puts them at ease before heading out to the roast. She advises them to get nasty with their jokes and literally slithers out of the room.

Out on the main stage Ru introduces this week’s judges Michelle, of course the man of the hour, Carson. Alexis graces the stage to open the roast and her jokes are good, a little on the safe side, but they got everybody laughing which was the goal. Jessica is out next and her natural delivery really shines with all of her jokes, which Ru eats right UP. Kandy is third and immediately gets the crowd and judges laughing with her first joke. Kandy goes IN with the jokes, it is a roast after all. Jimbo closes the show out with her Joan Rivers and her jokes are landing and Ru is cackling at every single one. She ends the roast on a high note with her risky choice to play a character.

As a surprise, Jackie Would (Carson’s former co-star Thom Filicia) from season two of Secret Celebrity Drag Race, comes out for one bonus roast to officially close the show out. Following the roast the category on the runway is “Snow Bunny” and the queens take turns showing off their most glam cold-weather attire. Thom Felicia also takes a seat at the judges panel. 

Critiques start with Alexis. Carson tells her that she had some great jokes and it was fun and light but it could have gone a little farther, which Michelle agreed with. Michelle also tells her that she appreciated all she’s done to improve since she’s been in this competition and loves her runway look. Carson tells Jessica that she executed her roast perfectly by relying on her own charm. Thom loves how glamorous her ski outfit is and Run commands her for being in charge of the jokes. Michelle tells Kandy she enunciated well but her pacing could have been better with the timing of her delivery. All of the judges love her sexy snow bikini and Carson tells her she knows how to command a room even when her jokes don’t land the way she wants them to. Finally, the judges tell Jimbo it was a risk playing a character for a roast challenge, but it was a huge payoff. Michelle says it was like actually having Joan back for a moment and Carson loves her fantastic snowy look, which Ru agrees with. Ru also calls her roast “an honour to watch.” Ru announces that this week’s top all star is Jimbo. Alexis, Jessica, and Kandy are all in the bottom this week. 

The queens cast their votes and Jimbo makes her final decision before heading back out to the main stage for one final chance to win a lip sync. Jimbo is dressed in her iconic outfit from U.K Vs. The World. This week’s lip sync assassin is revealed to be Silky Nutmeg Ganache. Jimbo and Silky lip sync for their legacy to “Freak-A-Zoid” by Midnight Star. Both of the queens go in a different direction with Silky actually dancing and Jimbo pulling bologna out of her crotch and throwing the slices like frisbees at the judges which they love. Ru announces that the winner of the lip sync is finally Jimbo! The bottom queens step forward and Jimbo reveals that the queen she’s chosen to eliminate is… Alexis Michelle, who will automatically be entered into the online fame games. 

Next week on All StarsThe top three justify their votes for Alexis to leave the competition and they give their lesbian sisters fabulous queen makeovers. 

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