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RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 8 Episode 8 Recap: You’re A Winner Baby

The remaining queens create runway lewks inspired by All Star champions and musician Brandon Boyd is a guest judge…

Last week the All Stars queens dusted off their improv skills for another acting challenge. The main challenge caused even more tension in the werk room and Kahanna even started packing her bags before Ru had to hold an emergency meeting to convince everyone to stay. They all rose to the occasion to deliver a hilarious true crime spoof but it was LaLa Ri who came out on top. Kahanna and Alexis found themselves at the bottom and after LaLa won her lip sync, she chose to send Kahanna home. This week the queens will take to their sewing machines to create custom looks for the runway inspired by Drag Race All Star icons. Let’s dive in.

The episode begins with the remaining queens entering the werk room lead by a very excited LaLa Ri, who is so happy to have finally won a challenge. They read Kahanna’s message on the mirror before heading over to the couches. Alexis is very grateful for being spared and given another chance in the competition. They celebrate being in the top five and Alexis opens the box to tally the vote. With only one vote for Alexis (presumably cast by Kahanna), Alexis thanks the queens for keeping her around. Kandy interrupts and jokes that the vote for Alexis was actually from her and that Kahanna actually voted for herself. With only a handful of queens left, the competition is more fierce than ever and it’s only going to continue heating up. The pressure is on.

It’s a new day in the werk room and the remaining five are feeling ready to take on another challenge. Jimbo enters the room throwing a handful of bologna like a stack of frisbees. The queens marvel at how quiet and empty the werk room while gagging (literally) over the smell of the bologna before Ru enters. Ru reveals that the queens will have to create and original outfit from scratch worthy of the Drag Race Hall of Fame. The pit crew rolls in a bunch of trunks with different All Star winners names on the front. They will have to transform the materials in the trunks into their own signature looks. Since LaLa won the main challenge last week, she will get to assign the boxes. She chooses the Shea Couleé box for herself. She gives the Trinity the Tuck box to Alexis, the Kylie Sonique Love box to Jessica, the Monét X Change box goes to Kandy, and Trixie Mattel’s box to Jimbo. The queens take their trunks and head over to the work benches to see what scraps they have to make their runway looks. 

LaLa tells the queens she chose the boxes that would fit them best and most of the queens are really pleased with what they find in their trunks. Jimbo is really excited about all of the fabrics and trimming in her box but admits she has a bit of a problem with time management and spends a large chunk of time poking around all of the other boxes to see what the other queens have on hand. Alexis was eliminated during the ball challenge on her season, so she needs to pull out all of the stops for this assignment. She’s the only girl without a single win left in the competition and she believes it makes her an easy target to be sent home if she’s in the bottom again. Kandy is feeling the pressure to create something fierce because all of the other queens have proven they can make a garment. 

Raven and Shannel stop by the werk room to offer some fashion tips to the queens while they work on their runway looks. The queens get back to work constructing their garments. Everyone is feeling a little giggly after working on their gowns for hours. Kandy asks the other queens what their experiences were like on their seasons while she accidentally gets scissor happy while cutting the top of her dress. Everybody feels the time crunch. Jimbo reveals she’s not going to be wearing makeup under her facekini which Kandy thinks is too risky. LaLa Ri decides to start a new dress from scratch because she doesn’t like the one she created but time is officially running out, and fast. 

It’s elimination day and the queens enter the werk room to put the finishing touches on their lewks while also getting ready for the runway. Everyone is sleep-deprived and LaLa is working on her third gown. Kandy says her glove plan looked like an afterthought so she decided to keep it simple which could hurt her in critiques. Jimbo is still working on her outfit with less than 30 minutes to get to the main stage while everyone is doing finishing touches. Out on the main stage Ru introduces this week’s judges Michelle, Ross, and this week’s extra special guest, musician Brandon Boyd. The queens strut on the runway showing off their custom looks.

Critiques begin with Kandy. Ross tells her she looks beautiful and the dress is perfection but the whole look is a little simple. Ru and Michelle say it’s impressive for Kandy but the fit could have been a bit better. Ross tells Jimbo her look is original and imaginative and also crazy. Michelle says it’s beautifully constructed and Ru says it exceeded expectations. Michelle likes the colour of LaLa’s dress but the construction of the sleeves weren’t to her liking. Ross loves Alexis’s gown and calls it a total glow up. Michelle tells her she loves seeing this side of her and applauds her sewing skills. Michelle calls Jessica’s asymmetric gown “fantastic” and while some of the judges had a few itty bitty suggestions, they all agree she wears it very well. Ru announces Alexis Michelle is the top all star of the week. Jimbo and Jessica are safe, meaning Kandy and LaLa are both up for elimination, the first time for both of them this season.

Backstage the queens all cast their votes and Alexis makes a tough decision on her own. Back out on the runway Alexis takes the stage and this week’s lip sync assassin is revealed to be…Nicky Doll from season 12. The two queens lip sync for their legacy (and the power to eliminate) to “These Boots Were Made for Walkin’” by Nancy Sinatra. Both queens give sultry performances in their blue sequined boots, throwing in a split, a spin, and a strut.

Ru gives the win to Alexis Michelle. Alexis reveals that the queen she has decided to eliminate and immediately enter into the Online Fame Games is…LaLa Ri. 

Next week on All Stars: The top four get ready for a good old fashioned roast and Drag Race legend Katya makes a pit stop in the werk room. 

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