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RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 8 Episode 6 Recap: JOAN: The Unauthorized Rusical

The remaining queens pay homage to the iconic Joan Crawford with a rusical and legendary director Adam Shankman is a guest judge…

Last week the queens played a very special Snatch Game of Love. Jimbo once again took the top spot of the week while Jessica and Kahanna landed in the bottom for their celebrity impersonations. Heidi’s self elimination in the werk room prior to last week’s runway meant that nobody was sent packing, which should make this week’s lipstick tally extra fun to watch. This week it’s time for another epic Rusical! Let’s jump right in.

This week’s episode begins in the werk room following last week’s lip sync. Over on the couches Jimbo congratulates Jessica and Kahanna on both being able to stay. Kahanna unlocks the box and takes a quick tally of the lipsticks. All of the other queens including Jimbo voted for Kahanna to go home. She respects their decision and is feeling so lucky to be given a second chance. Jaymes and the other queens congratulate Jimbo, but she’s feeling embarrassed about flopping the lip sync yet again. They talk about Heidi’s absence and Kandy hopes Heidi didn’t plant seeds in the other queens before she left. Alexis says the dynamic of the group has forever changed because of Heidi’s self-elimination and I’m sure we’ll see some of that new dynamic play out this week.

It’s a new day in the werk room and the remaining seven queens notice that all of the photos of Mother Ru have been replaced with Mommie Dearest Joan Crawford. Ru enters the room to tell the queens that for this week’s maxi challenge they will be staging the world premiere of Joan: The Unauthorized Rusical. Each of the queens will be playing Joan Crawford at different stages of her iconic career. Later on the runway, the category is “Night of 1000 Grace Joneses”, meaning this will be a legendary week. Back over on the couches Kandy is feeling triggered since she technically got eliminated during the rusical challenge on her season. They read through the script and assign the roles amongst themselves. It goes pretty smoothly with the majority of the queens getting their first choice without any hassle but Kandy and Jessica want the same part with Kandy unwilling to compromise. Both of them audition for the other queens who will vote for who they think is best suited for the role. Kandy wins the role and Jessica graciously concedes and takes the left over role. Out on the main stage the queens record their vocals with Leland. Most of the queens knock their vocals out of the park and others need a little more direction, but they all get there in the end. Following the recording session the queens head to dance rehearsal with legendary director Adam Shankman to choreograph the numbers. Dancing doesn’t come as easy as singing did to many of them, but they’ll make it work. Jessica is feeling good about the role she was left with as it really plays to her strengths, while Kandy has a bit of a hard time picking up the steps. 

It’s elimination day and while some of the queens can’t wait to get on stage others are feeling a bit nervous about stepping back onto the stage. They talk about how excited they are to step into the shoes of icons on the main stage this week and how they’re going to vote for who goes home. Out on the main stage Ru introduces this week’s panel of judges, Michelle, Ts Madison, and this week’s extra special guest judge Adam Shankman.

The curtain rises for Joan: The Unauthorized Rusical. All of the queens have their moment in the spotlight with their solo numbers and all of them do a really good job. It is easily one of the best rusicals ever produced on the show. Following the performance all of the queens strut down the runway in their best Grace Jones lewks. After the runway Ru declares that Alexis and Jimbo are both safe for the week.

Critiques begin with Kahanna. Ru and Michelle say that everybody did so well that this week will be difficult to judge. Michelle says Kahanna nailed the choreography but there was a bit of disconnect with her face during the performance. Adam tells Jaymes he was scared for her dancing but she did a fantastic job and Michelle loved her performance, but says her outfit could have been constructed better. Ts tells Kandy her performance was the most iconic part of the entire musical and Michelle really liked both her performance and her runway. Adam tells Jessica she did a phenomenal job in the performance and Ts tells her she knew exactly where she needed to be at all times. The judges tell LaLa Ri her performance was powerful and that the role was made for her but the judges were left a little disappointed by her Grace Jones lewk. Based on the critiques, Ru decides that Kandy is the top all star of the week. Jessica and LaLa are safe while Kahanna and Jaymes are both in the bottom this week. 

Backstage the queens cast their votes and Kandy makes her choice. Back on the mainstage Kandy is ready to battle it out with this week’s lip sync assassin… Angeria Paris VanMichaels from season 14!

The two queens lip sync to I’m Not Perfect But I’m Perfect For You by Grace Jones. Both queens give an energetic and sensual performance but Ru names Kandy as the winner of the lip sync. She’s earned a cash tip of 30 thousand dollars and the responsibility for eliminating another queen from the competition. Kandy reveals that the queen she has chosen to send packing this week is Jaymes Mansfield. Jaymes will automatically be entered in the online fame games. 

Next week on All Stars: The queens improv their way through an acting challenge, another queen threatens to go home, and Ru steps in to straighten things out.

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