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RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 8 Episode 5 Recap: Snatch Game of Love

The queens get ready to play Snatch Game, Heidi gets herself into a bit of hot water, and comedians Matt Rogers and Bowen Yang are guest judges…

Last week the queens broke off into teams to create sickening trailers for new series. While some groups created must-see-tv, others created series that definitely wouldn’t get a second season. Jimbo was the top all star for the second time this season, this time lip syncing (and losing) against Drag Race alum Shannel. Darienne, Jaymes, and Alexis all found themselves in the bottom, but the group decided it was Darriene’s time to go. This week the remaining all stars will compete in the iconic Snatch Game challenge. Let’s get into it.

This week’s episode begins in the werk room following Dareienne’s elimination. Jimbo reads her message before heading over to the couches. Everyone congratulates Jimbo on her second win and Alexis does the tally and reveals that the vote for Darienne was unanimous. Jimbo reveals her unused lipstick also had Darienne’s name on it. After a quick break it’s a new day in the werk room and the remaining queens are feeling good about another fresh start. Around the table Alexis and LaLa get a little flirty before Ru interrupts. For this week’s maxi challenge the queens will be playing Snatch Game of Love. They’ll need to deliver their funniest drag impersonations while also charming the bachelors. 

The queens get to work piecing their looks and characters together. It’s LaLa’s first time playing the Snatch Game and she’s feeling understandably nervous about it. During season two, Jessica was in the very first Snatch Game where she played RuPaul, so she’s not scared of anything. Jaymes is taking on gay icon Jennifer Coolidge, and she wants to do a really good job. Alexis and Jimbo are both previous Snatch Game winners, so they’re also feeling the pressure to do well. Ru makes her way back to the werk room to check in with the girls and see if she can sway any of their character decisions. Kahanna is looking forward to just having a good time performing as mother Coco and Jimbo is playing as the iconic Shirley Temple. Heidi is playing iconic pirate Blackbeard and she’s feeling a little pressure since she hasn’t won anything…yet. 

It’s time to play the Snatch Game of Love! The first group is Heidi as Blackbeard, Jessica as Iris Chacón, Kahanna as Coco Montrese, and Jaymes as Jennifer Coolidge. They’re playing for a chance to date comedian Matt Rogers. The whole group is pretty solid, everybody is getting a decent amount of laughs from Ru and the bachelor, but Heidi and Jaymes are the standouts in round one. Heidi riffs off Kahanna’s jokes that don’t land which Kahnna doesn’t really appreciate. Matt chooses to take Jaymes as Jennifer out on a date.

Round two kicks off with Alexis as Bea Arthur, Kandy as Renee Graziano, LaLa as Sukihana, and Jimbo as Shirley Temple. These Snatchelorettes are competing for a date with SNL’s Bowen Yang. This group is for sure stronger than the last one, they riff off eachother with ease, and all of them are effortlessly fun. Bowen decides that Jimbo as Shirley is his one true love. 

It’s elimination day and the queens are feeling good about making it through another Snatch Game. In private Kahanna tells Kandy about the drama with Heidi during their Snatch Game and Kandi reveals that Heidi has allegedly been spilling fake tea to the other queens. Jessica knew she could have done better with some of her jokes. Kahanna addresses her grievances with Heidi over at the mirrors. Heidi apologizes and explains it wasn’t her intention to kick her while she’s down. Halfway through her apology Kandy interrupts to clear the air on her drama with Heidi. Alexis is brought to the trial as a witness who confirms and then quickly denies what she just admitted to hearing. The tension gets kind of intense for werk room standards and Heidi emotionally says she wants to bow out of the competition and storms out of the room before Kandy follows her out and tries to talk her into staying. She’s unsuccessful and everyone is emotional about it in the werk room.

Out on the main stage Ru introduces this week’s judges Michelle, Ross, and this week’s extra special guests Matt Rogers and Bowen Yang. Ru reveals that Heidi officially removed herself from the competition and will not be competing in the online fame games. The category on the runway is “Ruveal yourself” and the queens strut in a series of sickening outfit reveals. Based on their Snatch Game performances and their runway looks Ru decides Kandy and LaLa are both safe this week. The rest of the queens represent the tops and bottoms. Critiques start with Jessica Wild. Michelle tells her she could have gone further with her character, but they like her egg look. Michelle tells Kahanna her idea for Coco was good but it felt one-note but her showgirl runway is loved by all of the judges. Michelle says Jaymes’s Jennifer Coolidge saved her group but has some notes for the runway. The judges say Alexis’s Bea Arthur was really well done, even getting high praise from Ru. Finally Jimbo is told her Shirley Temple hit all the right notes. Matt tells her she is the best physical comedian the show has ever seen and Michelle says her runway is “next level”. Based on the critiques Ru decides Jimbo is once again the top all star of the week. Jaymes and Alexis are safe while Jessica and Kahanna are the bottom of the week.

Backstage, all of the queens cast their elimination vote and Jimbo chooses lipstick. Back out on the main stage the lip sync assassin is revealed, and it’s… season 14’s Jasmine Kennedie.

Jimbo and Jasmine lip sync for their legacy to “Hallucinate” by Dua Lipa. Both queens give their all, but Jasmine’s gymnastics mid-performance gives her a definite edge which of course, wins her the lip sync. The cash tip rolls over again and Ru reveals that nobody will be eliminated this week since Heidi decided to leave the competition. Looking forward to seeing the queens tally their lipstick votes next week for a bit of drama.

Next week on All Stars: Heidi’s absence is felt in the werk room and it’s Rusical week!

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