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RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars Season 8 Episode 4 Recap: Screen Queens

The remaining All Stars film trailers for their new shows and Euphoria star Maude Apatow is a guest judge…

Last week after a scrumptious supermarket themed ball Jessica Wild was named the top all star of the week and lip synced for her legacy (and 30 thousand dollars) to visiting assassin Ra’Jah O’Hara. Darienne Lake and Mrs. Kasha Davis found themselves in the bottom. Jessica won the lip sync and made the decision to eliminate Mrs. Kasha Davis. This week the remaining queens will create trailers for sickening new series in their first acting challenge. Let’s jump right in.

This week’s episode begins following Mrs. Kasha Davis’s elimination. The queens make their way over to the mirror to read her lipstick message. Jessica explains why she chose Kasha to go home (she told her that she kind of wanted to) and over on the couches Darienne tallies up the lipstick votes from the box. The vote was really close but all of the girls who voted for Darienne stated that it was purely based on track record. Some sour faces (Jaymes and Heidi) congratulate Jessica on her win after some drama in Untucked last week. 

It’s a new week in the werk room and the remaining all stars make their way to the table. Heidi is determined to turn out a win this week. LaLa Ri says it feels great to not have the worst look of the ball. Ru interrupts with a video message and enters the room to tell the queens that for this week’s maxi challenge the queens will need to create trailers for a sickening new scripted series. They can choose any genre and build their concepts around it, as long as it’s “must-she-TV”. Ru ushers in the pit crew and a box of balloons. Each queen will have to pop the balloon against a pit crew member to reveal coloured confetti that’ll split them into teams. Team one is LaLa, Kahanna, and Heidi. Team two is Darienne, Jaymes, and Alexis. Finally, team three is Kandy, Jessica, and Jimbo. 

Aside from filming their trailers they’ll have to create a poster that sells their show. They break into their groups to work on the concept for their shows. Darienne brings a Lost-esque idea with “dead” celebrities but Alexis isn’t sure it’ll work. Heidi, LaLa, and Kahanna work on their scene well together as they agree on the concepts and characters right away. Kandy is feeling good since her scene partners already have wins under their belt but Jimbo and Kandy find themselves at odds when it comes to making the decision. It’s time to film the trailers with Michelle. Kandy, Jimbo, and Jessica are up first and based on Michelle’s reactions, their trailer is a little raunchier than she was expecting but Jimbo thinks it’s good to test the boundaries. Heidi, LaLa, and Kahanna are up next and their scenes seem to land a bit better with Michelle. Finally Darienne, Jaymes, and Alexis are up and there are a few hiccups but it’s not tragic. 

It’s elimination day and before getting ready for the runway, they work on their show posters. At the makeup tables Kandy expresses concern that people will probably try to eliminate their biggest competition. LaLa and Heidi feel good about their performances and want to have fun this time around (which is different from Heidi’s attitude at the beginning of the episode). Heidi is feeling a little betrayed by Kandy for putting a target on her back in the werk room and says she has a lot of tea that could burn the werk room to the ground. Out on the main stage Ru introduces this week’s judges Michelle, Ts, and this week’s extra special guest, Euphoria star Maude Apatow. The category on the runway is “Ass the World Turns” and all of the queens turn out their most booty-full lewks. 

It’s time to watch the trailers and Darienne, Michelle, and Jaymes are up first. Their concept comes through and it gets a few laughs from the judges. Kandy, Jessica, and Jimbo are up next and they definitely gave it their all which might pay off for them come critiques. Finally, Heidi, LaLa,and Kahanna’s trailer gets a more positive initial reaction from the judges. Following the trailers Ru tells the queens that since they competed as teams they’ll be judged by them, too. Based on the trailers and the runway, Ru declares Heidi, LaLa, and Kahanna are safe for the week. The remaining queens represent the tops and bottoms of the week.

Critiques start with Jaymes and Michelle commends her group for being professional, but the funny was missing. However, all of the judges seem to love her runway look. Maude tells Darienne she really stood out in the trailer but Ts says she wishes she made her laugh more. All of the judges are in agreement that she looks absolutely stunning on the runway. Alexis’s runway is Maude’s favourite look of the night and Ru calls their sketch pleasant, but wishes she laughed a little more and Alexis throws her entire team under the bus by saying she had nothing to do with the concept. Ts tells Kandy she embodied her character and Ru praises her for playing to her strengths with the concept of their show. Michelle tells everyone that their original idea was a little crass and she had to redirect but it ended up working out for the best. Finally, Jimbo gets praise for the out of this world runway outfit and Michelle tells her that her character was so fun to watch and Ru says it’s a show she would actually watch. Based on critiques Ru announces that the top queen of the week is Jimbo (for the second time). Kandy and Jessica are safe, which leaves Jaymes, Alexis, and Darienne all up for elimination.

The queens cast their votes and Jimbo chooses her lipstick before heading back out to the main stage. This week’s lip sync assassin is none other than Shannel (from season one).

They lip sync for their legacy to “Bad Reputation” by Joan Jett. Both queens give their best head bang and air guitar, but it’s Shannel that wins the lip sync. This means that the tip will roll over to next week and the group vote will make the decision on who goes home. Shannel reveals that the group has voted for Darienne to leave the competition. 

Next week on All Stars: It’s time to play Snatch Game of Love with some very special guests, there’s some beef in the werk room, and a new lip sync assassin is ruvealed.  

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