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RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars Season 8 Episode 2 Recap: It’s RPR Live!

The remaining queens test their comedic skills with a live sketch show and comedian Robin Thede is a guest judge…

In the last episode the queens strutted in glamorous lewks from days of fame past and present and made their All Stars 8 main stage debut. Kahanna Montrese was crowned at the top queen of the week which saw her competing against lip sync assassin Aja for the power to eliminate. In a show stopping performance to a Beyoncé song Aja won and so did the group’s decision to make Monica Beverly Hillz the first queen eliminated this season. This week the remaining queens will put on a live sketch comedy show and another all star will be eliminated. Let’s get into it.

This week’s episode begins back in the werk room following Monica’s elimination. Reality is setting in that this is a competition and by the end of this week, another queen will be sent packing. They read her message and head over to the couches to condragulate Kahanna on her win. Kahanna reveals that the queen she chose to go home was also Monica. Darienne opens the voting box and reveals that the vote was seven to four. Kandy, LaLa, and Darienne come forward as the queens that voted for Darienne to be eliminated. Darienne doesn’t have ill will for those who voted for her, but she won’t forget it either. All of the queens are gagged over the fame game for the eliminated queens and get out of drag.

It’s a new day in the werk room and the remaining queens are feeling fired up to take on the next phase of the competition. Ru enters the werk room and reveals that for this week’s maxi challenge the queens will be starring in a new live sketch comedy show. They’ll have to deliver the  laughs in one single take. Over on the couches the queens take a look through their folders to distribute the roles. There’s a bit of a tussle with one of the roles but it gets resolved quickly. They break into their scene groups and Naysha is the only one who didn’t get the original role they wanted, and her partners can tell. Jaymes gives her some pointers on delivering her lines. Ru re-enters the work room with SNL veteran Bobby Moynihan to give the queens some tips and tricks for their one-shot skits. 

It’s elimination day and the live performance energy is in the air. While getting ready for the mainstage a few of the queens talk about their strategy with voting on who they want to go home. Over at one of the tables LaLa recruits Heidi to be in another alliance which she is going to take full advantage of. Out on the mainstage  Ru introduces Michelle, Carson, and this week’s extra special guest judge comedian Robin Thede. The live sketch comedy show begins with a cold open and it goes off without a hitch. Kandy Muse does the host monologue and it’s also really good. Jimbo and Jessica Wild set the bar high with their skit. LaLa and Heidi slay with their version of “Weekend Update” and Darienne and Alexis are super funny with their basement talk show which wraps up. On the runway the category is “Net Gala” and the queens strut in their most sickening mesh, tulle, and net lewks. 

Ru calls Kandy, Kasha, Jessica, LaLa, Darienne, and Alexis forward and tells them they are all safe for the week. The remaining queens represent the tops and bottoms and critiques start with Naysha. Carson calls her runway a little quiet for All Stars and Michelle tells her she could have done better in the sketch. The judges loved Jaymes’s role in the comedy challenge and loved the camp she brought to the runway. Michelle tells Jimbo she lit up when she walked down the runway and commend her for her grounded character work in the sketch. Carson applauds Heidi for landing every joke in the news segment and Michelle tells her she’s improved so much since her season. Michelle tells Kahanna that her drag is so much fun to look at but her pussy character was a little dry in the sketch. Ru announces that Jimbo is the top all star of the week and the two queens up for elimination are Naysha and Kahanna. 

Backstage all of the queens cast their vote and Jimbo chooses her lipstick. Out on the main stage this week’s lip sync assassin is none other than… Pangina Heals (Uk vs the World, and the queen to send Jimbo packing). The two queens lip sync to “She Bop” by Cyndi Lauper. Both queens decide to go for a slight comedic interpretation of the song and Ru decides that Pangina Heals has won the lip sync, meaning the tip money will roll into next week’s winnings. Pangina reveals that the group has voted for Naysha Lopez to be eliminated. She will now be entered into the online Fame Game along with Monica Beverly Hillz.

On the next episode of All Stars: The queens are throwing a supermarket ball, Jojo Siwa is a guest host, and a new lip sync assassin is ruvealed. 

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