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RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 15 Episode 15 Recap: Reunited

All of the season 15 queens return to the main stage to spill the tea at a great big family reunion…

Last week we saw the top four queens get their close ups in a music video challenge. With a solid final four, it wasn’t shocking that Ru decided that all of them would be moving onto the grand finale, and so nobody was sent home. This week all of the season 15 queens will make their way back to the main stage to spill all the tea from this season, and I for one, am quite excited to see what drama gets re-hashed before we head to the grand finale next week! Let’s get into it!

\Our finale begins with all of the season 15 queens being reintroduced and joining Ru for a good old fashioned sit-down chat. Tonight it’s all about sisterhood and the sizzle reel that plays before we even get into any of the drama is here to remind us that this was truly a legendary season (what about that Rusical, y’all). Ru asks Mistress to explain why she steals things from other queens and she throws Anetra under the bus for taking things too. Next Ru highlights Sugar and Spice who were the show’s first set of twins to compete in one season. Sugar and Spice tell Ru making friends in the competition was really important to them and some of the other queens talk about how they may have dismissed them at first, but they’re really glad they held their own in the competition. 

Season 15 was also the season of “eras”, with all of the queens dishing about what era they’re currently in. Next Ru asks the queens to clear up once and for all who was really in second place during all of those challenges where the girls were fighting over their rankings in Untucked. Amethyst tells Ru she wasn’t surprised with Loosey’s reactions to not winning, but Loosey gets a video message from THE Kevin Bacon and then all of the queens help Loosey let loose. After the break Ru highlights the most iconic lip syncs of the season starting with Anetra and Sasha during the smackdown, moving to Marcia and Anetra, and Irene gives Anetra props for being this season’s most phenomenal performer, which I think we can all agree with. Ru asks Malaysia why she picked Marcia in the lip sync smackdown, which she gives a long-winded explanation to and Mistress clears it up with the truth. Ru asks the queens who they thought was the winner of the lip sync between Mistress and Jax, and it gets pretty heated.

Next Ru asks Robin and Amethyst about the relationship they had before the show. Robin says she remembered the relationship differently but Amethyst stays she wants to keep the chapter closed and Aura reveals she had a crush on Princess Poppy, but she’s newly engaged to someone else. Next up all of the queens starring in Drag Race Live in Las Vegas ask all of the season 15 queens burning questions.

Ru then highlights the reading challenge with some unseen footage and re-opens the library for the early elimination queens (and some others) to get some final digs in before the end of the season. After some quick book promo the discussion opens up to all of the “gates” this season. The queens clear the air and sort out all of the drama once and for all (including the 40 inch wig-gate). Some of the eliminated queens show off the looks they didn’t get to walk down the runway and then they play a quick game of toot or boot with some of the most memorable runways from the season. The golden boot award of the season is presented by last year’s winner Maddy Morphesis to Salina for her truly horrendous take on the metallic runway this season.

Ru presents a  recap of the clip of the top six queens saying who they should have went home that week. Luxx tells Ru why she talked about all of the queens in detail and Loosey said that being called generic, backed with why she thought everyone else was a star, really hurt her, and Luxx kinda apologizes for it. We get treated to some more unseen footage of the celebrity guests this season. Ru asks the queens what the climate has been like while they are out performing with all of the new bills and laws that are currently targeting drag performers and trans individuals all over the United States and the reunion finishes with some highlights of the top four throughout the season starting Anetra walking the duck and finishing with Sasha’s video vixen moment that everyone was gagged over in last week’s episode. 

Next week on Drag Race: The final four perform show stopping solo numbers before one is crowned America’s next drag superstar!

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