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RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 15 Episode 14 Recap: Blame It On The Edit

The top four queens compete in the music video challenge and battle it out for a spot in the grand finale…

Last week we said goodbye to Loosey LaDuca after the queens gave drag makeovers to a group of teachers. Anetra won the challenge with the stunning makeover on her teacher but Loosey and Luxx landed in the bottom due to lack of family resemblance with theirs. This week the top four queens will compete in the infamous music video challenge. It’ll be their last chance to wow the judges before the grand finale. Let’s get into it. 

This week’s episode begins in the werk room following Loosey’s departure. The remaining queens read her message on the mirror. Luxx says she was fierce competition but notes that sometimes when you play dirty, you don’t get the results you want. That’s karma baby. Over on the couches the queens congratulate Anetra on her third challenge win. The most recent victory puts her on the same level as Sasha. Everyone celebrates being in the top four but their eyes are very much still on the prize.

It’s a new day and the final four enter the room and immediately make their way to the screen for Ru’s message. Ru enters the room to tell them that for the final maxi they will have to prove they are the baddest bitch of them all. For the last challenge they will be accompanying Ru on a remix of Blame It On The Edit. They will each have to write their own sassy verse to the song, learn the choreography, and perform in the space-themed video. Back on earth, each of them will have the privilege of sitting down with Michelle and Ru during their Tic Tac interview. 

The queens listen to the song to get some inspiration for their verses. Luxx writes lyrics at home, so she’s feeling confident enough to nap in the werk room which Mistress says could be her downfall. Sasha is the first to have their interview with Michelle and Ru. She talks about her iconic journey to the show and her internal struggle with being liked by the other queens which she boils down to her sordid relationship with her mother and her grief from losing her supportive father but she remains optimistic about her future. Anetra is the next one to be interviewed and she reveals she grew up Mormon, which made her feel like she had to be a quiet person to hide her queerness. Michelle begs her to talk about her flip over Marcia during the lip sync and Michelle calls it her favourite lip sync of all time. She talks about how she learned to vogue, and Ru calls her performing “magic”. Mistress is up next and talks about why she is so outspoken and how it’s gotten her into a little bit of trouble with some of the queens in the competition. She just wants to make her drag mom proud and how important it is to be a plus size queen that’s made it this far in the competition. Luxx is last and wows Ru with her background in the performing arts. She says she was raised to think highly of herself and how they taught her to always be proud of herself. 

It’s time to shoot the music video, but they’re learning the choreography while they film. Everybody is picking up the steps but Mistress is looking a little lost with getting everything together. She’s trying her best to keep up but the other queens are just getting picking it up a lot faster. They immediately start shooting in pairs. Luxx and Anetra are up first and where Luxx has everything down Anetra looks like a deer in the headlights but she pulls it together. Mistress and Sasha are up next and Sasha nails it from the first take but Mistress is looking a little lost but she gets the steps down on the last take. 

It’s elimination day and the last day in the werk room. Everyone is taking it in for the last time. While getting ready for the runway they talk about filming the music video. They all go through their first initial impressions of each other…which were all spot on. Mistress didn’t expect to make friends in the competition, but she’s so glad she did. Luxx discovered she was part of all of the “Gates” (aka drama) this season, and she regrets nothing. Out on the main stage it’s just family on the judging panel. On the runway the category is “Drag Excellence” and each of the queens strut in their very best to wow Ru, Michelle, and Ross for the last time. Everybody makes their way to the front of the stage for the intergalactic premiere of Blame It On The Edit. All four of the queens do an amazing job with their verses and scenes in the video. Ru commends each of them on their hard work and devotion in the competition. 

Critiques start with Anetra and the judges tell her that her final look is stunning. Michelle tells her it was a joy to watch her grow in the competition. Michelle also commends her on making the choreography work for her and Ru loved that she called back to her duck walk from the first challenge in her lyrics. Luxx is up next and Michelle tells her she is so proud to see her in the final four. Ross tells her she is at the top of the list with runways this season and the judges love what she did with her verse in the song and Ru gives her the highest of high praises. Sasha is up next and the judges tell her she did a great job of holding her ground and exceeded expectations that her reputation set up for her. Michelle tells her that her kindness and inner beauty are eternal and ethereal and Sasha tells them that she cherished her experience and that it was a love letter to drag. Finally, Ross tells Mistress that she loves that she owns being “the big girl” but that she was also never the butt of the joke. Michelle tells her she did Houston drag proud. Ross clocks her for missing a few steps but also tells her that her close-ups and attitude made up for it in her solo shots. Ru tells her she played the game well and could tell she had fun doing it. One by one each of them give emotional advice to their younger selves and there isn’t a dry eye in the room by the end of it. 

Following deliberations, Ru announces that Sasha Colby is the last maxi challenge winner and she’s moving forward to the grand finale. Luxx Noir London is safe and also going to the finale. Anetra and Mistress are both up for elimination and their last chance to get to the finish line. They lip sync for their lives to When Love Takes Over. Both queens give everything they have and it’s obvious that both of them want that final spot. Ru decides to keep both queens in the competition and for the first time this season, shantay they both stay. All four queens will move on to the grand finale. 

Next week on Drag Race: all of the season 15 queens will reunite to spill the tea on their journey this season.

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