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RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 15 Episode 11 Recap: Two Queens, One Joke

The top seven queens pair up to perform stand-up sets and comedian Ali Wong is a guest judge…

Last week we watched as the remaining queens worked their way through one-on-one interviews with special celebrity guests. Sasha Colby took the top spot for the second week in a row while Malaysia and Salina battled it out in the bottom. Salina was able to save herself and Ru sent Malaysia packing. This week the queens dust off their comedy skills for an evening of laughter. Let’s get into it!

This week’s episode begins in the werk room following Malaysia’s elimination. The remaining queens read Malaysia’s message on the mirror before heading over to the couches to debrief. Salina is feeling like the other queens don’t see her as a threat. Everyone congratulates Sasha on her third maxi challenge win, Loosey thinks she should have been in the top, and Luxx feels like she’s really close to the win. It’s a new day and the remaining seven walk into the werk room and Luxx gets into it with Loosey over how much she didn’t look pregnant enough in her Beyonce-inspired look. Ru interrupts with a video message referencing a bunch of comedy duos. 

Ru enters the room and tells the queens that for this week’s mini challenge they are throwing a Harlem vogue ball. Everybody gets into quick drag and takes turns voguing through the werk room. With a little help from the pit crew, Ru announces that the grand prize trophy goes to Anetra. For this week’s maxi challenge the queens will be performing stand-up at the Bubly comedy festival. The girls reach into a cooler to pick a can sparkling water and get into their matching pairs. Luxx and Loosey get paired together. Since Salina is the only one who picked a can of cherry water, she has the power to steal a partner from another duo. She takes Mistress from Marcia, which means Marcia will be working solo. Since Anetra won the mini challenge, she’ll get to pick the order.

Anetra announces the order and everybody divides up to work on their sets. Luxx and Loosey might have been fighting in the morning, but they’re going to use the tension to spice up their performance. Marcia is feeling panicked about performing alone and Anetra comes down with a killer headache which has Sasha nervous. The queens head out to the main stage to workshop their jokes with Michelle and this week’s guest, comedian Ali Wong. For the most part everyone has good material to start with but Salina is having a bit of trouble with rambling and Anetra’s headache jokes aren’t landing. 

It’s elimination day and the queens are getting ready to perform their stand-up in front of the judges and a live audience. Salina and Mistress talk about their experiences growing up and Mistress’s strained relationship with her mom. Out on the main stage Ru introduces this week’s panel of judges Michelle, Ts Madison, and this week’s extra special guest Ali Wong. Marcia opens the show and her routine isn’t bad, but it also isn’t exciting. Loosey and Luxx are out next and their jokes are landing which has the other queens a little nervous. Anetra and Sasha are next and their stoner routine isn’t getting any laughs and it’s… painful to watch. Salina and Mistress are out next to close the show and they do alright. After the comedy festival the category on the runway is “Rip Her To Shreds” and everyone struts in shredded lewks. 

Critiques start with Marcia and Michelle gives her props for starting the show and getting some laughs but tell her it just wasn’t funny enough and they read her outfit for copying Loosey’s look from a few weeks ago. The judges like how Loosey did something different on the runway and commend her for her stage presence on the runway. Ali tells Luxx she was so funny and praises her for taking critique. Ru loves her tribute runway and gets teary eyed talking about it. The judges all love Sasha’s runway but said she relied too much on the stoner jokes and they didn’t land. Michelle tells Anetra that she felt like she had no confidence during her set which was surprising because she has so much of it on the runway. Michelle gives Salina credit for taking their notes in the workshop and Ali likes the story her runway told. All of the judges like Mistress’s look and tell her she did a great job interacting with Salina during their set. 

Following deliberations Ru announces that the winners of this week are Luxx and Loosey. Mistress, Salina, and Sasha are all safe for the week leaving Anetra and Marcia both up for elimination.

The two bottom queens lip sync for their lives to “Boss Bitch” by Doja Cat. Both queens give an absolutely epic performance with Anetra performing literal acrobatics. Ru announces that Anetra will live to slay another day but it’s the end of the line for Marcia Marcia Marcia and she sashays away.

Next week on Drag Race: It’s Rusical week, Loosey and Mistress get into it…again, and Orville Peck is a guest judge. 

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