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RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 15 Episode 10 Recap: 50/50’s Most Gagworthy Stars

The queens conduct one-on-one interviews with celebrity guests and on the runway category is “Night of 1000 Beyoncés”…

Last week we celebrated 200 episodes of Drag Race and the queens treated us to The Crystal Ball. After walking three sickening looks down the runway Sasha Colby was declared the winner while Spice was sent home. This week the queens will put their journalistic skills to the test while conducting one-on-one interviews with celebrity guests and things will heat up between Mistress and Loosey. Let’s get into it.

This week’s episode begins in the werk room following Spice’s elimination. The queens gather ‘round the mirror to read her lipstick message. Salina is feeling good that she has a second chance. Mistress will miss her but states it was definitely her time to go. Over on the couches the rest of the queens congratulate Sasha on her second win. Loosey reminds everyone that she’s won three challenges in total and it kind of opens a little can of worms between her and Mistress.

It’s a new day in the werk room and the remaining eight enter with Ru following. For this week’s maxi challenge the queens will need to conduct one-on-one interviews with celebrity guests Charo, Frankie Grande, Love Connie live on TV. On the runway the category is Night of 1000 Beyoncés, which all of the queens are excited about. The queens are paired up for their interviews, so they break up with their partners/groups to come up with a game plan.

On set the girls get ready for their live interviews while the other queens watch from a monitor in the werk room. The first trio ( Salina, Luxx, and Mistress) with their interview of Love Connie. Salina handles the sit-down, Luxx does the activity interview and Mistress conducts a cooking segment. The group does well but a few of them have trouble keeping the talent on track during their interviews. The next pair (Marsha and Sasha) with their interviews with Charro. Sasha’s cooking segment gets a little chaotic but she hangs in there. Marcia gets a little lost in her accent but makes it through. Finally The last trio (Loosey, Anetra, and Malaysia) get into it with Frankie Grande. Loosey nails her sit-down, Anetra does surprisingly well in her activity segment but Malaysia gets lost in the pizza sauce during her cooking segment. 

It’s elimination day and as the queens get ready for their Beyoncé-inspired runway Sasha sets the record straight that she was Sasha before Beyoncé was Sasha Fierce and has a conspiracy theory that she may have inspired Bey to take on that name for her alter-ego. Out on the runway Ru introduces this week’s panel of judges Michelle and Ts Madison. The Night of 1000 Beyoncés kicks off and the queens take turns strutting in their best Queen Bey looks. After the runway, Ru declares Marsha and Anetra as safe. Critiques begin with Luxx. Michelle says she handled her interview very well and Ru calls her runway ICONIC. The judges love Mistress’s runway (Ru tells her that it is the most beautiful she’s looked) but they all agree she got lost in the interview. The judges tell Salina she was too in her head during her interview but they like her runway. Michelle compliments her almost exact-replica runway and all of the judges adored how genuine she was in her interview and Ru told her she was a natural at it. Michelle tells Malaysia she looks beautiful on the runway, but Ts says Frankie was interviewing herduring the challenge. Michelle likes Loosey’s outfit and all of the judges commend her on her interviewing style but Ru is disappointed that there was a big follow-up question she missed. After deliberations Sasha is crowned the winner for the second week in a row. Luxx, Loosey, and Mistress are safe for the week.

Salina and Malaysia are both up for elimination. The two bottom queens lip sync for their lives to Single Ladies by Beyonce (of course). Both queens want to stay and are giving this performance their all. Salina pulls out the official choreography and Malaysia joins her on the chorus. Ru saves Salina which means it’s time for Malaysia Babydoll Foxx to sashay away. 

Next week on Drag Race: The queens put their comedy skills to the test with a stand-up challenge and comedian Ali Wong is a guest judge.

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