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RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 15 Episode 9 Recap: The Crystal Ball 200th Episode

The remaining nine queens throw a ball to celebrate the 200th episode and actress Julia Garner is a guest judge…

Last week the queens battled it out two by two until there were three left standing in a lip sync battle royale. At the very end, Anetra chose to save Spice which left Jax as her only opponent for the final lip sync. Ru ended up sending the gymnastics queen packing, and back in the werk room there was some definite shade thrown. Tonight the queens will bust out their sewing machines and hot glue guns because there’s going to be a ball, and we’re all invited. Let’s get into it! 

This week’s episode begins in the werk room on a new day. The top nine walk in after surviving the lip sync lalapaRuza and read Jax’s goodbye message on the mirror. Over at the table Spice confirms that her top era starts today and Mistress says her congenial era does too. I’m sure both of these statements are incorrect.  Ru enters the room to let the queens know that this week is the show’s 200th episode. Fierce!  So this week is all about celebrating that. For the mini challenge the queens will have to photobomb iconic Drag Race moments in front of a green screen. After getting in quick attention-grabbing drag the queens snap their photos. Ru announces that the best scene stealer is Anetra. 

Ru then tells the girls that for this week’s maxi challenge they are throwing a ball! Since the traditional 15th anniversary gift is crystal, it will be a Crystal Ball. The queens will have to serve three sickening looks on the runway. Look number one “Start Your Engines”, an update on Ru’s classic racing suit from the show’s title sequence. Look number two is “My Favourite Ball”. The queens will take on an eleganza look from a past ball and make it their own. And for the final look, “Crystalized Eleganza” the queens will need to create a look from scratch that is dripping in crystals. Everybody gets down to work sourcing their materials for the final look. Sasha notices nobody is going for gold, so she’s hoping to stand out from the group. Anetra is taking inspo from another iconic runway look from a previous season but the construction is stressing her out. Carson and Ru enter the werk room to check on the girls. They give each of the queens a bit of advice when it comes to bringing their very best on the runway. After they leave the queens confront Loosey about her being disappointed about being safe a few weeks ago.

It’s elimination day and as the queens get ready for the runway some of them put the finishing touches on their lewks for the ball. Some of the queens talk about their family dynamics and situations back home. Anetra tearfully tells Salina about her rocky relationship with her mom. Over by the mirrors the rest of the queens talk about their favourite moments from the past 200 episodes of the show. Out on the mainstage Ru introduced this week’s panel of judges Michelle, Carson, and this week’s extra special guest actress Julia Garner. After a musical interlude from Ru the queens hit the runway with their first look and the category is “Start Your Engines” and the girls strut in their racing suits. For the second category the queens serve in looks inspired by past ball themes, and in the final look the queens present their handmade looks in “Crystallized Eleganza” and they are dripping in sparkles.

Ru calls Marcia, Malaysia, and Luxx forward and tells them they are all safe. Critiques begin with Salina. The judges loved her first look, but all agree that her other two fell a little short. They tell Spice that they loved her first look and the attention to detail but she could have gone further with her last two. Michelle loved Mistress’s first look that incorporated catchphrases from past plus-size queens, Carson loved her beach ball club kid look, and all of the judges agree her handmade look was old-Hollywood glam. The judges had generally good things to say about Loosey but her bag ball look was a bit too simple. Carson tells Sasha she looked stunning in every single look, and all of the other judges agree. Finally Michelle tells Anetra she actually liked the way she wore green in her first look. Carson says the candy ball look could have been better with a few more details, but everyone adores her final look.

After deliberations Ru announces that the winner of this week’s maxi challenge is Sasha Colby. Anetra, Mistress, and Loosey that they are all safe. This leaves Salina and Spice both up for elimination.

The bottom queens lip sync for their life to “That’s What I Want” by Lil Nas X. While Salina gives a passionate performance Spice definitely does something with her limited knowledge of the lyrics. Ru decides that Salina will get another chance to slay, and declares it is finally the end of the line for Spice. 

Next week on Drag Race: The queens conduct one-on-one interviews and things heat up in the werk room between Mistress and Loosey.

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