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5 LGBTQ+ Books To Add To Your Winter 2022 Reading List

There’s a little something for every reader…

By Sienna Vittoria Asselin

Putting on a hundred layers of sweaters, hats, and scarves to go outside? No thank you. Feeling the wind scrape across my face, wondering if my nose is going to fall off? I’ll pass. Hiding all winter in my living room under a fuzzy blanket, lighting a holiday-scented candle, and escaping into a new book? Yes, please. That sounds better. For those of you like me, who would rather hibernate and read than go outside and brave the cold, look no further: here are a handful of new books to add to your winter reading list featuring queer characters or written by LGBTQ+ authors. 

By Ernesto Maestre-Reed

This novel brings us back to Cuba at the end of the twentieth century, where a young Afro-Cuban orphan named Rafa joins a group of counterrevolutionary HIV-positive rebels. Their goal? To overthrow the Castro government. It’s a heartbreaking story full of emotion, passion, and captures the spirit of resistance. 
Buy it here: AmazonIndigo

Kiss Her Once For Me
By Alison Cochrun

If you’re looking for a charming and cozy holiday rom com, this might be the perfect one for you. The book’s protagonist, Ellie, finds her life completely upside down after losing her job and experiencing a surprising betrayal, so when her landlord suggests a marriage of convenience (he needs it to get his inheritance, and she needs help financially), she agrees. But when the holidays come around and he introduces her to his family, things get complicated: she falls in love with his sister. 
Buy it here: AmazonIndigo

Heretic: A Memoir
By Jeanna Kadllec

In this vulnerable first-person memoir, Jeanna Kadlec lets readers into the world of American evangelical Christianity—a world that she needed to leave far, far behind in order to find herself and her own community. We follow her journey as she leaves behind her “comfortable” life as the wife of a pastor’s son, as she tries to find herself and her own community as a queer woman. 
Buy it here: AmazonIndigo

Really Good, Actually
By Monica Heisey

Monica Heisey’s debut novel is one of the most anticipated releases of the season. It’s described as a “hilarious and painfully relatable” story, and with the author’s background as a comedian, it’s a safe bet that it’s going to live up to the promise and make you laugh. The story follows Maggie, a broke graduate student with a dud-of-a-thesis, who finds herself newly divorced at 29 years old. And rather than giving up on life, she decides to embrace her new life of singledom—and all the men and women there are to hook up with. 
Buy it here: AmazonIndigo

Carrying it Forward: Essays from Kistahpinanihk
By John Brady McDonald

In this collection of essays, John Brady McDonald, a member of the Muskeg Lake Cree Nation, describes life in Kristahpinanihk (the area that includes Prince Albert, Saskatchewan). He explores topics ranging from the city, its history, his experience of residential school, recovery, and the struggles that Indigenous peoples face. 
Buy it here: AmazonIndigo

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