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Canada’s Drag Race Season 3 Episode 5 Recap: Snatch Game

The queens take their celebrity impersonations for a spin while they play Snatch Game. Sarain Fox returns as a guest judge…

Last week we said goodbye to Calgary queen Kaos after this season’s second sewing challenge. Gisèle Lullaby won the week’s top spot with her couture look she made from scratch, and Kimmy and Miss Fiercalicious had a fight in Untucked. This week the queens are playing THE game of games….SNATCH GAME. It will divide the tops from the bottoms, the comedy queens from the queens who get crickets. Let’s get into it!

This week’s episode begins in the werk room following Kaos’s elimination. Jada reads Kaos’s lipstick message, and the queens reminisce about how much they’ll miss her. Over on the couches Fierce is pouting in the corner and we’re treated to round two to her fight against Kimmy. A lot of the queens gently try to explain themselves to her and Lady Boom Boom tells them to cut the high school shit before congratulating Gisèle on her win. It’s a new day in the werk room and some of the queens are feeling refreshed and ready to take on another challenge. Fierce apologizes for her actions and asks the other queens for forgiveness and vows to put her energy into her drag. Ru interrupts with a video message with vague clues leading up to Brooke announcing this week’s main challenge.

First, Brooke announces that the library is OFFICIALLY open, and the queens will have to read each other to filth. They GO IN on each other, and Brooke announces that the winner of this week’s mini challenge is Lady Boom Boom… what a shady bitch! Brooke then announces that for this week’s main challenge the queens will be playing THE SNATCH GAME! The queens excitedly get to prepping their characters. Gisèle and Boom Boom have prepared the same character, but Giséle lets her have it. Kimmy and Fierce also have the same character (Ariana Grande). Kimmy refuses to step down. In the spirit of taking the high road, Fierce decides she will go with another character. Brooke comes back into the werk room to ask the queens how they plan to be funny when the games begin. Kimmy’s Ariana isn’t wowing Brooke in the werk room. Fierce reveals that her backup is Kourtney Kardashain, which has the potential to be a better performance than Ari, so it was probably a good move letting Kimmy have Ariana. 

It’s time for Snatch Game! Playing this year are Bombae as Aziz Ansari, Gisèle as Marie Curie, Miss Fiercalicious as Kourtney Kardashian, Irma Gerd as Marilyn Monroe. Vivian Vanderpuss  as Tammy Faye Mesner, Jada as Saucy Santana, Kimmy Couture as Ariana Grande, and Lady Boom Boom as Mado Lamotte. Right out of the gate, Gisèle’s Radioactive Marie Curie is hilarious. Vivian’s Tammy Faye is almost as good as Jessica Chastain’s, Fierce does a good job staying in character as Kourt, but there are also some queens who aren’t landing their jokes.

It’s elimination day and the queens enter the werk room and get ready for the main stage. They talk about their relationship with religion with some of the queens revealing they have trauma from their time spent in conversion camps. Bombae reveals that her family was always very open with her sharing queer gods and godesses from her Hindu culture, but her parents don’t know she does drag. Out on the main stage Brooke introduces this week’s panel of judges Brad Goreski, Traci Melchor, and for the second week in a row guest judge Sarain Fox. On the runway the category is “Periodic Table of Elements” and the queens wow in looks inspired by different elements. Come on chemistry! 

Based on their snatch game performances and their runway, Brooke asks Jada and Miss Feircalicious to step forward as they are both safe. The rest are the tops and bottoms. Critiques start with Kimmy. Traci tells Kimmy that she looked the part but her Snatch Game fell really flat. The judges tell Vivian that she was great at the Snatch Game, and they love her Arsenic lewk. The judges tell Miss Boom Boom that like Kimmy, she looked the part but there wasn’t enough interaction with the other queens. Brad and the rest of the judges love her runway look, which might save her from the bottom. Traci tells Gisèle that her snatch game performance was a masterclass, which the rest of the judges agree with. Brad calls her runway wonderful. The judges tell Irma that her Marilyn was pretty funny, and that there was a tenderness in the way she made fun of Marilyn. Finally, Brad tells Bombae that her Snatch Game performance started well but the wheels fell off half way through, but the judges all agree that she brought it with her helium look (Brooke calls it the best of the night, and one of the best of the season). Backstage the queens discuss the critiques and talk about who they think will be in the bottom. 

After deliberations Brooke announces that Gisèle is once again the winner of the maxi challenge. Irma, Vivian and Bombae are all safe for the week. This leaves Kimmy Couture and Lady Boom Boom both up for elimination.

The two bottom queens lip sync for their lives to “Run Away With Me” by Carly Rae Jepsen. Both queens give passionate performances and in the end Kimmy Couture will live to slay another day. This unfortunately means Lady Boom Boom is going home this week. Au revoir Boom Boom! We’ll miss you.

Next Week On Canada’s Drag Race: The queens design eyeshadow palettes and film commercials to sell them. 

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