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RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 7 Episode 1 Recap: Legends

This season of All Stars is all winners baby…

It feels like it’s only been a few weeks, but we are already back in the Drag Race saddle with the newest season of All Stars. This season we’ll see some of our favourite (winning) queens from seasons past take on tried and true challenges until one is left standing and is crowned the new ultimate queen supreme. Let’s see who, and what awaits us in the werk room this season…

The first queen to make their entrance in the werk room for AS7 is Shea Couleé (winner of AS5) looking absolutely stunning in a neon orange catsuit and she’s here to be the queen of all queens. Next in the room is Jaida Essence Hall (Season 12) LOOK OVER THERE!!! Jaida is the first and only queen to win the crown, and a lip sync smackdown from their own living room, slay. The third in the werk room is Yvie Oddly (Season 11) who stunned on the runway in her season in colourful lewks and an iconic lip sync against Brooke Lynn Hytes. Trinity the Tuck (AS4) is next in the room. She says she wants to get her own win this time around. Monét X Change (also AS4) is back to also compete for her own crown. She walks into the werk room, money guns a-blazin. Jinkx Monsoon (Season 5), who won her season with water off a duck’s back, and through many naps in the werk room (and let’s not forget her Little Edie Snatch Game). Raja (Season 3) is up next in the room, and she’s bringing her eye-con status to the all-winners season. Raja hasn’t been in the werk room for over 10 years, but that makes her an OG baby. Making her way into the werk room by way of the Atlantic is The Vivienne (UK Season 1), who impressed the judges in her season with her polished looks and perfect impressions. The last person in the werk room remains a mystery under a large hat until it’s revealed that it’s… RAVEN (professional first alternate). Raven says she identifies as a winner so she deserves to be in this season, and that’s fair enough to be honest.

Ru interrupts with a video message, and enters the werk room to welcome the queens back into the competition. Ru reveals that Raven actually isn’t in the competition (which actually had me confused for a while thinking about who was going to be doing Ru’s makeup, but anyways..). After our first fake-out of the season, Ru tells the queens that there’s a twist this season. The gag is that nobody will be eliminated this season. Each episode the queens will compete in challenges and Ru will name a top 2 All Stars who will each get a seve dollar enamel pin, and that change to lip sync for a ten thousand dollar tip, plus the chance to block another queen from receiving a star pin next week. This season winning the star pins means a lot, because the four queens with the most stars will compete in the lip sync battle for the crown of all crowns. But first, the library is officially open, because reading is fundamental and we have to get this show on the road. After some shady reads Ru announces that the winner of the season’s first mini challenge is Jinkx Monsoon. Ru tells the queens that for their first maxi challenge the queens will need to write their own sickening verses to her song Legends, and choreograph a performance. Out on the runway Ru introduces runway icon Naomi Cambell who is there to teach the girlies how to properly walk the runway. All of the queens walk for Miss Naomi, while she gives them tips on how to perfect their struts. Naomi and Shea share a heartfelt moment that had many of the queens fighting tears.

Back in the werk room the queens get out of drag and get down to writing their verses for the song. The queens elect Trinity to be the lead choreographer for the performance, and they move back out to the main stage to come up with a routine. Shea quickly takes over as the choreographer, and it becomes clear that there’s not a weak dancer in the bunch, so this season is going to be fierce. It’s a new day in the werk room, and the queens are getting ready for the first challenge and runway of the season and talk blocking strategy and they all agree that it doesn’t really make sense to block the weakest competitor. Monét and Trinity form an alliance, and Jaida gets emotional with how happy she is to be here. Out on the main stage Ru introduces this week’s judges Michelle, Carson, and this week’s extra special guest judge actress Cameron Diaz. Before we get to the main challenge, we are treated to a performance of a new song by Ru. The performance kicks off and every single queen gives a great performance.

On the runway the category is “I’m Crowning”, and the queens stun in regal lewks. Following the runway it’s time for critiques and they start with Raja. The judges love the level of detail with her looks, and Cameron thought she gave a great performance. The judges loved Jinkx’s performance, and say her lewk is radiant. They also say Monét killed it on the runway and in the challenge. Ru says she couldn’t take her eyes off of Trinity during the performance. Michelle says Yvie’s verse was amazing, but her wig needed some help. Her runway is sickening though. The judges love how polished The Vivienne’s runway is, and say Jaida took shots that paid off in the performance. Finally they tell Shea that her look was stunning and was blown away by her performance.
Following deliberations Ru announces that the top two all stars of the week are Shea and Monét. The two top queens have each earned a Legendary Legend Star, and lip sync to Ella Fitzgerald’s version of “Old Macdonald.” Both queens deliver animated performances, and in the end Ru picks Shea Coulee as the winner of the week. Shea wins a ten thousand dollar cash tip, and the power to block another queen from winning next week. Shea chooses Trinity the Tuck as the first queen to be blocked this season. This means even if Trinity wins next week she will not receive a star pin.

On the next episode: The queens play Snatch Game, and the battle to become the queen of queens heats up.

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