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RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 14 Episode 3 Recap: A Pair of Balls

The queens throw two separate balls, some old competitors return, and one more queen is eliminated. Bling Empire‘s Christine Chiu is a guest judge…

Last week we met the second half of this season’s queens. We watched as they rolled around a mini pool full of orange Tic Tacs in their photoshoot mini challenge, and as they fumbled through their talent show maxi challenge. Daya Betty became this season’s second queen to be sent packing after a lacklustre talent show performance. This week both groups of queens will be meeting each other for the first time. Plus, there’s a ball darling and we’re all invited.

This week’s episode begins in the werk room following Daya’s elimination. The remaining queens walk in the werk room and read Daya’s goodbye message on the mirror as Alicia Keys appears to tell them she’s not the only one that has stayed behind in the werk room. The other group of queens enter and meet each other for the first time. There are hugs and hellos and the queens kiki around the table getting to know each other. Now that they’re all together the competition is bound to get fierce.

The next day all the queens enter the werk room for the first time together, and it feels like the season has finally begun. Ru enters the room and welcomes all the queens to the competition, OFFICIALLY. And surprise! Ru also welcomes back the two eliminated queens from the first two episodes. GAG. Ru then escorts the pit crew and a tray of RuPaul candy bars. Ru reveals that there is a single gold bar hidden beneath the wrapper of one of the bars. One by one the queens pick and sign a bar. Following each lip sync the losing queen will open their chocolate bar on the main stage. If there’s a gold bar inside, they will be saved to slay another day. It’s giving Willy Wonka you guys. This week Ru and the queens are throwing not one, but two balls. The queens are split up in two groups based on what entrance group they were in. They will have to create three looks with different themes. Group one is assigned Animal Print, and group two is given red, white, and blue.
The queens get to work getting their looks together. The week one queens learn Maddie is straight and talk to him about it. June says she knew Maddie was straight because her left nipple “only gets hard for straight guys”. Surprise surprise a (small) handful of queens have NO idea how to SEW A GARMENT. At this point if you are on this show, I BEG YOU TO PLEASE BUY A SEWING MACHINE AND WATCH ONE YOUTUBE TUTORIAL. While the queens are sewing someone spots a giant dragonfly. Daya eats it on a dare and while everyone gags, Daya responds “I eat ass I can eat a bug”. Willow is having troubles with sewing her look because her hands literally won’t allow her, and Kornbread comes to her rescue. Honestly, I love this friendship and I hope we get to watch it blossom all season long.

It’s a new day in the werk room and all of the queens put the finishing touches on their looks and get ready for the main stage. June tells Orion that at first, she wasn’t happy to see her back in the werk room but ultimately, she’s happy she’s back because Orion didn’t really get to show everything she brought to the competition in that first epsiode. Lady Camden and Angeria have also sparked a close friendship, which is why they’re relentlessly teasing each other by the mirrors. Orion opens up to the other queens about the loss of her mom, and how she’s channelling her mom in her look tonight on the runway. Kerri talks about her challenging relationship with her family, which triggers Kornbread, who emotionally opens up in her confessional about what it was like growing up. These queens have special and supportive relationships with each other already. This might be the most empathetic and emotional cast of all time. Are we here for it?
Out on the main stage Ru introduces the judging panel Michelle, Carson, and this week’s extra special guest Christine Chiu from Bling Empire. The first ball is the “Hide and Chic Ball” and the category is “Zebra Print Resort”. The queens trot down the runway in haute zebra looks that range from 80s mall to safari chic. The Red White and Blue Ball’s first category is next, “Red Hot Resort”, and these queens are red hot in their flouncy and floaty looks. Back at the Hide and Chic Ball the second category is “Leopard Evening Wear”, and the queens are looking fierce AS F. All I can say is KERRI COLBY IN PURPLE LEOPARD. My jaw is on the floor. Over at the Red, White and Blue Ball category is “Evening Wear…Why It Gotta Be White?” and the queens all look like they’re headed to an a-list white party in their own signature style. The final category over at the hide and chic ball is “Bridal…Animal Style”, and the queens all make beautiful brides in animal print. Carole Baskin’s waist length wig has been officially snatched. The final category in the Red White and Blue Ball is “Red White and Blue Bridal Couture”, and the queens walk down the aisle in their patriotic bridal looks. Following the runway Ru announces Alyssa Hunter, Bosco, Kerri Colby, Kornbread, Daya Betty, Deja, Jasmine, and Lady Camden are all safe for the week and free to leave the stage.
The critiques kick off with Willow Pill and the judges love all three of her looks. They were all stunning and dynamic. Ru tells Orion that she’s beautiful, but Michelle says there was a lack of versatility in her looks tonight. Ru tells her that her challenge this season will be TO EDIT, because she’s doing the most, and not in a good way. Carson liked June’s zebra look, but she gets clocked for tripping in her eveningwear, and they don’t like how unfinished her final look is either. The judges loved how elevated all three of Angeria’s looks are. Michelle loved Jorgeous’s first two looks, and although the bridal look was stunning, it didn’t feel very “bridal”. Michelle tells Maddie her red hot resort look was her least favourite of the night YIKES! There was something missing from her second look too. But Ru surprisingly likes Maddie’s last look, but it might have been the coffee enema talking.
Following the judge’s deliberations all of the queens head back out to the main stage. Ru announces that Willow Pill is the winner of this week’s maxi challenge! SO WELL DESERVED. She ATE every category. Jorgeous, Angeria, and Orion Story are all safe, leaving June and Maddie in the bottom and up for elimination. The bottom two lip sync for their lives to “I Love It” by Kylie Minogue. After a lip sync filled with passion,wig reveals, and tripping hazards Ru saves Maddie. Now June’s actual fate in the competition will be revealed once she unwraps the chocolate bar. June unwraps her candy and WOMP WOMP it’s chocolate, which means she’s going home for good. This technically makes June the first official queen to go home this season. June sashay’s away and says her goodbyes.

Next week on Drag Race: The queens overact in a teaser challenge, JLo appears, and somebody wears flip flops on the main stage.

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