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Celebrating Canada’s LGBTQ2+ Community

FASHION SPREAD: The Girl With The P Tattoo (November/December 2021)

From Paul to Perla…

HAIR: Alan Ovalles

One simply cannot mention fashion, drag and Canada in the same sentence without talking about Perla. As she likes to say it, that’s Pearl with an A at the end instead of the middle. To this Calgary-born and now Toronto-based rising star, fashion goes deeper than a few runway references and a passion for fashion.

Paul, formerly known by his full name Paul Conrad Schneider through his fashionable social media pages, has always been an appreciator of the fashion world. But it wasn’t until watching Season 9 of RuPaul’s Drag Race and falling in love with Sasha Velour that the world started seeing a lot less of the fashionable Paul posting his drool-worthy outfit inspiration online and started seeing a lot more of the gorgeous garments of Perla.

But whether it’s in drag as Perla or out of drag as Paul, one thing is for certain: they don’t play around when it comes to their drive for, and knowledge and love of, fashion. This all stems from the love of suiting that started from Paul and has without a doubt trickled into the fashionable stylings you see on Perla today. After all, how many other pieces of clothing can you wear besides a two-piece suit that can make anyone, no matter their gender, feel as fierce?

Now, their love of fashion doesn’t only start and end with a love for suiting. Four years and a gorgeous closet filled with custom creations from fellow Calgary creative Benjamin Toner have evolved this once very fashionable lad into the diva who is the future of not only what Canadian drag has to offer, but what Canadian fashion has in store – especially when it comes to hair-flipping her way through Toronto’s Gay Village.

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