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The Best Of Gender-Fluid Scents, By Decade

Here are a handful of our favourites…

By Adriana Ermter

Perfumers have been mix-mastering unisex scents for centuries, some lasting for a moment, others for a lifetime. “A perfume is successful when it reaches a timeless balance that seduces one generation after another,” says Vann Guillon. “The materials blended into its composition, a smart design of its bottle and a sharp image that works year after year is the secret.” Here are a handful of our favourites…

1900s: Caron Narcisse Noir: daring and intimate, clean and loud, contradictory notes of soap, musk, rose, spice and wood intermingle.

1910s: Aqua di Parma Colonia: heady blooms mix with herbal, citrus and musk notes for an elegant finish.

1920s: Chanel Cuir de Russie: tobacco, leather, and white and yellow flowers intertwine.

1930s: Jean Patou Le Sien: sporty, fresh and green, like a sharp, crisp spring morning.

1940s: Carven Ma Griffe de Cologne: floaty and warm with breezy green, wood and floral notes, and a touch of spice.

1950s: Hermès Eau d’Hermès: fresh, aromatic, warm and spicy with undertones of leather.

1960s: Revlon Mood Drops: technically for women, the cloudy, woody, warm and aromatic scent was, at the time, also favoured by men.

1970s: Goya Aqua Mandan: a vibrant, warm and bright spicy orange.

1980s: Comptoir Sud Pacifique Eau de Tropiques: a sunshine-filled, warm citrus floral.

1990s: Commes des Garçons Commes des Garçons: honeyed cloves, cinnamon and cardamom mix with flowers and wood.

2000s: Bond No. 9 Eau de New York: dirty, sultry and gritty, notes of musk citrus, wood and flowers swirl as one.

2010s: Creed Royal Oud: stylish, exotic and warm with spiced woody, green and aromatic notes.

2020s: Frederic Malle, Dans Mon Lit: a sleepy, clean and powdered blend of musk and rose water.

ADRIANA ERMTER is a Toronto-based, lifestyle-magazine pro who has travelled the globe writing about must-spritz fragrances, child poverty, beauty and grooming.

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