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RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 13 Episode 15: RPDR Reunited

Ru-United and it feels so good…

We made it! We are nearing the end of our season 13 journey, and it has been a JOURNEY to say the least. This season we have seen double saves, multiple weeks with no eliminations, passionate lip syncs, and through it all we’ve been introduced to a group of wonderful new queens, some of which have changed Drag Race herstory forever. This week we get to see the queens reunite for the first time since filming has ended, and much like last season’s reunion episode, this reuniting of the season 13 queens is taking place virtually (for the most part). I have so many questions. Has Kandy convinced Joey Jay to fall in love with her? Will there be unbrewed tea between Tamisha Iman and Kandy? Will RuPaul be wearing a traditional Mexican wrestling mask again? Let’s find out!

Our reunion begins with Ru in a theatre, where the crew is preparing for next week’s finale. Keeping with this season’s theme of “safety first”, we’re celebrating our season 13 queens via video chat from their hometowns. All of the eliminated queens are introduced, and we are immediately treated to a montage of all of this season’s highlights. Kahmora Hall is fashionably late for her interview, and talks about her unforgettable Bob Mackie runway moments, her anxious and confused run on the show, and she tells us she’s working on getting ready in less than four hours. Kahmora’s segment finishes with a sultry music video, and we’re suddenly outside the theatre with Gottmik, following her around while she’s asked 69 questions. It’s very Vogue YouTube.

Next up, we’re catching up with Joey Jay, AKA Kandy Muse’s boyfriend. Joey talks about the lip sync gag of the season, and how fans of the show embraced her no wig moments. Joey won’t reveal if things have or haven’t happened between her and Kandy. I guess we’ll just have to wait for Kandy’s segment for the tea. For Joey Jay’s music video, she chooses to play all five members of NSYNC, as well as herself. The video ends with a cameo from Lance Bass himself. As a self-proclaimed Boy-Band fanatic, I have to agree that this is THE fantasy. Outside the theatre Rosé arrives and answers her 69 questions on her way to the stage.

Tamisha Iman’s highlight reel is next. Tamisha describes watching herself on the show as an out of body experience. She’s proud of her designs being on the runway, and of getting to compete with LaLa Ri. She says she stands by the things she said on Untucked, and although she and Kandy won’t be friends, she doesn’t wish her ill at all. For her music video, she chooses to perform to an original song, which is actually just a remix of her Untucked monologue. SHE SAID WHAT SHE SAID, and it’s iconique. Joey, Tamisha, and Kahmora get together to answer some fan questions.

Kandy arrives at the theatre and answers her 69 questions, but we still don’t have any more info on #Jody. LaLa Ri is up next and stands by her self-description of Olive Garden pasta salad, but this time with added balsamic vinaigrette. She loves the memes that came after her Bag Ball look and talked about the importance of the Black Lives Matter conversation she had in the werk room. She also uses her music video slot to premiere an original song.

Finally, Symone is outside the theatre, and answers her 69 questions, before we meet back up with Elliott with 2 Ts. Elliott was the only queen in the show’s history to be eliminated three times in a single season. She describes that as hard to watch back, but it made her stronger in the end. Elliott’s music video is beautifully choreographed, but we wouldn’t have expected anything less from the Las Vegas dancing queen. Elliott and LaLa answer fan questions together, and I’m sad we didn’t see this duo together more this season.

Up next, Denali talks about performing on her skates, her close relationship with Rosé, and her acceptance with her elimination. For her music video she serves us a K-pop inspired figure skating routine, and I think there should definitely be a skating challenge next season. After a game of Toot or Boot, Ru presents LaLa Ri with a golden boot award for the worst look of the season (re: aforementioned bag ball look). Tina’s highlights are next, and she’s surprisingly shown up in a black dress after showing up all season in a fiery colour palette. She talks about being a “mean girl”, and how surprised she was with the whole “Tamisha VS Kandy” moment. Tina performs an original song, and don’t worry, she’s brought back the red, orange, and yellow for the video. Denali and Tina answer some fan questions, and talk about maybe going on an ice rink tour? Fire and Ice anybody?

Ru throws it to the Queen Cam to see the real in-person reunion of the top four queens. They get a sneak peek at the stage, and meet Ru while taking the sights in. Ru asks them a few questions before introducing Utica back to the show. Utica might have had a few questionable moments near the end of her run, but she brought it to the design challenges, no questions about it. She says she really struggled watching the roast on tv, and girl, don’t worry. We did too. Her music video is thought out, and symbolic in an artsy. Just how we like to remember her by.

Olivia Lux is up next and says watching herself back on the show was mind-blowing. It’s hard to remember that Olivia has only been doing drag for just over a year, and she should be extremely proud of herself for making the top five of this season. True to her diva reputation, Olivia performs a Mary J. Blige song. Following the music video, Olivia and Utica answer some fan questions, which includes one that may allude to the fact that the two queens may have gone on a date after the season. Showmance tea?

Ru announces that this season’s lip sync assassins LaLa Ri, and Denali are lip syncing for top honours, and it’s for charity henny! The queens lip sync from their hometowns to La Bouche’s “Be My Lover.” Of course, the lip sync was everything, both queens delivered, but Denali wins the ten-thousand-dollar donation to her charity, but don’t worry, LaLa Ri’s charity also gets a five-thousand-dollar donation.

To finish the episode, we are treated to an unseen scene from last week’s mainstage. Ru asks each of the queens why they should be crowned in next week’s finale. All four queens are so talented, and I’m sure it will not be easy to pick a winner for next week’s finale.

Most likely to win the crown: All four of these queens deserve the crown. Kandy’s got the charisma, Rosé is a triple threat, Symone has delivered it to us on the runway every week in stunning looks, but if we’re going off of the overall season. I think the Season 13 crown belongs to Gottmik.

Most likely to win Miss Congeniality: As the sweetheart of the season, Olivia Lux is the obvious choice, but I wouldn’t count Denali or LaLa Ri out either.

This season’s most meme-able moment: Between Tina beating Rosé’s mug, and just about everything Kandy has said… it has to go to LaLa Ri walking down the runway in a ball challenge with paper gift bags taped to a black bodysuit.

What we’ll see next week: It’s the grand finale!! A new queen will be crowned, at a real theatre and everything!

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