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A Sex Educator’s Guide To Giving Great Head

Take notes: Here are some general guidelines to giving great head…

People say blowjobs are like pizza––even when it’s bad, it’s good. To beat this pun to death, when we order pizza, it’s important we cater to people’s individual taste. For instance, some might like olives, while others don’t.

The point being that every penis is unique, and what somebody wants in a blowjob differs from person to person. Sex in all its forms is subjective, and while there are some general guidelines one can apply when putting mouth on cock (example: teeth are generally a no-no), you’re best to play around down there, gauge reaction, communicate (which can be done verbally or non-verbally) and make informed assumptions.

From head to taint, here are some general guidelines to giving great head. The rest is up to you.

Getting into it
First and foremost, don’t be so goal-oriented when giving head. Enjoy your time down there, don’t tap your feet and countdown the minutes. Have fun exploring their entire body with your hands and mouth before venturing south.

Lick their nipples, kiss your way down to their stomach and slowly pull down their pants, kissing and licking their thighs. It not only feels fantastic, but relaxes the person receiving as well. If your jaw gets tired or your mouth has gotten dry during the blowjob (because these things happen), return to these tasks and give yourself a break.

You don’t want them to feel pressure to cum, either. Just because they haven’t––or perhaps they aren’t erect––doesn’t mean you’re doing a bad job or they aren’t enjoying themselves. This can be due to a number of factors that they might be insecure about, so enjoy the moment and the intimate space you two are sharing.

Asking if someone is close to cumming may make them feel pressure to climax, so refrain from doing that as well. As the person giving head, you should be having just as much fun as they are, so show some enthusiasm. A lot of people get turned on knowing that you love having their dick in your mouth, so show them how hungry you are!

The head
The head hosts the most nerve-endings on the entire penis, so you’ll want to spend a lot of time there. Kiss it, lick it, suck it, Bop It (kidding). Switch things up. Pop the head in and out of your mouth. Trace your tongue along the rim, the most sensitive part of the head, and lightly tap your tongue on the frenulum, the small connective tissue just below the underside of the head. Hell, slap the head of the penis against your tongue while making eye contact, that often goes over well.

The foreskin
A lot of the time, a penis will have a foreskin, which contains nearly 20,000 nerve-endings (so, a lot). This is another area where communication and reading body language is important since some people like having their foreskins pulled back with direct contact on the head, while others will recoil if you so much as touch the head when it’s exposed.

Foreskins can be licked, sucked, tugged and even nibbled. For a real liberating experience, you can put your tongue inside the foreskin and roll it around slowly––but only do this with people who aren’t as sensitive. Be careful when retracting the foreskin as well, since some foreskins become significantly tighter when erect. A good rule of thumb is to watch how they play with their penis and use that as your guide.

The shaft
The shaft is less sensitive than most other parts of the penis, so you’ll want to apply a firmer pressure. While you should definitely go down as far as you can with your mouth (some guys love it when you gag), you should get your hands involved, too. Not only can they act as a buffer at the base if the penis is too big to deep-throat, but stroking a cock while your mouth is on the head can be an out of body experience.

Again, versatility is key here. Switch up the pace and the lengths of the stroke, going from long and slow strokes to quick and shorter strokes (the latter is generally preferred when close to climax). Since our mouths can only produce so much saliva, you might want some lube to help things slide and glide better.

If you have the time to plan, things like gum and mouthwash can promote saliva production, or simply make sure you have a glass of water nearby. Gagging, in addition to being regarded as a compliment, can help promote saliva as well.

The balls
Testicles are testy. Some enjoy it when you fondle them whereas for others it’s too sensitive. According to a survey from MysteryVibe, 87 percent of people with penises enjoy when a partner plays with their balls, so it’s often a safe bet. If their body language seems tense, they stop responding or they pull away, it’s likely too sensitive for them.

When it comes to pressure, you’re best to be gentle, but firm. Yes, the balls are delicate, but anything too light might tickle. Hold the scrotum in the palm of your hand, squeeze gently, and release. Roll the testicles around in your hand. Trace the seam in the middle of the scrotum with your mouth or fingers, as that’s where it’s most sensitive.

You can also place a testicle or two in your mouth and gently suck on them, or swirl your tongue around each testicle in combination with some gentle lip pressure. As a general rule, you should be playing with the scrotum more than the testicles themselves.

The perineum
The perineum, also known as the “gooch” or “taint” is the swath of skin between the scrotum and the b-hole. Did you know that about one-third to a half of the penis is located inside the body? By rubbing or massaging the perineum, you can stimulate this oft-neglected portion of the penis and it feels pretty damn great. But that’s not all.

Just behind this area sits the prostate, otherwise known as the G-spot for people born with penises. This area hosts a ton of delicious nerve endings and can be stimulated externally via the perineum. You can stimulate the prostate externally via your fingers or tongue using slow, circular motions, tapping, or pressing on the gland using the same pressure you would when ringing a doorbell. If they enjoy it, you can try applying more pressure.

Some people also enjoy the feeling of facial hair in this area, just be slow, gentle and, as always, communicate throughout.

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