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5 New LGBTQ Books To Read This Fall 2020

There’s a little something for every reader…
By Sienna Vittoria Asselin
You may not be returning to school this fall, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get into the back-to-school spirit by adding a new book to your reading list. Here are five new must-reads out this fall that are sure to be page-turners. From love stories to dystopian novels to harrowing non-fiction, there’s a little something for every reader.
By Catherine Hernandez
In this futuristic novel, a repressive regime starts rounding up people of colour, people with disabilities, and members of the LGBTQ2S community into concentration camps. In the midst of this horrific new reality, a queer Black performer joins forces with a refugee and a social worker to fight back.
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Missing from the Village
By Justin Ling
In this non-fiction account, investigative journalist Justin Ling traces the devastating disappearance of men from the Toronto queer community and follows the steps of serial killer Bruce McArthur. He charts the denial of the police, the response of the community, and the blind eye that the government and legal system turned towards the situation.
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Bestiary: A Novel
By K-Ming Chang
This unique debut novel tells the intergenerational queer love story of a family that migrate from Taiwan to America and explores the folklore of their homeland.
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The Queer Advantage
By Andrew Gelwicks
This empowering book takes stock of LGBTQ+ people who are movers and shakers in their respective fields, from politics to tech to Hollywood and more. Through emotional and personal conversations, the book demonstrates how it was their queer identity that helped them achieve success in their careers, whether by positioning their differences as innovative, using their sensitivity to be more perceptive of others, or by being community oriented.
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The Cape Doctor
By E. J. Levy
You’ll have to wait till November for this one so be sure to add it to your pre-order list now. This fascinating historical novel brings readers back to 19th-century Ireland and reimagines the true story of Dr James Miranda Barry, a military surgeon that served in Cape Town and elsewhere in the British Empire. He had a brilliant career, reforming medicine for women, slaves, and native peoples, but his important legacy has been overlooked by the scandal caused at his death when his birth sex as female was discovered.
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