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RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 5 Episode 3 Recap: Get a Room!

Shantay! Enjoy your stay…

What a week it’s been since we said goodbye to legendary season one queen Ongina. It was sad to see one of the original queens go, but as Ru likes to remind us, All Stars is unlike anything we’ve seen before, and anything can and will happen. So who knows when we will see eliminated queens make a comeback in the near future. That being said, every week something new and exciting happens, and I don’t know about you, but I am so excited to see what happens on this week’s episode, and what kind of trouble Miz Cracker might find herself in this week.

We meet up with our queens in the werk room following Ongina’s elimination. As always, the “it’s getting real” speech happens, and the girls congratulate Shea on her stunning win last week. The queens agree it was sad to see Ongina go, but it is revealed that the lipstick voting was unanimous for Ongina to be eliminated. It may have been her time, but that doesn’t make it any easier to say goodbye. Mariah is feeling a little relief from not being sent home, but the fire is burning to step her game up. The queens are all gagged over the fact that Shea beat Alyssa Edwards in a lip sync, and another thing is also unanimous, Shea is the queen to beat so far. Can she hold on to her top spot?

The next day in the werk room Shea erases Ongina’s heartfelt message on the mirror, and Mayhem does a pretty good Ongina impersonation. Around the table, the conversation turns to Miz Cracker and her intentions for getting into Ongina’s head last week. Cracker insists her comment came from a place of wanting Ongina to believe that she deserved to be in the competition, but the other queens (especially Alexis) are not buying it. Just in time Ru’s video message chimes in to interrupt, but I have a feeling we’ll be having this conversation later in the episode. Ru enters the room in a beautiful custom suit and presents the queens with their maxi challenge of the week. They have to work in teams to create a state-of-the-art resort suites and sell them (similar to the nightclub challenge in the previous All Stars). The teams were randomly selected, and they are team 1: Miz Cracker, Mariah, and Shea. Team 2: Jujubee, India, and Alexis. Team 3 is Mayhem, and Blair. Jujubee wants an Alaska theme, and it wasn’t until she mentioned a salmon in a stream that I knew she was talking about Alaska the state, and not Alaska the queen. Team Cracker, Mariah, and Shea are choosing to go with a Golden Girls theme, and honestly that is a hotel that I would probably stay at. Blair and Mayhem go with an opulent gold theme, and if they pull it off it could be Versace Mansion in Miami realness.

Following the break its elimination day in the werk room and the queens are starting to get a little nervous about presenting their suites. Mayhem and Blair mention that they have been working a lot better this time around now that Cracker wasn’t part of their team. On the other hand, Shea mentions that she’s had a really good time working with Cracker. Alexis takes this as an opportunity to stir the pot and say that Cracker doesn’t respect her. It blows up before Shea steps in and breaks it up. Partly because everybody is starting to pile on, but also because that’s her teammate, and this is not the time for people to be getting into her head.

It’s finally time to see these luxury suites, and first up is the Golden Girls inspired room by Shea, Cracker, and Mariah. As a fan of the Golden Girls, the colour pink, and cheesecake, this is definitely a hotel I would book a room at. Next is the jungle fantasy suite presented by India, Alexis, and Jujubee. This suite was slightly reminiscent of that one room Elvis had in Graceland. It wasn’t realty my cup of tea, but you can’t say there wasn’t a cohesive theme throughout, and they committed to it. Last up, it’s time for the 24 karat gold experience with Blair and Mayhem. It was opulent, and once again, there was a clear theme. All three of the suites were pretty much on the same level, so it will probably be another close week.

Out on the main stage Ru introduces us to this week’s guest judges comedian Nicole Byer, and design superstar Martyn Lawrence Bullard. The category on the runway is THREE, THREE, THREE LOOKS IN ONE! This is a runway FULL of sickening reveals and I’m living. Blair starts it off strong with her looks through the decades. From Miz Cracker’s stunning take on a Fabergé egg, to Shea’s neon moth, all of these looks were so different and stunning. Following the runway Ru announces that her favourite suite was the 24 Karat Gold Experience by Blair and Mayhem, but the best performance of the week was from a queen in another group. Jujubee is this week’s top queen and I for one, am glad to see it. Jujubee really did kill it this week. Off the top, Jujubee, Blair, and Mayhem are safe for the week. First to be critiqued is Alexis Mateo, and while she did present three different looks, the judges agreed that they didn’t all work as cohesively as some of the other looks on the runway. India’s three looks were all different, but made from the same fabric which the judges thought was sickening, and I have to agree, but in her group she did get lost in the background. When it came to the Golden Gals room, the judges weren’t as impressed with the suite as I was. The judges loved Crackers look, while they thought Shea’s look was a little “crafty”, they all agree, the Golden Gal’s room had the foundation to be great, but it fell flat. Following the deliberations Ru declares Alexis, and Cracker are safe, landing Shea, Mariah, and India as the bottom three queens of the week, and also the queens that are up for elimination.

Back in the werk room the discussions get tense. This week is going to be a tough on everybody that has to make a decision. All of the bottom queens want to be in the competition, and none of them are going without pleading their case. It’s time for all of the queens to submit their votes, and it could honestly be any of the bottom three going home tonight. Side note, I love that we get to see who everybody is voting for, it really is a sickening take on Survivor’s tribal council, and I’m living.  Out on the runway it’s time for Jujubee to meet her lip sync assassin, who is none other than Monét X Change, queen of All Stars 4. Jujubee and Monét lip sync to Lizzo’s Juice. Monét is killing it, she did not come to play nice. Ru announces that once again, the lip sync assassin has won the lip sync, and that ten-thousand-dollar tip is rolling over to next week’s tip. Monét pulls the group’s vote out of her sleeve, and the third queen to leave All Stars 5 is Mariah Paris Balenciaga.

What we’ll see next week: Shea learns who voted for her to go home, and the queens put on a good show for the paparazzi.

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