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RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 12 Episode 10 Recap: Superfan Makeover

The top six keep it all in the family…

Last week we sadly said goodbye to Widow, and one step closer to finding out who our final queens are for the season. Drag Race fans were divided over Jeff Goldblum’s judging style, and they were even more confused over Michelle Visage video conferencing in. but hey, that’s just a sign of the times. This season is heating up, and we’re getting down to the best of the best, which means errors could be fatal, and every decision matters. This week we’re getting drag family makeovers, which is my personal favourite challenge of the season. Let’s get into it!

This week our episode starts in none other than our beloved werk room following Widow’s elimination. The queens agree that they’ll miss Widow, but they all thought that it was her inner saboteur that ended her time in the competition. Over on the couches, Jackie says that her time in the bottom has reinvigorated the fire inside of her to continue fighting. The rest of the queens congratulate Jaida on her big win, and Crystal and Jackie bond on being the only queens left this season who haven’t won a main challenge.

But a new day in the werk room with our top six means anything can happen. Ru wastes no time with a grand entrance, and we’re right into our maxi challenge of the week. The queens are surprising female superfans of the show with the infamous drag family makeover. As the superfans enter the room, they are all surprised to find out that they aren’t going to be in the audience for a performance, but they will be competing on their favourite show! HOW FUN! Because Jaida won last week’s maxi challenge, she is in charge of matching every queen with a superfan.

Following the pairing the queens and their fans get right to work on their makeovers. All of the queens seem to be getting along with their drag daughters for the day, which means miss Jaida did a great job pairing the queens up. During the werk room walk around, we get to know the superfans, and all of them are bringing great energy to the challenge. I mean how many chances do you get to be a contestant on your favourite show?

Before leaving the werk room Ru tells the queens that the superfans would have to lip sync, and what a dream come true! Out on the mainstage the queens take their daughters out to learn their choreography for their lip sync challenge. The next day in the werk room, it’s time for the transformations to begin! The queens get even closer to their drag mamas as they’re getting their makeup done. It’s another side to the queens to see, and although some of them get emotional, all of them seem to be having a really great time which I repeat is so so so fun to watch! Out on the main stage it’s time for the queens and fans to strut in front of Ru, Michelle, Ross, and this week’s guest judge actress Daisy Ridley. First up on the runway are Heidi and her drag daughter Honey in coordinating disco looks, which is also what our next queen Jackie is serving us. Next Jaida and her daughter are giving us a red sequin moment in one of the most stunning drag family looks I have ever seen on this show. Next out on the runway is Crystal and her daughter Opal giving us Bert and Ernie realness, and we’re all for it. It’s fun, wild, and colourful and totally different than anything else on the runway tonight. Sherry Pie is out next with her daughter in a retro pinup look. Are we surprised? No. But it works well for the challenge, and they look the most alike. Last on the runway is Gigi and her sister Bebe who both look like so much like supermodels they could rival the Hadid sisters.

It’s critique time, and it starts with a bang Heidi and Honey are praised for their confidence, but their downfall was with the outfits and the family resemblance. Next up the judges generally liked Jackie’s family schtick, but her outfits also fell flat in comparison to the other queens on the runway. On the other hand, the judges couldn’t get enough of Jaida and her sister. The resemblance was so strong it brought her drag daughter to tears. Next up, Ross had fallen head over heels for Crystal and Opal, and praised Crystal for continuingto show the world how unique her drag really is. We were also feeling the Muppet fantasy. Sherry Pie and her daughter Tara Misu both looked incredible on the runway, and the judges took note. Gigi and Bebe got good critiques from the judges, but it was Michelle who told Gigi that although her look was executed perfectly, it was a little simple for this point in the competition, and I have to agree. But enough with the critiques, it’s time for the queens to sit back, and the superfans to take the stage as they all lip sync for the first time together on the main stage. ALL OF THE FANS DID SO WELL. That was one of the most fun lip syncs I have ever watched, and you could tell that all of the fans were giving it their all. I’m so proud of them!

After the judges deliberations it’s time to find out who our tops and bottoms of the week are. Ru saves Gigi, Crystal, and Sherry. Jaida wowed the judges for a second week in a row and won this week’s maxi challenge. This leaves Heidi and Jackie in the bottom, and up for elimination. The two bottoms lip sync to “Kill the Lights” by Alex Newell. Both Jackie and Heidi give the lip sync there all. We can all tell that both of these queens are not ready to go home just yet. It’s high energy and explosive, so it’s not surprising that Ru uses her double save of the season on this week’s episode. Shantay both these queens get to stay and live to see another day. But they better bring it next week.

Front runners of the week: Jaida and Crystal are really pulling out all the stops to make their mark on the competition, and now is the right time.

Best running joke of the week: Heidi continuing to take slogans from Ru, and her drag daughter. It’s not plagiarism if you ask girl! Get that coin!

What we’ll see next week: Puppets, one women shows coached by comedy legend Whoopi Goldberg, and drama on the couches!

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