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RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 12 Episode 3 Recap: World's Worst

It’s time for an improv challenge! Will the queens shine or scramble?…

Another week has gone by since we last spoke, and Drag Race seems to still be in a bit of hot water over the news that has broken about some of the contestants over the past few weeks. Not surprisingly, this week’s episode started with a written statement. The statement which was the exact same that was posted to the show’s social channels last week states that “in light of recent developments, and Sherry Pie’s statement, she will be disqualified from the season, though VH1 will air the season as planned. Sherry will not appear in the grand finale which is being filmed later this spring”. The situation has thrown a bit of shade over the entire season, which by this point should still be exciting to watch. Nevertheless, we will persist through, and see what awaits our season 12 queens this week.

This week’s episode starts with both sets of the queens meeting each other for the first time in the werk room. Though it looks like there might be a fight, the queens embrace each other’s presence with open arms. The meeting quickly turns to an interrogation with each set trying to find the weakest members are on each side. Everybody de-drags again, and as two-part premieres go, it looks like the queens will stay on their sides for the first few weeks. The next day in the werk room all of our queens enter together for the first time. They immediately receive Ru-mail, which suggests another singing/acting/dancing talent, and I have a feeling it’s going to be all over the place. Ru enters the werk room and announces that starting this week somebody will actually be sashaying away. Ru asks the two winners to line up their opposite groups from top to bottom to who they think is their biggest competition. Widow goes first and puts Sherry at the top of her list, and Aiden Zane at the bottom. Not surprising, pageant girls seem to never understand, and continue to underestimate the conceptual queens on this show. Jaida goes second and ranks Gigi first, and Heidi as her weakest competition. Ru tells the queens this challenge they will be split into four groups, with the winners of last week leading two, and the two queens they put at the bottom for the mini challenge. The teams are competing in an improv competition based off of a reality competition show. Sound familiar? The leaders pick their teams and rehearsals begin. This challenge is different from anything we have seen on Drag Race before. The first team, Aiden, Sherry, and Brita hit a bump in the road pretty fast when Brita and Sherry don’t feel Aiden is capable of leading for this challenge. The rest of the groups rehearse as expected, with a bit of tension, and some queens thinking they’re the best improv comedians of all time. We’ll see.

It’s time for World’s Worst, and our queens are gathered in the audition room. First up, and ready to be judged by Ross Mathews, Charo, and foam head Ornacia… is the Del Rio Trio (Gigi, Heidi, and Jackie). Their performance was pretty tight. They worked really well together, and all three had a chance to shine, with nobody speaking over each other. The next group is the Squirrel Scouts (Crystal, Widow, and Nicky). This group was funny, but not as strong as the first. Next up is the Fruity Patooties (Dahlia, Jan, Rock, and Jaida). As entertaining as this group was, it was a little all over the place, and once again not as strong as the first group. It’s time for the final group (Brita, Aiden, and Sherry). All three of them were speaking at the same time (on purpose). Ross seemed to enjoy the performance. It was memorable enough to not land them in the bottom, but they’re far from the top.

It’s elimination day in the werk room and the queens are preparing for the runway, and critiques. The category is Buttons and Bows, and this week’s guest judge actress Olivia Munn, is here for it. All of the queens took such different approaches to the category, which was so fun to watch. Safe this week are Widow, Jaida, Jan, Rock, Gigi, Aiden, and Brita, leaving the rest of the queens as the tops and bottoms of the week. The judges tell Dahlia her runway is gorgeous, but she really struggled in the challenge. Heidi (who may or may not be changing her name) received highest praises for both her runway, and performance in the challenge. Not bad for being placed in the bottom during the mini challenge. Crystal received a bit of harsh critique met with a bit of a sob story stemming from a comment on her makeup. I have to ask… is this not a drag show? After deliberations, Ru announces that the winner of the week is Sherry Pie. Sitting pretty at the bottom are, Dahlia, and Nicky. To avoid elimination, the two must lip sync for their lives to Ariana Grande’s “Problem.” After a pretty lackluster lip sync battle Ru saves French queen Nicky Doll, and sends home Dahlia Sin, making her the first to be eliminated this season, leaving without even saying a word.

Frontrunner of the week: Gigi is still standing out for me, but I have to hand it to Jaida this week. She really turned it around and has proven she is one to watch. 
Poor sport of the week: Dahlia could have done SOMETHING with her goodbye message, but now I don’t even want to follow you on Instagram girl!
What we’ll see next week: It’s time for a good old-fashioned ball!! Michelle challenges a look, and there’s drama at the makeup mirror.
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