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6 RuPaul's Drag Race Ru-veals That Still Have Us Gagged

Unless there are flower petals under that wig, don’t bother taking it off…

Nothing can quite compare to the theatrics and drama of Drag. We have been dazzled and spoiled with breathtaking outfits and performances for 11 seasons now. With each new season comes higher stakes, and a bigger audience, so those reveals better be worth it. Wigs have been thrown on that runway, so unless there’s something special hiding under there, don’t bother.

Here are six of the most shocking and epic Drag Race reveals ever…

Robbie Turner’s lip-sync on roller-skates
Season 8

After the remaining queens slipped and slid through an entire runway done solely on roller skates, Robbie Turner shocked the fellow queens when they opted to keep the roller skates on to compete in the episode’s lip sync. Robbie’s moves were fast, calculated, and dare I say, choreographed for you know, rollerskates. I can’t remember much about that episode, but I do remember the shock value of performing a whole number on wheels, and it was impressive.

Alaska’s transformation from cloak to cake
All Stars 2

Probably one of the most comedic reveals from the show’s history, Alaska entered the runway covered in a black cloak made out of garbage bag material, only to reveal herself in full Lil’Poundcake glory. The reveal was unexpected, shocking, and not to mention hilarious. Lil’Poundcake has since become an iconic character, collectible doll, and household name of drag race superfans, which is what makes this ru-veal that much sweeter.

Violet Chachki’s double jumpsuit
Season 7

The fact that this reveal took place during season 7’s first episode while we were just getting to know the queens speaks to how much of an icon Violet is. During a runway challenge used to showcase some of the queen’s signature looks, Violet emerged in a black sequin jumpsuit, undid a belt, and suddenly it was an even more fabulous plaid sequin jumpsuit. Ru was shook, Michelle had nothing to say, Carson didn’t know what to do with himself. The scene has become an iconic moment in the show’s history, and set the tone for Violet throughout her rise to the champion of that season.

Brooke Lynn Hytes wig and outfit change
Season 11

It was the lip sync reveal heard around the world, and definitely one of the stand out moments of season 11. After her terrible performance as Canadian Icon Celine Dion, Brooke knew she had to pull all of her best tricks out in order to stay in the competition. She entered the runway in a brown Afro and pink sequin poncho, and left it in a long blond wig, and bodysuit. I watched this reveal about six times when it happened to make sure I wasn’t dreaming, and to be honest with you, I’m still not totally sure it happened.

Sasha Velour’s Flower Power
Season 9 Finale

This reveal tops a lot of people’s lists, and for good reason. Sasha’s super arty style and passionate performance made her finale reveal legendary, and contributed to her well-deserved win. During one of her final lip syncs, Sasha removed her long crimson wig, to reveal her signature bald look, but when she removed the wig, a cascade of rose petals fell from her head. It was beautiful, symbolic, and such a well thought out reveal. At this point, if there isn’t something special under that wig, don’t bother taking it off.

Roxxxy Andrew’s wig under wig
Season 5

Before Brooke Lynn, and before Sasha, there was Roxxxy Andrews. I couldn’t rank this list without paying respect to one of the trailblazers of iconic reveals on the Drag Race stage. It’s been done, and done, and done again, but nothing can compare to the image of Roxxxy taking off her wig on stage, shortly before revealing her painful backstory, only to reveal an equally fabulous and flowing wig underneath. Roxxxy was a wig-reveal trailblazer, and while it certainly can’t be done by everyone, we could watch Roxxxy reveal wig under wig under wig again and again.

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