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RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 4, Episode 10 Recap: Super Queen Grand Finale

And the winner is…Wait, what?…

Well, we’ve made it to the end of another Drag Race. We’ve made it through twists, and turns. We’ve made it through unjust eliminations, and some queens sticking around a little too long. We’ve been gagged, and gooped, and thrown for a loop, and it all leads up to this episode, the finale! At the end of last week’s episode, Trinity the Tuck sent Latrice Royale home leaving our remaining four queens to fight for the crown, and their spot in the imaginary Hall of Fame. When we meet up with our queens in the werk room this week, Trinity explains that eliminating Latrice was hard, but left it up to her statistics to send her packing, and reminded the rest of the queens that het judging has always been fair. When it came time for Monique to show her lipstick, she played a trick and faked out Monét before revealing that she too chose Latrice to go home. It’s the final round, and all of the queens are feeling the heat. At this point it is still very much anybody’s game.

The next day in the werk room the celebratory reality of being in the top four settles in, with Ru entering and announcing this week’s maxi challenge. The top four queens would be competing in a musical challenge to write, and perform a verse for Ru’s song Super Queen. This is a typical final challenge for All Stars. It typically delivers stunning results (see Read U, Wrote U). The challenge also includes a choreographed moment by judge Todrick Hall, and of course, an interview on Michelle and Ru’s podcast. On the couches the two Mo’s have a heart to heart about how special it would be to be in the top two together. Not likely with Trinity still in the competition but it was a nice moment.

The next day at the dance rehearsal, Trinity is immediately intimidated by Todrick’s instruction due to her lack of dance ability. Naomi is distracted by one of the backup dancer, and Monique is shaken by the fact that she’s going to have to do a cartwheel, and I felt that pain. When it came time to practice their individual parts, each of the queens struggled with picking up the steps, except for Monét who picked up her choreography super fast. Like I said, it’s anybody’s game. As per usual, the podcast revealed what the queens personally thought about their personal journeys in the competition and their own personal origin stories.

Back in the werk room the top four were surprised by past All Star winners Chad Michaels, Alaska, and Trixie Mattel, who revealed that the three of them would be deciding who would win the All Star crown. JUST KIDDING, Ru is still making the decision for the finale. Instead, the hall of famers brought cocktails, and moral support to the top four. While they’re getting ready for their final challenge, the queens reflect on their time in the competition, and what they’re worried about going into the final challenge. Some are nervous, and some are excited. Trinity and Monique reveal that they’re feeling a little exhausted by the competition. Burn out is very real, you guys.

Out on the main stage, it’s the last time for the queen to wow the judges. Accompanied by the hall of famers in the backing band, all of the top four crushed their verses, and choreography involving various capes. All four of these queens have earned their spot in the top. On the runway, the top four all pulled out stunning eleganza lewks, all fir for royal-tea. The final critiques were of course all positive. Monét was praised for her growth from her season (a year ago). Monique was commended for her polished look, and hairography in her verse. Naomi was told that she continues to turn premium fashion lewks. And Trinity was praised for being professional drag excellence through the whole competition. Ru finishes the critiques with the famous pageant question, “Why should you win?” It’s hard to pick a favourite in this moment because all four of these queens have worked really hard to be in the top. There hasn’t really been a clear frontrunner from the beginning, making it a really balanced, and fun season.

After the judges deliberated or the first time this season, the queens were called back on stage for the crowning. All decked out in sparkly bodysuits, Ru announces that Naomi and Monique are eliminated, leaving Trinity and Monét to lip sync for their crown as the top two All Stars of the season to Christina Aguilera’s Fighter, fitting. The top two The lip sync is explosive, and full of passion, you can tell how badly each of them wants the crown. Following the lip sync, Ru announces that the winner of All Stars 4 is… both of them!? For the first time in drag race herstory, the competition has ended in a tie. For a season with so many twists and turns, it only makes sense. In somewhat of a messy ending for the season, another All Stars competition is wrapped up, but not to worry, a new season of Drag Race is back on February 28!

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