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New Gay Men's Health Campaign Encourages Men To "Take Pride" In Their Health

“Through this campaign, medsEXPERT wants to acknowledge the sex that men have and for all of us to be proud of who we are”…

A new gay men’s health campaign is looking to spark a dialogue and encourage gay men to take pride in their sexual health and being informed.

medsEXPERT, a recently opened gay-owned and queer focused pharmacy in downtown Toronto, launched the provocative PSA this week to coincide with the launch of Pride festivities across the city. The gay men’s health campaign was inspired by misleading depictions of gay men’s lifestyles and aims to rid gay men of any preconceived shame that comes along with choosing to be adventurous with their sex lives.

“There is still a lot of stigma out there around the sex gay men have, it’s not always easy to find friendly or knowledgeable doctors and healthcare providers for LGBTQ+ folks,” Micheal Fanous, the owner and pharmacist at medsEXPERT told IN. “Through this campaign, medsEXPERT wants to acknowledge the sex that men have and for all of us to be proud of who we are.”

“Gay, bisexual, and queer men should not feel ashamed, guilty or judged because of the sex they are having,” says Fanous.

Fanous worked alongside Matthew McLaughlin of Toronto-base production company Bulldog Productions to create a sexy PSA that sells safer sex and encourages a more open discussion.

You can watch the full “Know Yourself – Know Your Health” PSA here:

MedsExpert Pharmacy LGBTQ Health is located at 484 Church Street in Toronto. For more information visit:

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