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RuPaul's Drag Race Season 10, Episode 6 Recap: Drag Con Panel Extravaganza

How Eureka got her groove back…

Last Thursday we said sashay away to Mayhem Miller, and when this week’s episode started Monét X Change was still shaken from her time spent in the bottom, two weeks in a row. This week though, the post elimination tea that was spilled was from none other than Miz Cracker. Cracker, who has been consistent with her comedy, looks, and performance, is always given special mention from the judges, but never given first place. Come on Susan Lucci of season 10. While Miz Cracker was discussing the shortcomings of her own performance, some of the other queens were dragging Monét in the confessionals, stating that though she is one of the funniest queens from New York, her performances this season have been very hit or miss.

And just like that, our fierce top nine were saved by the “she done already done had herses”, and in popped Ru for this week’s ridiculous mini challenge. Sitting on a Secret was the name of the game, and it had the queens sitting on various objects (fax machine, eggplant, cake) and guessing what they were. In a challenge I imagine to be a lot harder than it looks, Asia O’Hara dominated, winning the challenge, and a $2000 hair care package. In keeping true to the Drag Race brand, this week’s mini challenge, had absolutely no tie in to the maxi challenge, which was for the queens to create their own drag con panels and holding them in front of a live audience who would participate, and ask questions on one of three topics (body, face, and hair).

The queens were able to pick their own groups for the panel challenge, and I’m sure it gave everybody watching traumatic flashbacks to being picked last for dodge ball in gym class. Monét, fresh off her second consecutive run in the bot>tom two, nervously looked around as the other queens dodged her. While Kameron, quietly didn’t know where to turn, and thus the two were excluded from any other group until Eureka came to save the day. She suggested the three work together and take the body category. Blair St. Clair, Miz Cracker, and The Vixen took hair, leaving Aquaria, Asia O’Hara, and Monique Heart with face.

Though they seemed like an unlikely trio, Team Body had several secret weapons when it came to their panel. The first being Eureka, who had actually participated in Ru Paul’s Drag Con in the past, thus, using her experience to shape her group’s panel into the perfect mix of information, and comedy. Being a seasoned drag con queen, Eureka also recognized the benefit of having a good moderator for their panel, which really drove the conversation into awesome places. Team Body’s second secret weapon was diversity. Each queen has a different body, and this made their panel fun, interesting, and appealing for all. Extra snaps for Eureka’s politically woke response to her team’s audience question. Damn, Eureka is kind of coming through, and we’re kind of here for it.

Team Face made some great points during their panel, and they too saw the benefits of using a moderator to drive the conversation. Their panel started with each of the queens talking about their background with makeup, which was a sweet. Though Team Face had great tips and answers during the question period, it all started to unravel during the tutorial segment, where Asia was teaching the audience how to apply lashes, while Aquaria was giving a step-by-step of a glitter lip (which was just eyelash glue and craft glitter). The girls spoke over each other, which made it confusing for the audience to figure out which queen to pay attention to.

Last was Team Hair, and oh boy was it a situation. Statistically, this team was stacked, and had it in the bag. However, their decision to go without a panel moderator made for a confusing topic of discussion. There really wasn’t a lot of talk about hair, or wigs. Instead, the audience was treated to Miz Cracker, and The Vixen performing a roast, and poor, sweet Blair St. Clair getting both caught and lost in the crossfire. The hair panel also included a lot of jump cuts to the judge’s straight faces, and I think at that point we all knew how this was going to end.

This week’s runway category was Hat’s Amazing, which I think may be the best play on words we’ve seen on season 10 to date. The queens worked the runway in their best hat looks for the judges, and guests this week, Kumail Nanjiani, and his partner and co-writer of The Big Sick, and Drag Race super fan Emily V. Gordon. We were treated to Kameron’s Barbarella meets Gaga, Eureka’s neck to toe houndstooth cat suit with cape, and Miz Cracker’s white lace gown and hat made of hair. Team Body came out as the tops of the week, while Team Face was safe, and not surprisingly, Team Hair were announced the bottoms, and up for elimination. Michelle praised Kameron for finally coming out of her shell, and encouraged her to keep showing her personality through the challenges. Monét X Change finally broke her bottom two curse, and Eureka was announced as the fan vote favourite of the panels, and the maxi challenge winner for the second week in a row. As for the bottom three, Cracker was saved by the brim of her hair hat, leaving Blair and The Vixen to battle it out in this week’s lip sync.

Blair and The Vixen lip-synced for their lives to “I’m Coming Out” by Diana Ross. The Vixen threw her whole body into the performance, literally, and Blair gave an emotional performance after revealing a troubling, and dark moment from her past. Ultimately, Ru gave a second chance to The Vixen, sending the sweet-as-can-be Blair St. Clair packing just as we were getting to know her. “I declare I’m Blair St. Clair, and I’m coming out” We love you Blair, and can’t wait to see how far you go.

Takeaway from episode six:
Now that there are nine queens, it really could be anybody’s game. We are seeing queens who are the top one week sink to the bottom the next.
Best self-promo:
Aquaria wearing her own merch during the mini challenge.
What we’ll see next week:
Snatch Game (FINALLY!), and the queen of all shady queens, Bianca Del Rio! #HurricaneBianca
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