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RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 10, Episode 4 Recap: The Last Ball On Earth

I don’t know why you’re all gagging. A queen brings it with a hot glue gun every season…

It’s been a week since we said goodbye to Yuhua Hamasaki, and as her lipstick message was wiped from the mirror, the queens gave us their weekly take on the events of the last runway/elimination. As usual, a queen that was in the bottom claimed she didn’t think she deserved to be there (Mayhem), and a top queen was called out for borrowing an element of her outfit from another queen (Asia O’Hara’s Tweety gloves were actually borrowed from Blair St. Clair).

However, there is no time to dwell on the past because Ru has another ridiculous mini challenge for the queens. After getting into 15-minute quick drag, the girls were challenged to photo bomb celebrities via a green screen. Aquaria’s near flawless quick drag, and hilarious Kimye red carpet photo bomb won her the challenge, and a $1000 Postmates credit. Condragulations girl.

After the mini challenge the queens got right down to work because this week’s maxi challenge was a ball darling, and the theme was climate change and the end of the world. It was a three-look (lewk/lerk?) ball and let’s break it down, because it gets a little confusing. Category 1: Alaskan Winter Realness (beach/summer looks). Category 2: Miami Summer Realness (ice queen/ winter looks). Category 3: Martian Eleganza Extravaganza (life on Mars looks). While the girls were working on their unique looks, a lot was revealed. Miz Cracker shared that she feels pressure to stay consistent with the quality of her looks after recalling a slightly troubling story of her father’s reaction after winning a karate trophy as a child. Monét X Change was still pulling sponges out from her drag on a dime look from episode one, and Asia O’Hara revealed she is a skilled, and professional costume designer. It is also worth mentioning that there was a moment where all of the queens echoed “Vanjie….Vanjie” in the werk room. The Vanjie legacy truly does live on through all of us.

Once it was time for the ball to begin Mother Ru made her grand entrance, and she was serving all kinds of Martian realness. Once Ru, and her sunglasses were settled with the other judges (Ross Mathews, Michelle Visage, and guests judges Logan Browning, and Tisha Campbell-Martin), it was time for the ball to begin. The first category (Alaskan Winter Realness) served us a lot of swim looks, mostly vintage. Though Miz Cracker’s two-piece made out of blonde braids, and green wig hula skirt was a step outside the bikini-box. The second category (Miami Summer Realness) gave us all of our ice queen fantasies, and a lot of fur. Aquaria’s hand-dyed pastel fur ensemble stood out from the white fur coats, and silver glitter most of the queens were wearing. The last category (Martian Eleganza Extravaganza) served a lot of different looks. As a whole, a lot of patent, a few capes, and a bedazzled space helmet. Aquaria’s daring black patent lightning bolt look, and Miz Cracker’s bedazzled space cadet look both stole the show, so it’s no surprise they were the top queens of the week, along with Kameron Michaels (who was given praise for her looks on the runway for the first time). Aquaria won the maxi challenge, making her the second queen this season to win a mini, and a maxi in the same episode.

The bottoms of the week included Dusty Ray Bottoms, Monét X Change, and Asia O’Hara. During the critiques it was revealed that Asia helped every single queen with their outfit this week, leaving only a little time to polish her own looks to perfection. After deliberating, Ru and the judges decided Asia’s slip up was most likely a one-off, and told her to focus on herself before helping the other queens. Because their looks were not as well thought out, and polished as the others, Dusty Ray Bottoms and Monét X Change were chosen to lip sync for their lives to Nicki Minaj’s “Pound the Alarm.”

Monét’s hilarious lip sync included a death drop tease, and a moment with her mask over her mouth that was giving me flashbacks to Valentina’s season nine elimination. Unfortunately, someone had to go, and Dusty Ray Bottoms became the fourth queen eliminated from season 10, but not without leaving her beauty mark on the competition. We’ll miss your dots girl! Bottoms up!

Takeaway from Episode 4:
– “Lewk” is dead… it’s all about “Lerk” now. 
Biggest ??? moment:
– Monét X Change’s history lesson about accents.
What we’ll see next week:
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    PMazz / 13 April 2018

    Shania Next Week!!!!
    Thanks for the recap – Wont have time to catch up this weekend!


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