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Learn How To Squirt

Can a woman learn to ejaculate?…
Pretty much every cisgendered woman is physically equipped to ejaculate, so let’s start with a basic anatomy lesson.
The urethral canal, inside your body, leads from the bladder to the urethral opening, a tiny hole located above the vaginal opening and below the clitoris—the yellow traffic light, if you will. (How apropos.) The urethral canal is surrounded by glandular tissue, like a garden hose wrapped in a big thick fuzzy blanket. When you get turned on, that tissue swells with fluid drawn from your bloodstream.
Surrounding the urethral opening are even tinier openings known as the para-urethral ducts. This is where ejaculatory fluid comes out when you squirt. It’s not pee; it doesn’t come from the bladder and it doesn’t come out via your urethra, just awfully close by.
If you put a finger inside your vagina an inch or two and angle up toward your belly, you’ll be pressing on some slightly rough-feeling skin which is essentially the bottom side of the glandular tissue surrounding the urethra. This is known as the G-spot, but it’s not like a button—more like a roughly demarcated area. If you’re really turned on, you may notice that it feels a bit like pressing upward into a water balloon.
For some women, firmly stroking or thrusting into this area will feel really good, particularly if you’re already very aroused. It may start to feel like you need to pee—but really it’s that you wanna squirt! To let that happen, you need to retrain your instinct to clamp your muscles inward to prevent a leak. If anything, you may want to try bearing down as though you were pushing pee out; the muscular contractions can help squeeze the fluid out.
Squirting feels like an intense release. It may or may not come along with an orgasm of the clitoral variety. Sometimes it’s easier to ejaculate after you’ve already come, because you’re more relaxed.
Unlike semen, ejaculatory fluid replenishes very quickly as long as you stay hydrated. That means that for lots of folks, it’s possible to squirt over and over again more or less indefinitely. Swig a bottle of water and lay down a towel or 10. Plastic sheets can help. I’m serious. You may squirt anywhere from a teaspoon to several cups’ worth of fluid. Hot!
Here’s the trick, though. If you put psychological pressure on yourself to squirt, you may end up feeling tense and anxious. That makes it much harder to work up the kind of intense deep-body arousal that leads to ejaculation. Your best bet is to relax and just enjoy the ride without being too intensely goal-oriented.
Remember also that depending on your menstrual cycle, tension levels and hydration, you may squirt lots sometimes, less other times and sometimes not at all.
Try reading Sheri Winston’s book Women’s Anatomy of Arousal if you want more detailed info.

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    Netta / 12 July 2020

    let me tell you I have had lots of sex with different men. I have only had 3 men get me to squirt. My current husband is the only one to really get me to not only squirt but flood. I actually shoot it out and it will get him in the face. And I don’t push unless doing anal. I mean I will sosk through 4 think towels folded to fit under me with in 5 – 7 minutes of him playing with me. Then we have to switch towels before we start actual sex because here come snother set. And I can flood nonstop for at least 3 minutes straight. He has an amzing touch.

    Shay / 09 June 2020

    Ok so I am 19 so that might seem kind of young but when I tried to relax my body i wasn’t able to squirt. I always have orgasms so that’s not a problem but trying to squirt is hard. Is this the only way that someone can squirt?

    Kate / 18 May 2020

    I’m an almost 52 year old woman.
    I didn’t have an active sex life till age 49 I hadn’t had an orgasm
    With my current boyfriend. Omg
    Ive experienced so much pleasure
    Squirting. That was a first. But how do I continue
    And honest. Masturbating. I’m having a hard time

    Chi / 30 March 2020

    I am 21 years old and I have a boyfriend. I can get wet but i have trouble staying wet bc I take allergy/asthma medication which a lot of articles said this can lead to vaginal dryness. I get wet but it’s not super wet. Me and my boyfriend have to use lube to counter this. I also have trouble finding my G spot and A spot. I really really want to squirt but I feel like I’m the 1% who can’t do it. Any tips?

      Juic / 28 April 2020

      Me too 🙁

      Sky / 11 April 2020

      I cant even pleasure myself without worrying if Im gonna have a heart attack. Anxiety disorder sucks, ive tried masturbation but i cant cum at all. Ive spent 30 mins to even an hour and nothing. It makes me depressed.

        Jaden / 12 May 2020

        Just relax a little if that’s possible. I’d love too help you with your situation though. As a man it seems I wouldn’t know shit I know but just relax as much as possible. Your relaxation is crucial to you having oh my good damn wow I just busted. I’ve met several women I honestly thought were lying at first when they said they never had an orgasm. They can’t say that anymore but it’s because they trusted me and relaxed more than because I was f n great in bed. If you still need help with this issue and are ever in the Memphis area jadensld9@gmail. I’ll see what we can make happen

          dickface / 15 June 2020

          wow youre so cool i bet you think youre hot shit for lying to everyone about your sexual experiences and pretending like youre doctor love over here

          Luna / 06 June 2020

          Did you really just shoot your shot on a magazine site?

            Shay / 09 June 2020

            Lol he did indeed


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