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Ten Minutes With Mia Martina

Sexy. Stunning. Proud. Canadian dance-pop singer Mia Martina has all the bases covered. The New Brunswick-born singer’s debut album, Devotion, was nominated for Dance Recording of the Year at the 2012 Juno Awards, and now she’s bringing the beats to Toronto Pride.

We caught up with the dance floor sensation to talk about her gay fans, LGBT issues that matter to her and, of course, glitter.

In Toronto:How does it feel to be performing at Toronto Pride?

Mia Martina: It feels really good! I love pride events. I did pride in Chicago last year and it was so amazing. I’m really looking forward to it and being in the hometown with all my friends.

In: What’s it like performing at pride festivals?

MM: So amazing. The audience just enjoys everything. They sing with you. Everybody is just so happy!

In: Describe your relationship to the gay community.

MM: They’re big fans of my music. I work a lot with gay the community. I’m always in contact with them. They’re great fun. They’re very into the arts and very sweet and open-minded. Every time they see me, they say, “Oh my god! I’m a big fan of your music.” It’s the best compliment.

In: Pride is a usually a time when people draw attention to specific LGBT issues. What issues are on your mind these days?

MM: This whole school bullying thing needs to stop. It’s crazy. We need a bigger support system. Parents have to speak out. It’s important for kids to know they have someone to reach out to. I’m a big supporter of doing whatever it takes. Parents and teachers have to come together and find a solution.

In: Your music has taken you all over the world. What have you learned about diversity in your travels?

MM: I’ve learned that at the end of the day everybody just wants to feel loved and feel happy. And music can influence that. You can have two people who don’t know each other and don’t speak english, but if they like the music, they just get along. It’s a universal language.

In: At what point was it clear that you were destined to become a singer?

MM: My mom caught me singing at age three. I would sing Cher, Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey and put on karaoke shows. It drove my mom absolutely crazy. She knew I would do something in music.

In: How would you describe your style?

MM: I’m a girly girl. I love glitter. I like to look pretty. I love that aspect. And I’m always me. What you see is Mia.

Mia Martina performs on Sat, June 30th on the TD Wellesley Stage (Wellesley/Yonge). 10:30pm. No cover. pridetoronto.com

Watch Mia’s sexy cover version of “Stereo Love” below!



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