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RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 11, Episode 11 Recap: Bring Back My Queens!

What’s the Tea Cyst?…
Who here has felt personally attacked by the elimination of Cain last week? Her elimination (much like Plastique’s the week before) felt kind of premature to me. Sure, we’re getting down to the cream of the crop this season, eliminations are getting harder and harder, but it seems like there are maybe some other queens (Silky) that should at least be feeling the wrath of being in the bottom two. This week we were promised the return of our fallen queens, and something tells me there might be a suspicious swap out happening near the end of the episode.
Following Shuga’s elimination, the queens enter the werk room this week feeling the loss of Shuga in the competition. Vanjie, is once again shook from the lip sync… I wonder how many times she will be in the bottom before the judges finally decide sticking to her brand is not enough to become America’s Next Drag Superstar. Silky is feeling a bit torn down about the critiques she’s been brining to the runway, but insists she’ll gladly lip sync if she has to. The rest of the queens congratulate Nina on her well deserved win of the week, but she’s a smart queen and she knows this is still very much anybody’s game, and she’s willing to continue to step her game up to get to the top.
The following day in the werk room, the queens are feeling reset, and renewed to kill another week of the competition. Ru appears with the mini-challenge of the week (which are starting to feel redundant this season). This week the mini challenge is the classic Slap Out of It. As much as I was dreading watching this mini challenge, the queens really came to play… the reads were better than they were in the reading challenge, all and all in all, it really slapped! After Brooke won the mini challenge, Ru ushered in the eliminated queens of the season for this week’s mini challenge (Drag Family Values). Ru assured the remaining queens that none of the returning queens would be taking a spot in the competition, and even provided the eliminated queens large foam mittens to wear during the makeover so they wouldn’t be able to help. Since Brooke won the mini challenge, she got to pair up the queens.
After the queens had been paired up, Ariel revealed to her partner Vanjie, that the controversial wigs she left behind after her elimination were by accident, and she got distracted easily checking the other stations to see who had taken her wigs. Silky’s partner Soju couldn’t resist chatting about her cyst (remember episode one?) Overall, the pairings are pretty amusing to watch, and should make for some interesting lewks on the runway. Ru enters the werk room to check on the queens, and stir the pot a bit (see: conversation with Brooke). Ru and Silky had words about her visible pads last week, and Silky just kept digging herself deeper. Yikes. Perhaps the early-unsung heroes of the challenge are Shuga and Nina. Their outfits convey a strong message of acceptance, and I really hope it comes together for them. Soju questions Silky’s Sharpie eyebrows, and honestly, I would be afraid too.
As the queens are painting themselves, and each other for elimination day, #WIGGATE comes to a head, and it gets resolved (kind of?). The discussion of the wigs quickly turns to an attack against Scarlet over what she said in the room the day before regarding the fact she was surprised Silky, and Vanjie were still in the competition. It became an ugly discussion where both sides were arguing the same point, kind of, which was so fun to watch. Out on the main stage Ru greets this week’s guest judges, Wanda Sykes, and Lena Waithe. Category is Drag Family Values, and first out of the gate are Yvie and Scarlet, who were a pleasantly surprising pair. Nina and Shuga brought a lewk worthy of this year’s Met Gala. Ariel and Vanjie had a strong resemblance, Silky’s pads were visible again, and Brooke and Plastique brought the old glamour, and are an obvious choice to win the challenge.

After the critiques, Ru asked the queens who they thought should go home. The queens basically chose between Yvie, and Silky, and as we can all imagine, Untucked is going to be really fun tonight. After the judge’s deliberations, Ru announced that the winner of the drag family challenge was our own Brooke Lynn Hytes, with both A’keria, and Vanjie in safe positions as the tops of the week. Lip-syncing for their spot this week is Nina (pardon?) and Silky, saving Yvie from risk of elimination.

Both Nina and Silky have never lip synced, but nevertheless, the two battle it out to TLC’s No Scrubs. Compared to Yvie and Brooke’s lip sync two weeks ago, it was a little hard to watch because there really wasn’t much going on. After even Ru reacting to the performance with an audible “meh”, she saves Silky, and sends Nina home. This was the hardest goodbye of the season, especially after Nina’s big win last week. Though Silky may have been saved this week, I have a feeling she may not be around for much longer.
Front runner of the week: Winning both the mini and maxi challenge? No sweat for Brooke Lynn Hytes. See you at the finale girl!
The Queen we deserve to see more of: Scarlet Envy deserved more, and that’s that on that.
What we’ll see next week: The queens dance it out for their last chance to score a spot in the grand finale.
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